Vintage Accessories & Bags

Vintage wood pencils.Конструктор 2М. Made in Ukraine.100 pieces.Super...
Vendor: Lugmik
Stylish and beautiful women's leather bag with two top handles. It will be useful for cosmetics,...
Natural leather bag is in classical and minimalist style. It is ideal for your daily business...
Ukrainian ancient belt (kraika), 1910-1930, Ukraine Very rare. 100% wool In great...
Vendor: Oksana UA
A beautifully embroidered belt is the perfect statement piece for those who like a little spice...
Keychain with ARS logo.. The keychain with the ARS logo consists of a turntable and four key...
Vendor: My goods
Retro keyring with photos of famous musicians. The keychain itself is a retro product,...
Vendor: My goods
Keychain with seashell. The key ring consists of a carabiner for keys and seashells...
Vendor: My goods
3D Wooden Bow Tie + Сufflinks + Gift Box/ Unique Design / Gift For Men / Wedding Wood...
Vendor: HatynkaUA
Silver cigarette case was made in Russian Empire. Year of release - 1896. The figure "three"...
Vendor: SovietThings
Thanks for visiting my shop! This listing is for one towel 100% cotton with hanging loop,...
Vendor: HomeLyon
Satchel was made for "The worker - peasant red army" in USSR. Year of release - 1936.
Vendor: SovietThings
Driver licence cover ­"Volkswagen Beetle Dune" is an­ exclusive handmade l­eather cover for...
Vendor: Furmani
Wooden Bow Tie Superman Like Me/ Unique Design / Gift For Men / Wedding Wood Bowtie / Wooden...
Vendor: HatynkaUA
Keychain with Pirelli logo. The keychain is made of plastic. Has a flexible connection with...
Vendor: My goods
Keyring with photos of postage stamps depicting retro cars. The keyring itself is a retro...
Vendor: My goods
Keychain with amulet Feng_Shui. The keyring with the amulet Feng_Shui is made of metal in...
Vendor: My goods
Keychain. Cat King. The key ring "Cat King" is designed for lovers of dolls. It is made of...
Vendor: My goods
Keychain "Leaping Hare". Trinket "Jumping Hare" is designed for lovers of dolls. Can be...
Vendor: My goods
Vintage Cigarette case "Strengthen the defense of the Motherland!". It was made in USSR. Year of...
Vendor: SovietThings
Keychain with the logo of Voltswagen. The keychain is made of metal. Dimensions of key...
Vendor: My goods
Keep your valuables safe in a traditional Uzbek coin pouch! Embroidered by hand with fine silk...
Keychain plastic notes.. Keychain plastic notes is made of plastic in the form of a rectangle...
Vendor: My goods
Keychain doll. The key ring in the form of a miniature doll is designed for lovers of dolls....
Vendor: My goods
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