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An electronic circuit is composed of individual electronic components, such as resistors, transistors, capacitors, inductors and diodes, connected by conductive wires or traces through which electric current can flow. Enjoy the flow of creativity!

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1A-13 kinap
Dear friends, In this item I offer 2 pcs (m. pair )  clones ( copy, replica )  wery rar 1A-13 Kinap field coil drivers I made them on a sample and specification Kinap - full copy   Magnetic system is made from very pure iron - 99%     Field coil system is made from old Soviet  wire Wire to FC and VC  - old Soviet silk   ( МГШВ ) Membranes – NEW  original Kinap 1a-13 Old Soviet solder, rosin and were applied during assembly Of course, they tested on generator and on a sound   Good working condition and excellent sound, not distinct from original 1A-13 FC resistance     21.0 + 21.3 Ohm                      VC resistance    12.3 + 13.3 Ohm
Vendor: denis3545
NOT WORKING graphic card for repair or spare parts! The card worked few years then the fan stopped working, I changed it after which the card did not start anymore. Chip without traces of overheating. Apart from the replacement of the fan, no other repairs were made. Maybe this card has a whole chip or memory, or you can repair it, I'm not very good at repairing, so I sell it as is. Very quiet and economy. Support two monitors.
Vendor: Piroga777
Le T manufacture
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The handmade watch T Manufacture is made using rare gas-discharge indicators (NIXIE tube). The case is made of wood with glass elements. On the walls of the building there is a panorama of a rich in cherry blossoms Japanese slope. In the dark, it performs the function of a soft lamp. Separately adjustable backlighting of lamps and images consists of 6 colors and a mode of smooth color fading for the image. In the overflow mode, the panorama is illuminated by smoothly changing colors and creates the illusion of a view of a sunset. There are only two controls on the rear panel for adjusting the time and lighting. Network operation (the time count continues even if the power is off) Type of indicator: ID - 14; Network: U ~ 100/230 V; Frequency: 50 / 60Hz; Power consumption: 3 W; Time format: 24 hours. Dimensions: • Length of 11,42 inch; • Width of 4,92 inch; • Height without lamps 4,16 inch; • The total height is 6,1 inch.
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PWM(S.Bus)+LANC+12V DC Angle Breakout Expansion Box Module for Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera (BMMCC) and Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K (BMMSC) developed by RADIOPROEKTOR. New improved housing now CNC machined of Aluminum Alloy and anodized in black color! Angle shape provides compact and secure cable management without mess of wires around the camera. Box compatible with SmallRig cage and can be used without any cage as well. Expansion Box uses high quality TRS connectors made by Lumberg/EST (Germany/Japan). Everything is connected with tiny Dupont Jumpers, so you can open the box and easily change cables configuration for your needs just in few minutes. This makes it compatible with any PWM and S.Bus camera controllers, allow for Composite video signal output, Genlock/Reference input or any other desired option. Please specify before purchase if you need S.Bus or PWM or any other pinout for Expansion Box 3.5mm jack socket. Also let me know if you use Micro Cinema or Micro Studio Camera because they have slightly different pinouts. This info will help me to setup your Expansion Box, so you can use it without any additional intervention. All cables inside Expansion Box are connected with tiny Dupont Jumpers, so you can always change pinout any time later. Air Mail Worldwide shipping cost or UPS Express shipping cost should be added to cart separately. For any details contact me directly to radioproektor (@) gmail . com Little FAQ: PWM is very simple DIY friendly interface but slightly limited. It is great if you need only few external buttons. With 3.5mm stereo jack you can use two PWM channels. For example with simple On/Off switchers you can control Record/Stop and ISO. Anyway if you need S.Bus in future you can open the box, take tweezers and carefully change positions of BLUE and GREEN cables. S.Bus is more complicated interface. It can