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The blue bird is a symbol of happiness. All the shades of blue cause my delight! The color of the unknown, but such a welcome. Therefore, blue birds do not happen much. Find them in my bouquet! Original painting by Iana Diabina - Tovkaylo. Size,cm 40 H x 50 W x 2 D Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. Free shipping from Ukraine Packing - box
Vendor: Makva
$390.00 $310.00
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Still life with jade elephant. Original painting by Iana Diabina - Tovkaylo. 2009 Gentle petals of flowers and fresh greens. Acrylic on canvas. Size,cm 40 H x 29,5 W x 2 D Free shipping from Ukraine. Packing - box
Vendor: Makva
$275.00 $225.00
Save 20%
Near the house. We are near you. Behind us is our beautiful house. Today is a great day Original painting by Iana Diabina - Tovkaylo. Canvas, acryli. Size,cm 50 H x 60 W x 2 D. 2015 Free shipping from Ukraine. Packing - box
Vendor: Makva
$460.00 $370.00

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Spare parts for concentrator
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DESCRIPTION* Size: 16'' x 12'' (41 cm x 31 cm) (A3)* Parts: ~ 180 pcs.* Assembly time: 2-4 hours* Self-assembly 10+ years
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Custom Blythe dolls: Carving the front panel, lips and nose. Make-up of the front panel is made with artistic pastels and watercolors, drawing eyebrows. The back panel has an artistic painting. Eyelids are decorated. Eve
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New jewelry bracelet 
$30.00 $27.00
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Fascinating Embroidery – And How to make one! In the previous blog I talk a little bit of the history of embroidery and how embroidery can embellish your home. Now lets talk about tools you need. What would you need to start? Before you can start on a very detail oriented project like embroidery, you need to think about all the tools and materials you will need and where to get them. As with any do it yourself project, all of the needed tools and materials should be ready and available before you start the project. Here are the main items you will need to create your own unique piece of embroidery: Either cotton or DMC Mouline threads for embroidery in a wide range of colors Tapestry and embroidery needles Stitch-calculated pattern Cross-stitch fabrics that present a perfect material as a base A tapestry material in various colored and counts. Hoops and frames Plastic canvases that are good for simple and quick projects Start with Embroidery tools Once you have all the tools and materials you are ready to begin. The kits are a great starting point before expanding out and making your own creations. Creation of a beautiful embroidery and cross-stitch takes lots of time and attention to details, as well as patience. You also need to be able to plan ahead or adapt if you run short of materials. When you start you embroidery project it is always helpful to get advice on how many different threads you might need, the size of an embroidery needles to work with the particular canvases, or what fabric to choose to put your embroidery on. Most of this information can be found in the kits’ instructions. The embroidery kits at Lavky feature popular designs that are great as gifts and will create lasting memories. Each kit features Precious Czech Republic beads, beading needles with gilt eyes, threads for embroidery in precise colors and quantities that you would need and beading guideline. Your own Masterpieces With all of these necessities at your fingertips you will be able to dive right into the technique for cover embellishment, with a possibility to use beadwork, a beadwork primer or even ribbon embroidery to complete your own artistic work. Let the artist provide you with everything you need to create your own embroidery design. Enjoyment of embroidery There is so much enjoyment in the embroidery process. Embroidery is a really fun and creative style of art that opens up all kinds of possibilities for household decor! There are so many possibilities and only your imagination will limit you, especially when you have all the needed tools, materials, advice, and step-by-step instructions ready and waiting for you in this accurately packaged collection. This makes the process of embroidery as easy as possible. Even if you are a novice to embroidery and cross-stitching, and want to try your new found special talents, you will see these unique 3D designs come to life. Beautiful Ladies If you are looking for crafty ways to decorate your home, or inspiration to create personalized handmade gifts, you will find a gold mine of art and craft opportunities here at Lavky. There is no time like the present to start your new hobby, and decorate your home in style with your own handmade artistic pieces with the help of our huge selection of embroidery kits!
Leather soft sole baby shoes
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1. Knitted toy white kitty 2. Wrap 40x150 pastel pink 3. Wrap 40x150 white 4. Wrap 40x150 grey 5. White bunny hat with ears which stands 
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Vintage Soviet Russian USSR Set of Technical Drawing Drafting Instruments,vintage Drafting tools.GOTOVALNYA ГОТОВАЛЬНЯ НЧК28Wood case is covered with black imitation leather and lined with red velvet. Everything tools ar
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XOMX120408TR-M12,MP2501 Carbide inserts SECO - 30 pcs
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ALEXA ATELIER NEW leotard in stock! WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - IS ABSOLUTELY - FREE!!!  Currently, we work in a standard mode and accept orders for the production of individual and group leotards for rhythmic gymnastics, acro
$199.00 $20.00
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The North Face Jacket Large Vintage 90s hyVentCondition: UsedNo holes or stainsSize : LMeasurements:Pit to pit 25.2*length from the neck 31.3*length 29.9*Please contact me for additional questions or details about item
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