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THIS IS A SPELL CASTING SERVICE! I DO THE SPELL FOR YOU. Need to make a love spell? It is possible to return a husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend. Contact me! I will help you solve your difficult situation. Many years of experience. I help people every day. Help with my wife. Photo help. Many years of practice. He / She will return to you and will be dedicated only to you. Only you will be in his heart. This spell has an incredibly powerful effect and is aimed at returning a loved one; this is your second chance to start over. This spell is able to restore even the most stubborn target. Warning: magic is not a joke; I don't play games. I know how to handle this situation and get my ex back! The method works for all 100 - Proven methods. The ex will return himself. Act before it's too late. The spell won't work if you don't want to work on yourself. I can only give you an extra boost, but if you don’t do anything, the spell will not help. I cannot force you to leave the house, play sports, go to a disco, etc. So do not order this spell if you are not ready to do something for your own happiness. This is a powerful spell with high results. The longest duration has the greatest impact. This ritual affects both men and women. Buy an upgrade to shorten the time it takes to get results. It is very important that you send me the info I need exactly as I ask for it. It’s also important for you to get me the right info. If the info isn’t correct the spells won’t work. That’s on you, not me. I will cast the spell on the day you buy it. DIGITAL PRODUCT: All orders are delivered to you digitally via messages and/or email. No physical items will be mailed. You will receive the report If you have any other questions, write me a message, I will be happy to help you with everything you need. ---------------------------------------- Bad Luck Removal Spell  Obsession Love Spell  Powerful breakup spell  Future Husband  ---------------------------------------- Terms / Disclaimer: In accordance with Etsy's policies and all laws, I must declare that my services are for entertainment purposes only. - You must be over 18 years old - Within 24 hours of ordering, you need to avoid negative thoughts and emotions so that I can contact you. - Do not forget to indicate your full name and date of birth, as well as send your photo, then it will be easier for me to establish energetic contact with you and give you more complete information. The information contained in this document should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified and licensed person. I do not accept any responsibility and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions that the buyer/client decides to take or take based on his / her advice. By placing an order, you confirm that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions. IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY!
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I CURSED? DO I HAVE A HEX DRIVE? Do you feel like you are getting in the way, no matter what you do? Do you feel blockages and cannot understand where they come from? Do you have a tingling sensation when you say that someone may have used dark magic and put a curse on you? Let me find out for you! Thanks to my excellent connections with the underworld, I can give you a straight answer! If there is no curse / curse on you, I will also give you whatever you can do to protect yourself from them. If you are indeed cursed / cursed, I will let you know what you can do to remove it yourself. If you prefer, I can remove it for you, but this is not included in this service. To do this, check out my proposed curse removal session. This is NOT necessary if you have a curse / curse, as in most cases you can remove it yourself, and only if you want me to work on it for complete peace of mind. DIGITAL PRODUCT: All orders are delivered to you digitally via messages and / or email. No physical items will be mailed. You will receive a report I come from a family of sorcerers who have been practicing magic since the 14th century and specializing in working with demons. During this long time, we have developed strong bonds and relationships with most demons, so communication and petitions can be done easily and safely for you. I only work with adults. You must be 18+. Legal Disclaimer: No physical item will be shipped. This is NOT a physical delivery, the delivery will be digital via messages and emails after the spell ends. Since magic is not something that is permitted in today's world and age, I must state that this is not financial,  business, or personal advice. This and all services offered by are for entertainment purposes only. Due to the nature of my services, refunds and exchanges are not possible. You can also join us on YouTube and Telegram