control all camera options with one single cable, but needs external power and Arduino based controller. LANC is another type of common interface. It is always mapped to separate bottom 2.5mm jack socket and can be used simultaneously with PWM/S.Bus. !!! PLEASE READ THIS INFO BEFORE MAKE ORDER !!! This Expansion Box was designed to fit to SmallRig BMMCC 1773 cage and to dimensions of other accessories designed by RADIOPROEKTOR. It also fits to WoodenCamera cage. This Expansion Box designed as flexible and free adjustable DIY device. It is not made for any specific single controller in mind. Everything is connected with tiny Dupont Jumpers, so you can open the box and easily change cables configuration. All pinout specs and connection charts information is available here. This Expansion Box provides separate S.Bus (or PWM or Genlock or Analogue video out), LANC and DC power connection. This Expansion Box uses 3 pole TRS jack sockets. !!! Please note that CGpro Remote and One Little Remote Light Controllers use 4 pole 3.5mm TRRS jack connection that combines S.Bus+LANC interface in one cable. They will not work "as is" with this Expansion Box. However to use those controllers with this Expansion Box you need custom made DIY cable. 4 pole TRRS jack to 3 pole TRS jack. See this post for details !!! I don't have planes to implement 4 pole 3.5mm TRRS jack socket connection into my Expansion Box because i think that it is just bad idea to mix two different interfaces (S.Bus and LANC) in one cable. It is also impossible preserve free adjustable concept if use 4 pole TRRS sockets. Tech Specs: 3.5mm TRS jack socket for PWM, S.Bus or any other user selectable inputs/outputs. 2.5mm TRS jack socket for LANC input. 5.5x2.1mm (5.5x2.5mm compatible) 12V DC power input socket. DB-HD15 serial connector. Dimensions: 34x34x29mm Weight: 40g Package includes: 1x Angle Breakout Expansion Box 2x #4-40UNC screws (Stainless Steel or Black Oxide Steel for your choice) 1x 3/32 allen wrench hex key Installation tutorial: Insert Expansion Box into the camera. Tight UPPER screw. Slightly tight LOWER screw. (If you tight lower screw first, this can cause Expansion Box inserted unevenly because camera side has slightly curved shape) Wires inside the box for BMMCC are marked with colors: S.Bus power (tip) [BLUE] S.Bus signal (ring) [GREEN] S.Bus ground (sleeve) [WHITE] LANC signal (tip) [YELLOW] LANC power (ring) [ORANGE] LANC ground (sleeve) [BLACK] Power +12V DC (center pin) [RED] Power ground [BLACK] Wires inside the box for BMMSC are marked with colors: Genlock (tip) [BLUE] S.Bus signal (ring) [GREEN] Genlock/S.Bus ground (sleeve) [WHITE] LANC signal (tip) [YELLOW] LANC power (ring) [ORANGE] LANC ground (sleeve) [BLACK] Power +12V DC (center pin) [RED] Power ground [BLACK] See development history of this product here: Recommended Ugreen custom length low profile slim HDMI cable: Low cost angle HDMI cables: Recommended low profile angle 3.5mm TRS jack cables: BMMCC/BMMSC S.Bus, PWM, LANC controllers database: https://forum.blackmagicdesign...
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Decorative cushion in the form of a famous sampler AKAI MPC 1000. A copy of the famous musical instrument. Great gift for DJ, musician or sound designer. Made from cottona on fleece base, applique of felt, filler - holofayber. The pillow is compact, soft and bright. Dimensions: 34х24 centimeters You can wash it manually or with a gentle touch at a temperature of 30 degrees.
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Ultra Short DC Cable with Angle Plug Barrel Connectors. Each cable is inspected and tested. Different cable length and plug size are available: 13cm DC power cable with 5.5x2.1mm angle plug connector 13cm DC power cable with 5.5x2.5mm angle plug connector (5.5x2.1mm compatible) 29cm DC power cable with 5.5x2.1mm angle plug connector 29cm DC power cable with 5.5x2.5mm angle plug connector (5.5x2.1mm compatible) Air Mail Worldwide shipping cost or UPS Express shipping cost should be added to cart separately. For any details contact me to radioproektor (@) gmail . com DC power connectors compatibility FAQ: There are two almost similar DC power connector standards walking between devices all around the world: 5.5mm (outer size) x 2.1mm (inner size) and 5.5mm (outer size) x 2.5mm (inner size). 5.5x2.5mm plug usually fits to 5.5x2.1mm socket but connection may be not too perfect if plug appears too old and outworn. 