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Knit wool gloves with half fingers are perfect for winter. These fingerless gloves are very warm and useful when you want to answer a phone or get your keys. They have half cut fingers and are made with 100% alpaca and merino wool yarn. Perfect for the lady and gentleman behind the wheel. ALL SIZES - men's and women's! Color - black and others - choose from item's variations. Materials (depending on the color): Black, brown, light brown, beige, blue, yellow, white, green, orange - ALPACA wool. Gray, dark gray, military green, dark emerald green, deep navy blue, dark red, red, fuchsia pink, pink, ivory - MERINO wool. Made to order time is 5-7 days. Care: hand wash in warm/cold water and lay flat to dry. Payment policy: PayPal is accepted. Estimated delivery time: U.S. - 10-30 days U.K. - 7-15 days Canada - 14-30 days European Union countries - 9-15 days ( excluding Italy - 25-30 days ) Australia - 15-30 days New Zealand - 13-25 days South Africa - 20 days Israel - 10-18 days Japan - 7-12 days Other countries - up to 25 days. Ships via Ukrainian Post with tracking number.
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Looking for the perfect gift for a pet owner who takes his dog for a walk as the chill of the evening settles in? How about a gift for that special lady who loves to text while sipping coffee at the nearby cafe on a chilly morning? Or the sports fan in your life who goes to games rain or shine? They all would say thank you to your gift of soft, hand-knitted and very decorative short wrist warmers! These wrist warmers are just long enough to cover your wrist, but still give you complete flexibility of your hands. These delicate items come in a variety of colors and patterns to match any outfit, while warming your wrists. They are a fun accessory for girls, boys, women, and yes, even men! Get them in the colors of your favorite team and show your support in a completely unique way! Just tell me your favorite sport team colors and you would have it! Get one for yourself and for a friend! There are many color options available in cotton or wool yarn! So many bow-knots of wide or thin ribbons! They all my designs and patterns. All customizable, you tell me what color & width ribbon you would like and I will do my best by matching it for you.
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Triangular shawl,neckerchief with lacy and delicate feel. Really feminine and lovely. You can wear it on your shoulders or around your neck. Material is 50% Mohair, 50% Acrylic . It feels very warm and soft. Measurements: length of the upper side: 170 cm / 67” length from neckline to the top: 80 cm / 31,5” The shawl is ready to be sent. Handwash. Lay flat to dry. Steam iron. It will definitely keep you warm during chilly evenings and make everyone look at you.
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Very trendy this fall Takes classic felted volume Dense yet malleable and can be easily folded into a sleeve or bag without worrying for his form. cuff inside tightly holds his head, not allowing to move out, and additionally insulating the ears. The decor is laid so that beret can be worn in different ways, changing the way the crease And keeps well laid, and , spreading, her, Stylish, neat. Perfectly fits the classic image
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Very trendy this fall - the color of eggplant . Hard composed together with lavender and plum . Deep, rich shade of dark purple. Takes classic felted volume Dense yet malleable and can be easily folded into a sleeve or bag without worrying for his form. Knitted cuff inside tightly holds his head, not allowing to move out, and additionally insulating the ears. The decor is laid so that picks can be worn in different ways, changing the way the crease And keeps well laid, and , spreading, her, looks almost "leg" that little Stylish, neat. Perfectly fits the classic image, despite the originality .
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Knitted summer fishnet takes. Fishnet takes linked crochet yarn VITA ORION cotton (100% mercerized cotton). Yarn with a silky effect. Takes nice colors. This takes will serve You not only as a fashion accessory, but also as protection from the sun in the summer.