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CHAKRA & AURA CLEANSING PLUS REALIGNMENT OF CHAKRAS This listing includes: - Chakra Cleansing - Chakra Realignment (so the Chakras are balanced) - Aura Cleansing Usual Benefits: - raise your vibration - send our more positive vibes - feel more balanced and content - worry less - attract positive people & situations that vibe on on the same wavelength as you - and many more! DIGITAL PRODUCT: All orders are delivered to you digitally via messages and / or email. No physical items will be mailed. You will receive a report If you have any other questions, write to me, I will be happy to help you with everything you need. I come from a family of sorcerers that practices magick since the 14th century and specializes in working with demons. Through this long time we have established strong bonds and relationships with most demons and therefore communication and petitions can be conducted easily and safely for you. I only work with adults. You must be 18+ years old. Legal Disclaimer: No physical item will be shipped. This is NOT a physical delivery, the delivery will be digital via messages and emails after the spell ends. Since magic is not something that is permitted in today's world and age, I must state that this is not financial, business, or personal advice. This and all services offered by us are for entertainment purposes only. Due to the nature of my services, refunds and exchanges are not possible. You can also join us on  YouTube  and  Telegram
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Surfboard shaped antique style wooden bench
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We bring to your attention a wooden carved icon of the Mother of God of Okhtyrskaya. It is dedicated to the appearance of the Virgin Mary in 1898. in the city of Okhtyrka in Ukraine. Many in need resorted to this shrine, and after the ascension of those praying to it, various miracles were performed. The grace of the Mother of God strengthens faith and gives willpower, helps to resist sinful temptations, protects from evil and powerful diabolical power. There is also evidence that he has repeatedly contributed to the resolution of issues with real estate. Thus, it facilitates the conclusion of transactions for the sale or exchange of an apartment, allows you to identify the catch with the documents in time and solve problems with the inheritance. At the same time, your thoughts must be pure, and your actions must comply with legal and moral standards. The icon is carved from wood. Self made Due to holidays and mail congestion, delivery time may vary, but I promise to do my best to keep it as short as possible. Yours, Alex.
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Plim Plim Clown plush toy (Unofficial) The toy is made of safe and high-quality textiles. We remind you: toy is a wonderful gift for any holiday! SIZE height - 11,8 inches (30 cm) See more my products: COLORS Screen colors may vary slightly from actual colors. GOOD TO KNOW All toys are made by hand with great care and love! I hope you enjoy our plush toys!
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Детский стол из ясеня, регулируемый по высоте в 3-х положениях. Детская мебель для детей и малышей. ????Этот стол изготовлен на заказ в нашей семейной мастерской. Он изготовлен из натурального дерева. Ножки столика регулируются под рост ребенка. Это удобно тем, что вам не придется покупать новый стол, когда ребенок подрастет. ????У нас трое детей и мы знаем, как важно иметь удобную мебель, которая прослужит долго. Стол расписан маслом + воском, чтобы у детей не было аллергии на химические краски. Но при желании можем покрасить марилкой в другие цвета. ????Размер этой таблицы: 38 дюймов (98 см) x 27,5 дюймов (70 см) / 3 высоты - 18,1 дюймов (46 см), 20,4 дюймов (52 см), 23 дюймов (58 см). Другие регулируемые столы и стулья доступны в нашем магазине Удачного дня!
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♥ Unique felt garland of Lama for a gift for a baby shower or Lama's birthday! Mix up your Llama nursery decor with this adorable felt alpac and cacti garland! A simple yet cute addition to your baby nursery decor. The llama and cactus are strung along a 150cm (60 in) length of strong cotton cord and each item can be moved and positioned along the thread so you can adjust how close or far apart you want them. ♥ Garland consists of: 2 x llamas 2 x cactus 1 x triple peak 6 felt balls (random selection of colors at the discretion of the master) Mountain size: 5 "by 4" Cactus Size: 4.5 "by 3" Llama Size: 5.5 "by 3" All my works are cut and sewn by me, packed with a safe filler, they are handmade, which means they are unique! The work time on the order is 1-2 weeks, but I always try to complete it faster and send it without delay. ♥ Please note: - garland should be only use for decoration! It is not a toy! garlands should be securely hang out of reach of children. - The colors on the monitor may vary depending on the settings. - If you have any questions please feel free to let me know! I will do my best to make you happy with your purchase. Make your choice, enjoy your purchase :)
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 Made with love ,the author's work fluffy yarn acrylic , wire frame,eye polymer clay, dry cleaning, Facial expressions can be different, because this is manual work and it is not realistic to make the same embroidery. If you have any questions or suggestions, write to me before you buy.  24 cm /  9,4 inch  for children after 4 years
