General questions

What is is an online marketplace where you can purchase everything from Clothing & Accessories to Pet Products and Vintage. marketplace has already categorized everything making it very easy to find a particular item. Our sellers are happy to answer all your questions.

Why is different? is commission-free marketplace for sellers and buyers, so you can expect the lowest prices on listed items.
All items offered for sale on are covered by Lavky’s Customer Satisfaction Warranty. We always ready to step forward and resolve any issues that might arise including returns, replacements and refunds.
We work with verified Sellers only. All Sellers are certified by staff to insure you safe and convenient shopping.

How to shop on

What are the steps to make a purchase at
Once you decide to buy a product from a seller, all you need to do is to click on “Add to Cart" button. A window will pop-up with the item you added if the item had successfully been placed into your cart.

How can I view what is in my “Cart”?
By clicking the "Cart" button at the top right corner of the page you will be able to review what is in your Cart. There are two options for you to choose from – “View Cart” and “Secure Checkout”. If you click on “View Cart”, you will see the contents of your cart.

How can I make sure that I have only the items I selected in “Cart contents”? Can I update the quantity?
All you need to do is to click on the “Cart” button at the upper right corner of the page. Then select “View Cart”. Once there you can see all the items you had chosen and in quantities you selected. The system allows you to update the quantity and recalculate the total. Go directly to Checkout by clicking “Pay This Seller” or return to the site by clicking “Continue Shopping”.

What if I need to place more items in “Cart contents”?
To add more items to your cart, click on “Continue Shopping” from your cart page, and you will be transferred to the Home Page to select more items of your choice. You can always return to my “Cart” and review what you have already selected.

What happen when I decide to finish my purchase?
After you have placed all the selected items in your cart and review the items, you can finish your purchase by clicking the “Pay This Seller” button. You then will be taken to a "Secure Checkout" page where you can either sign in as an existing customer or enter your customer information. We have a very simple and secure checkout process and all you have to do is to enter your name, phone number, and email address. Your item will be shipped to the shipping address pointed on the PayPal payment page. Once all information is entered, all you have to do is to click yellow "Checkout with PayPal" button.

What is the Return Policy at
Each Seller defines his own return policy. Just click on "Shipping and Policies" on the product's page to see the policy.

Orders and Payments

What are the payments options?

Our buyers can pay with PayPal, or credit card, or debit card — all in their domestic currencies. All payments are made through our secure checkout process. 

What happens after I place an order? will send you a confirmation email. The title of the e-mail will include the merchant name and your order number. Every time the order status will change another email notification will be sent to you with details.

What information is included in the Confirmation email?
The the subject of the confirmation email will specify the Seller’s Shop Name, Order number, and the success of the transaction. The confirmation email will include details about your purchase.

Where and what details of my order I could review?
You can review your order details under the “Orders” menu on the site or in your order confirmation email. The emails will include the invoice for the order and the order number will be a link to the Order Information page. You can always find out more details on the Order Information page including the order shipping tracking number.

Shipping and Shipping Costs

How will the Seller know where to ship my items?
Once the “Billing and Shipping” page is completed, the information is saved for Sellers records. Your order will be shipped to your Shipping address provided in your PayPal account.

What are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs will be calculated in Shopping Cart. Most of the items will be shipped from overseas, and international shipping costs are usually a bit higher than domestic ones.

What if my Billing and Shipping addresses are different?
No problem, shipping and billing address could be different. When you are placing the order a question appears that asks “Are shipping and billing addresses the same?” Be sure to indicate “Yes” or “No” on the “Billing Address” page. default setting is that both addresses are the same, so the answer “Yes” is highlighted. If you want to enter a different shipping address, change the answer by clicking on the “No” radio button. Once you click “No” a new page will be loaded for “Shipping address”. You will have an option to enter your Shipping address and click “Continue” green button to confirm your input.

Contacting the Seller
What are the options for me to contact the Seller? You can contact the Seller via “Contact Seller” form by clicking on Seller’s Shop name. Another option is to contact the Seller directly from the information included in the confirmation email where Seller’s email address will be specified.

What information about my order can I find on the site?
After the order is submitted, the information about the order could be viewed by going to “My Account -Orders” option.

Can I rate the transaction?
You can rate the transaction by writing a review on the Seller’s page. You can also review the product on Product’s Page at Your feedback is vital for us and will help to increase the platform security, to eliminate any gaps and also to reward those who take a privilege to take care of your order. Please give us your feedback after you received your item that you have purchased from a seller. We count on your feedback to improve our services!