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New silver bracelet. 
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*** Teepee can be Personalized *** For personalization! When placing an order, please indicate the pet's Name, font number and thread color: black, white, turquoise, pink or silver. Thanks! We make teepees with open front sticks and covered ones. For the larger size, I recommend the teepee with covered front poles. The pillow can be of your choice. Please write to me what you would like. We will create a set together with you ???????? ???? Teepee with a soft pillow will become your four-legged friend's favorite spot ???? A gray felt bed with a soft pillow is a stylish and comfortable apartment for the cats and dogs. The frame is made of solid beech wood, and the base is made of warm felt. Pillow is like soft big mat for teepee pet tent. The cushion cover and fabric base are easy to remove for easy cleaning. The teepee bed will become not only a comfortable and safe place for your pet to relax, but also an original decoration of any modern interior. Рets love to get in a covered den area to relax ???? *** If you are in the UK please contact me. Other taxes currently apply from UK purchases, so before ordering, I give advice on the best way to place an order. Please write to me! ****** ***See please other item: By clicking on the link you can choose the set of teepees for pets you need*** *** Dear clients ! Be careful please! Some unscrupulous people copy photos and sell my products. *** House Size XS - 21" (53cm) - Cats, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Toy terrier, Rabbit - base size 21.25" x 21.25" - pillow size 19.7x 19.7" - entrance height 15.5 " - total height 26.7" House Size S - 23" (60cm) - Shitzu, Maltese, Maltipoo, Pug, Papillon, Pomeranian - base size 23.6" x 23.6" - pillow size 22.5 x 22.5" - entrance height 18" - total height 30.7" House Size M - 27" (70cm) - French Bulldog, Beagle, Cavalier Charles Cocker Spaniel - base size 27.5" x 27.5 " - pillow size 26" x 26" - entrance height 19.3 " - total height 30.7" ****Large teepee here**** Follow the link House Size L - 31" (80cm) - Corgi, Border Collie, English Cocker Spaniel, English bulldog - base size 31.5" x 31.5 " - pillow size 30.7" x 30.7" - entrance height 24" - total height 41.3" House Size XL - 35.5" (90cm) - Labrador, Golden Doodles, Boxer, Staffordshire Bull Terrier - base size 35.5" x 35.5 " - pillow size 34.6" x 34.6" - entrance height 27" - total height 45.3" I can make 39.5 " (100 сm) and 43" (110cm), 46" (120cm)teepees on an individual order. Write, I will be glad to answer! *Can be Fast UPS Shipping ! UPS express shipping is available. Look my listing for express shipping: Please see other products options: *** Copyright policy As a designer and store owner, I retain the copyright for my work in both felt and cotton. Babyspase Pet bed Teepee house Puptent Grey soft eco-friendly felt of a strong form cozy place relax House bunny Pets dog cat rabbit
Vendor: Babyspase
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Silver twig ring with colored stone
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The spell "Make way" is used when a person, consciously or not, interferes in your life path, interferes with your plans. This person can be anyone - your colleague at work, a member of your family, a passer-by, a driver who does not want to give you the road when you cross the street, and many others who in one way or another decided to compete with you. Instead of just living in mutual respect and compromise. Using this spell, you can deal with any enemy. The advantage of the method is that it allows you to neutralize the enemy without engaging in open combat. For your opponent, this technique is completely painless. He simply leaves, giving way to you, logically justifying his actions for personal reasons. He does not feel the slightest pressure and unconsciously obeys your will. Therefore, the spell "Make way" will help you significantly expand your capabilities in absolutely all areas of life. Here's a simple example of using this spell. As you know, there are rarely such favorable circumstances in which no one will interfere with you on the way to success. In most cases, this is a rival whose behavior expresses an aggressive form of envy. He may deliberately harm you, do or say nasty things in your eyes or behind your back. Your goals are likely to overlap in many ways, otherwise you would not have encountered it. The difference is that you and he have completely different means of achieving this goal. You are more limited in the choice of means (I mean the moral side of the question) than he is. After all, you must agree that what is possible for him is sometimes completely unacceptable for you. For example, evil intrigues, gossip, outright rudeness and lies - it's just a pity to waste time on most of these techniques! But you have a better remedy. The spell is aimed at ensuring the voluntary exit of your "opponent" from the game. Less than a month later, my client, having successfully used this spell, recaptured his beloved woman from his rival - there was recently a wedding. For this particular couple, everything worked out perfectly; at least that's the impression they make on those around them now. As will be further time will tell. But you need to remember one very important detail when solving personal issues with the help of this spell. I deliberately dwell on this issue in detail, since practice has shown that this spell is especially often used by men and women when solving problems of the "love triangle". Of course, this effect is permissible. Especially if the other guy is out of luck. This was the case with my client. The woman loved to attract men and make them sympathize with themselves. In this she is very successful. All of this has only one problem: this success with the opposite sex madly pissed off my buyer. My client with a clear conscience excluded him: so that his beloved would not have fun, and the rival would not anger and annoy. If a competitor interferes with you only in a specific matter, then I verbally formulate the goal that your opponent is striving for. For example: "You need to get attention from person N". I put negative desires and intentions into the spell to refuse an action in which a person interferes with you (or from several actions where you plan to move forward). This triggers backlash and discourages your opponent from taking action in your area of interest (including courting your sweetheart). If a competitor literally stands in your throat and interferes not in any specific case, but absolutely everywhere, then there is no point in appealing to any specific goal. In this case, he just needs to develop the habit of always bypassing you and not interfering in any of your affairs. As a result, your opponent will be forced to independently develop for himself the motivation for all his subsequent actions. But be patient, and in the future, he will always - in a collision or even just when he meets you - there will be a desire to make way for you.