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???? Write me, I can customize yoga therapy neon sign for you???? Change the color, add text to meditation led sign or make a completely new sign from your logo or picture. I can also give you an example with the appearance of the inscription in different fonts from my catalog to make your choice easier. ❗ Yoga decor sign is made by the best technology. All lines are straight and smooth as possible. Such signs are also ideal for placement not only at home, but also in offices and shops. After all, behind the signs we don’t stick a bunch of wires. It is beautiful not only in front but also behind. ???????? ???? You can choose any of the following colors or several at once for yoga therapy led light: ➤ Cold white ➤ Warm white ➤ Red ➤ Blue ➤ Green ➤ Pink ➤ Purple ➤ Yellow ➤ Turquoise ➤ Orange ???????????? ➤ Safe ✅ low voltage 12V, transformer compatible according to the country of your choice (110V/220V) ➤ Power cord length: 6’7 ”= 200 cm of clear cord / 9’9” = 300 cm power cord ➤ Plug US UK EU is selected and completed for you automatically 100% of our customers are satisfied with our service and quality of yoga light sign. If they have questions, we always answer quickly and solve all problems. ✔???? ❤️ The standard warranty on the yoga therapy light sign is 1 year (although in fact our signs have been working for 5 years and will continue to work). By the way, to make the sign cheap or high quality, we decided to make it in the middle price range and excellent quality. The yoga neon light includes wall mounts. If you need, I will additionally put mounts for hanging the sign. And a great bonus is a dimmer with a remote control with which you can change the brightness of your sign, adjust the flashing mode or turn them off completely. So your sign will be 100% functional and it will be so easy to manage that even a child can do it. ???????? Also for our customers we offer special smart Wi-Fi dimmers that can help you control the led yoga therapy sign with the Internet from anywhere in the world, set an automatic schedule on and off the sign. And all this in your smartphone in a few clicks. ???? ✅ ???????? ???? The speed of making the yoga led decor is from 1 to 5 working days. If you have an urgent order, just write me and I will help you realize it as soon as possible. We can also add gift wrapping to your yoga therapy neon light. And put in the parcel greetings on your behalf. ???????? We use the best express services for delivery. Thus, worldwide delivery takes from 2 to 7 working days (if your order is urgent, write me and I will help you with the fastest delivery ????). Our signs are packed in special boxes. They are very reliable, so the signs come without any damage. However, even if your sign passes the tank during delivery and it cracks, write me and I will send you a new one. ❗ Also, I am always happy to cooperate constantly and provide discounts on repeat orders. If you want to order several signs at once, I am ready to give you a discount immediately. ✅ US customers don`t have customs duties when passing a sign through customs. ???????? If you are a member of the European Union, I have a way to make the duty on a sign of any size not more than 10-15 euros. For that just write me and I will help you in 2 minutes to make the duty minimal. ???? ❗ **Price on the site listed does not include customs fees and/or taxes/tariffs. They will be collected locally by the shipping carrier prior to delivery. But we always try to bring fees to zero by correctly indicating the price and type of cargo in the customs declaration.
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Designer toys Lama Alpaka made in ukraine.This designer toy fluffy Lama Alpaca is created using knitting needles and yarn. Her height is 35 cm. She has a natural color and looks very realistic. Yarn - 100% polyester with pile.Belongs to the category of custom-made plush toys.  Llamas can be quite tame animals. Llamas can be quite tame animals. Want to check it out? Grab it for yourself at a very reasonable price! I will create a Lama in 3 days.
Psychic Reading,Love Reading,Same Day Reading,Is he the one,Message From Ex,How does he feel,How does she feel,His feelings for me,Her feelings for me,Is She The One,From Your Person,Thoughts Revealed,Telepathy Psychic
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You can learn about how your partner feels about you using various methods of predicting the future. As a result, you will learn how your partner perceives you, what she or she thinks of you, how he or she feels about you, and how he or she sees your future life together. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to learn about what actions and behavior on the part of your partner may indicate his or her attitude towards you. This will assistance you better understand your partner and build relationships. By ordering this product, you will receive professional assistance in love affairs, which will assistance you understand the situation and make the right decision. Get the answers you need with our fast and accurate psychic readings, including same day readings options. Love readings can provide clarity and guidance. How does he feel about me? How does she feel about me? His feelings for me? Her feelings for me? I specialize in thoughts revealed and feelings from your person, using telepathy psychic techniques to tune into their energy and understand their perspective. Don't wait - unlock the secrets of your heart and your relationships with our powerful psychic readings today.