5.5x2.1mm plug do NOT fits to 5.5x2.5mm socket. It is better to use plug connectors with inner center spring contact. They better hold center pin mismatches. DC input power socket connectors compatibility list: BMMCC/BMMSC original expansion breakout cable - 5.5x2.5mm BMCC - 5.5x2.5mm BM Video Assist - 5.5x2.5mm BMPCC - 2.5(2.35)x0.7mm OLR Lite Breakout Box - 5.5x2.5mm CGPro BMMCC/BMMSC Breakout Box - 5.5x2.1mm SmallHD 500 series DC Faux LP-E6 Adapter - 5.5x2.1mm SmallHD DP series - 5.5x2.1mm All Atomos 7” recorders - 5.5x2.1mm Angle Breakout Expansion Box by RADIOPROEKTOR - 5.5x2.1mm Battery Enclosure Module by RADIOPROEKTOR - 5.5x2.1mm Juicebox Magic Power - 5.5x2.1mm ikan VL5, VL7, VH8, VK7(i), VX7(e,i), D5(w), D7(w), and VX9(e) monitors - 5.5x2.1mm ikan iLED144, iLED-ONE, iLED6, iLED312(-v2), ID(B)508 LED Light Units - 5.5x2.1mm
*******Custom order for Jean. Gloss housing and furniture. Polished brass grill. Additional IN-14 spare tube, 2pcs colon tubes******* Totally handmade vacuum tube clock on rare soviet nixie tubes. Alder wood case, stained to mahogany.  Only wood and metal, just like in good old times. Clock board with replaceable tubes. Broken tube is not going to turn your clock into a junk. You can replace tube without soldering using only a screwdriver. One spare tube included. And you can order more spare tubes. - 12/24 hours time format - Hours, minutes and seconds / date, month and year display - Selectable 6 level tubes brightness - Selectable 5 levels of blue backlight brightness (can be turned off) - Two modes of time displaying - regular and "slot machine", can be selected in menu - Simple time / date / brightness adjusting - mode & set buttons on back panel - Slot machine routine every 15 minutes (prevents cathode poisoning and extends tubes life) - Extremely accurate time chip - Built-in battery, time backup during power interruptions - easy replaceable tubes without soldering - One spare tube IN-14 included - 1 year warranty - Size: 235 x 100 x 105 mm - Weight: 0.8 Kg - Power: 12V / 1.5A, adapter included .
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ARRI type Offset Rosette Mount Module for BMMCC/BMMSC developed by RADIOPROEKTOR. The main idea of this accessory is to allow easy access to camera buttons and same time keep rosette mounting point as close as possible to camera gravity center. This mount also can be used with many other rigs and cages with 9mm distance pitch between threaded holes. Symmetrical dual handle config possible as well. It is precisely CNC machined and uses quality stainless steel ARRI type rosettes. See development history of this product here Air Mail Worldwide shipping cost or UPS Express shipping cost should be added to cart separately. For any details contact me directly to radioproektor (@) gmail . com Assembled kit includes: 1x Rosette Mount (CNC machined aluminum alloy, anodized in black color). 1x Stainless Steel ARRI type Rosette. 2x 1/4"-20 5/8" length Black Oxide button head screws. 4x M3 Stainless Steel screws. Tech Specs: ARRI Standard Rosette with M6 thread. Distance between mounting holes centers: 18mm. Weight: 47g.
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Angle HDMI Clamp Lock Module for Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera SmallRig 1773 Cage with Ugreen angle HDMI adapter developed by RADIOPROEKTOR. BMMCC HDMI port is rather shaky, especially when used with angle HDMI adapters, so i decide to develop a clamp to solve this problem. See development history of this product here !!! Please note that this clamp designed to work with SmallRig Cage and Ugreen angle HDMI adapter only !!! Air Mail Worldwide shipping cost or UPS Express shipping cost should be added to cart separately. For any details contact me directly to radioproektor (@) gmail . com Recommended HDMI cables list: Sanho HyperThin HDMI Cable Ugreen custom length low profile slim HDMI cable: 30cm-300cm length angle HDMI cables: Assembled kit includes: 1x Angle HDMI clamp front and rear parts (CNC machined aluminum alloy, anodized in black color). 2x 1/4"-20 3/8" length button head black oxide screws. 2x M4 Stainless Steel grub screws. 1x 2mm allen wrench hex key. 1x Ugreen Angle HDMI adapter Weight: 35g Installation tutorial: Plug Ugreen HDMI adapter to the camera. Adjust and fix front element of the clamp. Adjust and fix rear element of the clamp. Slightly tight two small screws on rear element.
