About Us


Who are we?

Lavky was found as a group of enthusiasts who are keen on exchanging collection items from former certain USSR countries. Over time, we have developed a web platform that is safe and convenient for trade all over the world. By being successful and accountable to customers, we strive to connect as much collectors and completists as possible so that they could buy, sell or exchange their rarities.

Why Lavky?

In Ukrainian, the word Lavky means “small shops”. Every day, many people surf on the net to find or sell products that remind them of their childhood or just make them feel happy. We are one of a kind market place for those who were born in USSR or have certain memories of that foundation. We take pride in our reputation of a clear and trustworthy business and do everything to keep it high and solid. Although, our collection items are inexpensive, they are of a great quality. Whether you want to fix an old radio or buy a soviet porcelain figurine, you are in the right place. Not only do we offer rarity items but also garment, bags and children clothes. From purses and objective lenses to bedclothes, you can find anything you need. With a vast array of various items, we can be useful for any completist including the most demanding ones.

Empower visitors?

We don’t charge our visitors for using Lavky. The search over the platform is quick and convenient and you can list the items with ease. As we strive to protect both buyers and sellers, we always make sure that all transactions via our website are safe. We thoroughly prescreen every vendor. All of them are our old partners, and each one has earned our trust. Such approach has helped us to make our business clear and reputable.

What makes us different?

Safe and Easy!

Safety is a must for Lavky! We check our vendors and verify them before they list any item. We don’t charge our vendors for using Lavky. Listing items is easy and you can switch languages from Russian to English. Our prices are affordable and we offer discounts as well! Why pay more? You will hardly find such vintage items anywhere else. We are in touch with the best collectors and handymen from former USSR.

Unique and Exciting!

We have established this unique platform, as we would like to share our passion with you! Our team is excited about hand-made items and collectibles from post-USSR countries, just like you are! Our goal is to let these vintage, timeless items take their place on the market. Most of our clients list on Lavky only because they trust us. Isn’t that even better than just affordable prices?