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Modern bedroom lamps, Bedroom table lamps lighting, Lamps for bedside table, Light bulb pipe, Industrial style lighting, Vintage work lamp Table lamp "Young prince" vendor code 01-16 Height: 47 cm (1ft 6.50in) Weight: 8 kg (7lb 10.2oz). Frame diameter: 22 cm (8.66in). Standards for bulb: E12, E14, E17, E26, E27. Wire length: 90 cm (2ft 11.4in). Switch: on the wire, at a distance of 15-30 cm (5.91 - 11.8in) from the lamp. Switch is put on the wire, at the customer's order at any distance from the lamp. A light bulb is not included in the kit. The product is ready for use and meets all electrical standards. Materials: cast iron, steel, bronze Fireproof rubber plug. Paint (lacquer): American Accents. As the bottom of the lamp has a soft pad, it can be placed on any surface. Copies of the item can be produced within 5 days after order. They might have slight differences in a few details, however, the general concept of the original shall be preserved. Every lamp will be equipped with a plug of your country. The lamp can be operated at any temperature and humidity, in any room and withstands any fluctuations in the voltage of the electrical network. The table lamp is suitable for operation in any electrical network. Surrounding themselves with items like “Steam Computer”, a manometer lamp or an iron dog, steampunkers and their customers plunge into a parallel world of harmony and beauty. Imagination has no boundaries here since speculative fiction as a genre has no limits. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● If you have purchased one product, then for each additional 10% discount. * For purchase and delivery overseas please contact us via skype (bayarddd) or email (
The best gift for a person is memories. You can give a flight on a balloon, crazy fishing or a cool map of Germany. Yes, all beer lovers will like this beer souvenir regardless of whether their foot has set foot on German lands or not. For more Cap Maps:§ion_id=23329803 If you are a supporter of unusual things for the house, original gifts and souvenirs, then catch the idea of ​​a classy surprise. Germany as it is The map looks exactly like Germany itself: it is bright (made in the colors of the national German flag), large and sturdy. The base material is a moisture resistant plywood, so you will not experience stress for the durability of a beer souvenir. On the map, all regions of the country are marked and signed in English. In total, there are 38 holes on the surface for the covers: the peepman will be happy. An interesting gift for special people Give a loved one emotions - order for him the original map of Germany. In special openings, your husband, father, brother or friend will insert the beer covers of your favorite beverage varieties. Such an accessory for beer lovers will please even those who do not attach serious importance to drinks and food. The map of Germany will not remain an inconspicuous interior decor. By the way, this beer souvenir can be placed at home, in the office (even in the office of the head), in a thematic restaurant or bar. A beautiful accessory for beer lovers everywhere will find its place, and it will also remind you of the fun Oktoberfest. For construction use this assembly and application guide: Size: 19,3 inc x 14,57 inc x 0,28 inc (49 x 37 x 0.7 cm) Holds 38 bottle caps. Material: waterproof plywood Stand as a GIFT
Vendor: BoardCaps
Materials: plywood, leather The surface of our product is processed with beeswax-based linseed. We use a genuine leather for saddle and bridle. Size: length 93 cm, height 53 cm, width 33 The rocking horse made by hand using traditional English technology. The youngest riders from the age of one can safely swing on a horse because it’s well-balanced and has a comfortable backing. This toy can be a perfect Christmas or Birthday present for your baby and can became a treasured family possession for many years. You are welcome to visit our store: , where you can see all assortments of Veslo Company
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menu cover with thin plank
Vendor: menushop
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Vintage Soviet crystal vase for fruits and chocolates diameter 230mm(9.1)inch. The Soviet Union in 1970s See detailed photos, you buy exactly what you see on the screen Delivery usually takes about 7-35 days. PLEASE ASK EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO REFINE BEFORE PURCHASE. I will be glad to answer any questions! Please visit my store where there are many other vintage items.