Adapter 564T4 TQFP64 solder TNM5000 The scope of delivery; 1. Adapter 564T4 TQFP64 solder TNM5000 - 1PCS Application example, programming of microcircuits (microcontrollers) by the TNM5000 programmer: MC68HC08AS32 A2C00038136-0L72A MC68HC08AZ32 MC68HC08AZ60 MC68HC908AB32 MC68HC908AS60 MC68HC908AZ32A MC68HC908AZ48A MC68HC908AZ60 MC68HC908AZ60A SC552091CFU-0L40X MC68HC908AZ hc 908 2j74y 4j74 1j35d Atmega64a and others. We only accept payments via PayPal. Warranty & Return: All products have been checked and packaged in good condition before dispatch. In case the item is defective, please inform us within 30 days of receipt, we will replace a new one. No Refunds are offered. Buyers have to pay for the return cost and we will pay the cost for resend. If you do not understand its purpose - please not buy !
NIXIE TUBE CLOCK with blue backlight Clocks are made on IN-12 Backlight can be switched off by removing the jumper Clock display: time, date, temperature Four modes of operation (01, 02, 03, 04) mode - 01 (displays only the time) mode - 02 (alternately displayed time and date) mode - 03 (alternately displayed time and temperature) mode - 04 (alternately displays the time, date, temperature) Modes are switched by pressing short button 3 To set the time, date - hold button 3 Supply: standard 12V / 0.5A, (1A or more) DC (Power supply not included) central pin-positive 2.1*5.5 connector In сlock set to "real-time clock", it means when a power failure, time and date will not be reset; the clock continues to run but not display the current time. If you have any questions, happy to answer Fast delivery by airmail
Vendor: TRCorp
Vendor: ShopUA1000
sound and video: Shamanic drum 20 inch (56 cm), Black Pearl A powerful companion or helper for shamanic travel and work with the subconscious. When working with a drum, you need to be careful to clearly distinguish between the desired and the actual during your travels. A good helper for shamanistic travel. Come to my store. There are a lot of different drums. There are already ready to ship tomorrow! sample bag you can see here shamandrum, Healing drum, frame drum, schamanen trommel, medicine drum
Vendor: Shamandrums
Order from Tine part 2 6.06.2019 hoop earrings 22 * 14 = 308 earrings flowers 8 * 21 = 168 tulips 13 * 22 = 286 calla 5 * 46 = 230 peonies 2 * 59 = 118 1110 shipping 46 total 1156 3 parts in total
DC Power to USB Type-C Adapter Converter Tech specs: Input: DC 5.5*2.1mm 10.5v-32v Output: 45W Max. (5V/2A, 9V/3A, 12V/2A, 15V/2A, 20V/2.25A) Support Type-C PD and QC2.0/QC3.0/DCP/PE+1.1/PE2.0/FCP/AFC/SFCP/SCP/USB PD Package includes: 1x DC Power to USB Type-C Adapter Converter USB Type-C Cable Air Mail Worldwide shipping cost or UPS Express shipping cost should be added to cart separately. For any details contact me directly to radioproektor (@) gmail . com
Exellent electric bike From our Ukrainian brand. We produce this bike 3 years ago, it's custom painted, pinstriped and some details coper covered. this bike electric powered by 750W bafang mid drive motor and 48V/12Ah battery. 26x2.35 inch schwalbe tire
PWM Start/Stop Controller Trigger Module for Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera (BMMCC) developed by RADIOPROEKTOR. Simple latching button switch to Start/Stop recording on Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras. Very comfortable and soft to press. 3.5mm TRS socket connection compatible with BMMCC Expansion Box Module by RADIOPROEKTOR. External size fits to 15mm rod clamp system, so you can use any existing 15mm rod clamp to mount it anywhere on your cage or rig. Connection cables of different lengths included in the kit. Compatible only with BMMCC. It will NOT work with BMMSC4K because BMMSC4K doesn't have PWM interface. See development history of this product here Air Mail Worldwide shipping cost or UPS Express shipping cost should be added to cart separately. For any details contact me directly to radioproektor (@) gmail . com How to use: Make sure that cables inside your Expansion Box are set to PWM interface pinout Navigate to BMMCC settings -> Remote, and set REC start/stop to PWM1 Connect Controller Trigger Module to Expansion Box Module with provided cable Tech Specs: Latching Start/Stop button switch 3.5mm TRS socket for PWM connection Length: 54mm Weight: 13g Package includes: 1x Start/Stop Controller Trigger 1x 15cm cable with straight and angle 3.5mm TRS connectors 1x 17cm cable with angle 3.5mm TRS connectors 1x 25cm cable with angle 3.5mm TRS connectors Recommended 15mm rod clamps: Tilta 15mm Top Single Rod Holder Tilta 15mm Bottom Single Rod Holder Amimimart 1/4" Attaching Extension 15mm Rod Clamp Amimimart Notched Mount 15mm Rod Clamp SmallRig 15mm Rod Clamps NICEYRIG 15mm Rod Clamps CAMVATE 15mm Rod Clamps
Nixie Tube Clock IN-14 and 4 tubes more HANDMADE. EASY MANUAL. US-7 DAYS FREE SHIPPING! The other countries - 2-3 weeks ⠀ Size (LxWxH): 4.9”(12.5cm) х 2”(5cm) x 2.7”(7.0cm) Case material: you can choose Iroko, padauk, wenge, bog oak. Oil coating. All materials are environmentally friendly. ⠀ Manufacturer: Handmade in Ukraine. 5V DC, 1A 110-240V 24 or 12 hours format. Power cord is in the box (quality, copper) To avoid cathode poisoning, we have used a slot machine effect. ⠀ I would be grateful for your feedback in case of purchase. Ready to ship in 3–5 business days.