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Oil paintings for sale directly from the artist! The painting "Sea Sailboat" was painted with high-quality oil paints on 8x8 "/ 20x20 cm hardboard. Unframed painting for sale, signed by artist Anna Kushnarenko. Please note that colors may vary on different screens. Visit my Instagram (@ nutaart3) to see more of my original paintings.
Vendor: NutaArt
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If you are looking for a unique 2nd or 4th-anniversary gift or wedding gift for a new couple, a wedding bouquet embroidery hoop is the perfect one! One of the things a bridal never forget is her wedding bouquet. One of the things that are special for a couple is wedding flowers. So, embroidery will never wilt and it can make a real keepsake! The color of the fabric and hoop size is customizable, you can find the options in the drop-down menu. You can also choose a hoop color- light wood or hand-stained by me walnut color. What I need: - a high quality photo of the bouquet. Please, mail me to or send it to convo; - initial & date shot form ( suitable for any size hoop); - first names & date ( suitable for 6", 7",8",9" size hoop); - last name & date ( suitable for 6",7",8",9" size hoop). The hoop art will be embroidered with hand-dyed art silk ribbons and DMC floss framed in a wooden hoop, backed with fabric for the finish. The wording will be embroidered with DMC cotton floss. Processing time takes about 3-4 weeks and most of the time depends on the hoop size. Bigger hoop- more details- longer time. Need a gift wrapping and/or note? Just let me know. The hoop art will be made by me in my own home studio. That will be a unique, one-of-a-kind piece with careful attention to any detail. The work takes place in a smoke-free room. Your order will be carefully packed into a gift box and send with the tracking number. Please carefully check the shipping time before making an order. All the necessary info is placed in the FAQ section.
Vendor: Otstudia

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Creative female head planter "Graphite Metallic" Planter size: 16.5cm x 11.5cm x 16.5cm ( 6.5" x 4.5" х 6.5") He is very cool and handmade with love. Each planter is unique and has its own "flaws", which give it a real
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This are a patterns for crochet amigurumi tasty WINTER vegetables: cabbage, beet, onion, carrot and potatoes.Yum! Crochet amigurumi fruit and vegetables can be played in a various ways - teething, pretend food, grocery s
Only after your choice we start our work at the item.Handling time 3 business days and economy shipping from outside US (14 to 21 business days).You know, real creativity can't stand any trash.That is why we always check
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Amulet-wooden Horseshoe (baby)From the depths of centuries, we have come to the custom of decorating your home with charms. The most popular of all – the family amulet Horseshoe.It combines two powerful forces: the abil
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Shipping to USA only! Fits sedan touring BMW E34 spoiler rear bumper mtech and M5 style splitter lip spoiler abs plastic for stok bumper car accessories Gloss for paint Installation only sealant (need to be glued) exclus
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Shipping to USA only! BMW M5 E39 Front lip spoiler M5 msport bumper Splitter pad diffuser HAM style ABS plastic Gloss for paint Textured not paint Installed on a regular place Made from ABS plastic Showing real photos Be
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White mohair sweater Color on the photo : whiteYarn :70% mohair+30% acrylic 55 cm long  This is a women’s white mohair sweater . White knit  sweater great part of your outfit. This white  sweater os the best design in th
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Jewelry set AURA of EARTH. All the items are brand new.included:1.Necklace AURA of EARTH. Ethnic style with ancient spirit.Feats for any kind of clothes. Looks very fresh and unique.Made of hypoallergenic nickel free jew
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A sense of order arises when each thing is in its place.  Therefore, even such a trifle as keys should not lie unattended on a shelf or in a drawer.  For this, key holders were invented:)  We also did not stand aside an
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This stylish hip purse is designed for your comfort.The design of this waist pouch is designed specifically for women.The fanny pack goes well with any pants or dress.A bum bag is small but very roomy. SIZE:Bag ➜ 7" 1/2
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Contemporary abstract painting is an ideal anniversary gift .This simple artwork with abstract heart is easily printed and framedPrintable art is a perfect way to choose suitable bedroom decor or kitchen wall decor. "Hea
THIS IS A SPELL CASTING SERVICE! I DO THE SPELL FOR YOU. The magic of the ritual of possession and domination is for anyone who wants this effect and power over someone. In this spell, he figuratively blinds the person y
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