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Hat and Snood crocheted in a dense pattern. The set is soft and silky, very warm mohair.. Generic cap that can be worn as a classic double lapel, and you can cap. Snood in one turn. Recommendations for care: Delicate wash
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Warm,comfortable hat for the winter for non fanciers hats.Headband, mini LICs. Made of thick Merino yarn production in Iceland.You can run from more than 20 colors
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Warm knitted hat knit Merino hat unisex wool hat, beret hat bandana helmet women warm hat handmade Warm woolen knitted hat knit from 100% Merino.available in other colors.washable at 30°C. Laundry manual.the model is universal for any type of person
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Новинка сезона.Шапка с большим отворотом из кид мохера. Возможно изготовления в разных цветах.Срок изготовления 3-5 дней
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ТКАНЬ Ткань Fanny Mask не мнется, хорошо сохраняет форму, устойчива к механическим воздействиям. Габардин не образует зацепок с шероховатых поверхностей. Отличное сопротивление разрыву. Внутри 2 слоя ткани: «Спанбонд» - 100% синтетические волокна, скрепленные без применения клея, нетоксичны, не выделяют вредных веществ под воздействием высоких температур, не подвержены коррозии. Материал тонкий, легкий, но прочный. Комфортная изнаночная сторона: хлопковое волокно растительного происхождения - 100% органическое. Хлопковые ткани гигиеничны, практичны, хорошо держат форму, а также приятно соприкасаются с телом. КОМФОРТ Удобная анатомическая форма Fanny Mask хорошо прилегает к лицу. Боковые резинки надежно поддерживают маску, не сковывая движения, очень приятны на ощупь, хорошо растягиваются, можно стирать и гладить. За изделиями легко ухаживать. Многие пятна удаляются обычной щеткой. ПЕЧАТЬ (ИЗОБРАЖЕНИЕ) Сублимация - печать происходит под давлением при температуре 210 - 230 градусов, окрашивание происходит на молекулярном уровне парами красителя. Такой уплотнитель нельзя смывать, стирать, он не выгорает от прямых солнечных лучей. По яркости и качеству (вплоть до фотопечати) сублимация на ткани превосходит все другие способы нанесения.
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Tippet in techniques:felting and knitting.Tippet bilateral. Length 200cm,width 50 see the Mating hook-thread mohair
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Fashionable, stylish, two-meter long knitted scarf unisex.Smooth, machine binding.The color of the asphalt.Perfectly tied in several options (photo attached).
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This super thick scarf handmade from a luxuriously soft, elastic, neprodanih Merino wool yarn without dyes. Merino is hypoallergenic material, perfect for all parts This beautiful super chunky oversized scarf-it's the talk of the town! It is wide and long, allowing you to wrap it several times around you. Its warmth and softness will keep you company on cold days. It is made of 100% sheep wool which is one of the best and the softest in the world. It doesn't itch or irritate skin, on the contrary, it feels incredibly soft and tender to the touch. Woolen yarn is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and wicks moisture from your skin. It regulates body temperature to keep you warm and comfortable, not too hot. Size of picture: 35 x 200 cm
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scarf-stole.Made in the technique of "crazy vul! from pure wool yarn(4)Length 1.8 m,width of 0.45 .Filaments white,sergl and black.Figure abstract
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Shawl Gift for Mother's Day, color Emerald with white stripes. A very original shawl, size 76.7 x 34.6, as a cape on the shoulders. The product is suitable for all seasons, and also as a scarf. and on your shoulders to the theater. It can also be worn in church. The photo does not convey color well. Care: 1. Dilute the bast shampoo in warm water (about 30-40 degrees). 2. Soak food and apply light pressure. Never rub or twist. !!! 3. Rinse the product with clean water. The rinse water temperature is the same as the wash temperature. 4. Squeeze lightly to keep the water from flowing out, then wrap in a towel and squeeze lightly, absorb the moisture into the towel. 5. Lay on a surface in a horizontal position on the fabric, give the desired shape.
3 Doors Down cap American rock band cap Size L-XL
Chunky Handknitted beanies hat set. Super deal 2 hats cheaper
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Handmade. Size 54-55 cm. Yarn composition: angora 60%, acrylic 40%.  Delivery by Nova poshta global (approximately 5-7 days).
Vendor: SADOVA
Handmade. Size 54-55 cm. Yarn composition: angora 60%, polyamide 40%. Delivery by Nova Poshta Global (approximately 5-7 days).
Vendor: SADOVA
Handmade. Size 54-58 cm. Yarn composition: wool 55%, acrylic 45%.  Delivery by Nova poshtaglobal (approximately 5-7 days).
Vendor: SADOVA
Handmade. Size 55-56 cm. Yarn composition: angora 36%, polyamide 30%, merino wool 17%, viscose 17%.  Delivery Nova poshta global (approximately 5-7 days).
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80s Depeche Mode fringe scarf English electronic band Synth-pop New wave
80s Megadeth Bandana neck head scarf American heavy metal band scarf
80s Wham! fringe scarf The Big Tour scarf English pop duo
AC/DC Bandana Black Ice tour neck head scarf Australian rock band scarf Hard rock Blues rock Rock and roll
AC/DC Beanie Visor