This Nixie clock was assembled using Soviet IN-12 tubes. These tubes are vintage, they were made in the 1970-1980ss, but were not used. Their factory warranty is 5000 hours of operation, but thanks to the protection of the Cathode from poisoning, realized in our clock, the tubes can work for several decades. The original case was made of cedar and covered with wood stain, patina and high-quality polyurethane varnish. Features: - Time format: 12/24 time display - Indication: hours, minutes, seconds - Blinking bulbs with adjustable duration - Selectable date display (from second second m of every minute) - Adjustable date format (DDMMYY, MMDDYY, YYMMDD) - Turn off the blue backlight tubes with a separate button - Selectable blanking of leading zeros - Automatic daylight saving time correction (configurable) - Selectable digit cross fading for the nixies - Selectable „Slot machine“ every n minutes to prevent cathode-poisoning - “Night mode“ – nixies can be switched off for a selectable time - Alarm clock - Nixies can be dimmed by key-press: full+fading, full, half, off) - Nixies can be switched on by key-press during „Night mode“ (slot machine and date display are suppressed) - Nixies are switched on during alarm in „Night mode“ (for a selectable time) - All settings are saved in the EEPROM and will be kept in case of disconnection to mains - Power adapter with EU, UK or US plug is included - The clock accepts 110V and 220V in both frequencies, 50Hz and 60Hz - All options (start/end times, intervals etc.) can be configured with 2 switches (the third is for the alarm handling) during operation. Clock Care: You can use a dry cloth to clean your clock. Product Dimensions: Length: 215 mm (8.3") Width: 70 mm (2.8") Height: 85 mm (3.3") Weight: 545 g (1.2 pound)
guitar pickup cover pair (2pc) spacing 50mm
1pc any color on pictures - Tele Guitar Pickup Bridge position
Glass pipe for Griffin 25
Vendor: CloudShop
USED Guitar pickup for Stratocaster Guitar  Single coil 1pc 5.8K
HUMBUCKER GUITAR PICKUP IN COVER /  AS-IS problematic. surgery may be required
1pc any color on pictures - Tele Guitar Pickup Bridge position
Candle making kit
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Set of 8 buckets (QUICK SHIPPING 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS) We offer you equipment for carved candles. This equipment is manufactured for more than 5 years and during this time has proved to be a simple and reliable design. The kit includes a tank, a lid, a rheostat, a heating element, a bucket stand, buckets measuring 15 x 15 x 33 cm, designed for 5 kg of paraffin (8pieces), hooks for candle blanks (8 pcs.), Startup and Operation Instructions . The outer part of the equipment glued the heat-insulating material with a thickness of 3 mm, which saves energy. In addition, the design is equipped with a lid to close the top and speeds up the melting of the wax, as well as energy savings, a water drain valve, a special thermostat, which makes it possible to regulate the heating temperature of the wax. In the tank and buckets are comfortable handles. Powered by a normal home network (220 v.). The heating element has a power of 2 kW. With continuous operation for 4 hours consumes an average of 300 to 500 watts. The structure is made of galvanized sheets. We produce equipment for your order of almost any size and deliver to anywhere in the world. The higher the equipment, the higher the carved candle can be made. The number of buckets for paraffin also matters. The more buckets in the equipment, the more colors you can use to make candles.
Vendor: Ysrgroup
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