menu with clip
Vendor: menushop
set of 3 wine glasses
Vendor: StekloCraft
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menu board with loop
Vendor: menushop
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menu cover with lace
Vendor: menushop
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Peeping Christmas Window Sticker, Christmas Window (Wall, Car) Decoration, Christmas Home Decoration, cut-print, Png JPG Cut Print DIY Merry Christmas Happy New Year files Repeatable Instant Download IMPORTANT! When paying, please indicate your email address to which I will send you files. This peeping Christmas window sticker is perfect to create a magical theme to your home decor this Christmas. This is a great window, car or wall sticker to decorate the kids room or to use as a bumper or window sticker on your car. Our Christmas window (wall) sticker will add the finishing touch to your festive decor creating that instant wow factor, adding a touch of festive glamour to your windows. Each wall sticker can be applied to any clean, smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, mirrors, furniture - the list is endless! Can be used inside or outside. Just download and print these stikers. Stick to the surface using tape (2-sided tape) or glue. !!!For outdoor use, use waterproof paper or transparencies for printing.!!! An instant download consists of a zipped files. (Please know how to properly unzip a files prior to purchase). You'll receive 6 digital images, 20 files: ✂ 10 PNG files ✂ 10 JPG files Images size can be resized larger or smaller without significant losing quality. !!!This is for DIGITAL download. Nothing will be physically sent to your home address.!!! Fast, easy and affordable - no shipping or waiting necessary. Purchase, Print and Enjoy! HOW TO ORDER STEP 1: Click on "Add to Cart" STEP 2: Complete payment STEP 3: Please indicate your email address to which I will send you files & print your files! If you have any problems accessing the files, let me know and I'll send them to you by e-mail. TERMS AND CONDITIONS ✔ You may use these designs to make finished items for PERSONAL USE and for small business. ✖ You can not sell or share this files as they are. RETURNS AND EXCHANGES Due to the electronic nature of the product and its ability to be reproduced, refunds and exchanges are not offered. If you receive a damaged file, I will gladly exchange it for a new one or in another format. Please contact me if you have any problems with purchasing or downloading! Thanks for feedback and for visiting my shop!
Vendor: GadgetplusUA
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Обратите внимание: покупая больше предметов у Вас, Вы экономите на доставке. Стоимость доставки 1-5 штук на общую сумму 5 $. Больше предметов можно посмотреть здесь мои другие предметы для продажи. Оригинальные военные медали СССР 5 шт. = =================================================== Фруктовница из СССР Paypal оплата Есть также оплата через Skrill; Вестерн Юнион; MoneyGram Вы можете не беспокоиться о том, что ваша покупка будет доставлена в целости и сохранности в обещанное время. Посетите My Store: товары с СССР, и вы удивитесь моим приятным ценам. Продукты Большое спасибо за проявленный интерес к моему товару! Я отвечу на все ваши вопросы. 100% удовлетворение потребностей клиентов является нашим приоритетом номер один. Если по какой-либо причине вы не удовлетворены на 100%, не оставляйте отрицательный / нейтральный отзыв или открытый случай. Дайте нам возможность исправить или разрешить любую проблему, которая может возникнуть у вас в вашей транзакции. Мы сделаем все возможное, чтобы найти решение и поддерживать удовлетворенность клиентов. Если вы удовлетворены своей покупкой, пожалуйста, оставьте нам положительный отзыв. Широкий ассортимент товаров из бывшего СССР   По Германии и Евросоюзу доставка по цене почтовой перевозки. Мы осуществляем доставку заказным письмом в течение 1-3 рабочих дней после получения оплаты. Обычно доставка пакета в Европу занимает около 4-10 дней, в США, Канаду и Азию - 10-14 дней, а в Австралию - 14-21 день. Доставка в Италию, к сожалению, может занять от 14 дней до 2 месяцев из-за медленной работы итальянской почтовой службы.