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Confirmation of external ECE testing Product width 50cm The length of the item is 50cm Product Height 5cm Specific features modify ZSDTRP brand Shipping weight 1.88kg Diameter of the product is 0inch Brand of motorcycle Kawasaki Name of the Racing motor exhaust model Type of material Stainless steel Used at Scooter, Racing motorcycle, motor Part name Motorcycle exhaust muffler Color White case for Z650, NINJIA 650
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Decorative cushion in the form of a vinyl player Teсhnics. A copy of a well-known musical instrument. A great gift for a DJ or just a music lover. Made of decorative suede, applique of felt, filler - holofayber. The cushion has decorative three-dimensional elements. Dimensions: 38x30 cm Wash with manual or delicate mode, at a temperature of 30 degrees.
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Decorative cushions in the form of cassettes for the tape recorder. This is a retro gift for lovers of the old school. The cassette has an average size, which allows you to take it with you on trips and travel. Available in black and white cassette and colorful. Also I can sew of those flowers that you want. The price goes for one unit. Material of black and white cushion: cotton on a fleece base, multi-colored - decorative suede. The applications are made of felt, the filler of pillows is holofayber. Dimensions: 35х22 centimeters With regard to washing, I advise manual mode or delicate washing at a temperature of 30 degrees.
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1 embroidered blouse 
10 stabwood blocks in freen and blue tones at my taste for Bryan.
ATTENTION! The price is for 1/2 meter. Sold in 1/2 meter increments. Application: Linen unpainted fabric for natural color dyeing is the best solution for making canvas. Linen creates a uniform surface texture that interacts well with paints. How to store: NO WASHING. Do not bleach. Ironing at a maximum temperature of no more than 110 ° С; do not use a tumble dryer. Linen fabric provides unlimited air access to the body. In such clothes you will never be hot - linen clothes cool pleasantly, creating a layer of cooled air around the body. Flax is hygroscopic. It removes moisture at a high speed, which is inevitably excreted from the body in hot weather. But at the same time, the fabric itself does not stay wet for a long time. Linen clothing dries quickly by evaporating from the fibers. Linen clothing serves as a reliable barrier to the formation of a greenhouse effect under it. Flax fibers, from which the fabric for clothing is made, has a high degree of strength. Linen outfits retain their presentable look for many years. Linen can be washed quite often, without changing the color, texture and density of the fabric, and the fabric only becomes softer. Flax has unique bactericidal properties, stops the development of bacteria that cause unpleasant sweat odor on the skin, minimizes the risk of skin diseases caused by excessive sweating. Linen outfits are versatile - they can be combined with denim, leather, silk, chiffon, synthetic fabrics. Ecological high-quality linen fabric made in Belarus. Natural Belarusian underwear of the highest quality is certified by OekoTex. Sold in 1/2 meter increments. Orders over 1/2 meter will come in one continuous piece. We recommend washing and shrinking all fabrics before cutting to avoid shrinkage after cutting. Fabric color may vary slightly due to the properties and specifications of your monitor. You can choose other fabrics on the website https://linenmill.by/. I can buy them for you.
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2 embroidered  dresses
Manual roller bending machine is used for straight and curved bending of edges. Made of stainless steel. For ease of use, a scale with 1 mm divisions is applied to the shaft. It has a low weight - 1.7 kg., Is simple and convenient to use both in the workshop and on the roof or construction site. This roofing tool is indispensable in the manufacture of radius parts (ebb, window sills, drip pieces), abutments, as well as many other elements of the roof directly at the facility. The roofer has the ability to make a roofing picture in a double standing lock from any roofing material (galvanized steel and with polymeric coatings PE, MPE, Pural, Pural Matt, Purex, PVC; zinc-titanium, aluminum, copper, stainless steel with titanium nitride spraying "Zlatosvet"), using a manual roller bending machine. It is possible to adjust the gap between the rollers from 0 to 1mm, thanks to the beveled roller, you can make a bend of more than 100 °
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Blades of chaos for Edgar
blocks for knife handles, author's polymer
Blocks for making knife handles
Bog oak blank  set  - 7pcs
Bog Oak Blanks For KRISTAN TIME®
Vendor: BogOakGroup
Blanks 60x60x130mm 2 in black 2 in the lighter color 2 in gray 
Vendor: BogOakGroup
Bog Oak Blank 10pc 120x100x60mm
Vendor: BogOakGroup
50x100x150mm bog oak blanks 6pc
Vendor: BogOakGroup
6pc 40x50x150mm
Vendor: BogOakGroup
Bog Oak wood block 20pc 
Vendor: BogOakGroup
Bog Oak Wood Blanks  30x50x130mm 50pc
Vendor: BogOakGroup
30x40x150mm 6pc
Vendor: BogOakGroup
Leather bracelets for women, handmade with individual design, decorated with rhinestones, handmade leather bag with the author's logo as a gift to the buyer
Vendor: Viktor L
Handmade candles. Product height 15 cm. A wonderful gift for your friends and family)
Vendor: Belladonna
Decorative leather trays for holding small household items. These plates are an unusual and stylish piece of functional décor. Put them on your coffee table or kitchen counter and they will be a convenient place to store loose change, keys or jewelry. Each plate has a lovely stitched leather bottom with the inner walls being the soft inside texture of the leather. The corners are fastened with metal studs. Your plates can have personalized stamping – please see details below. When purchasing this item, don’t forget to choose the correct size for your plates and leather colour in options. Size:   7’х7’   FREE PERSONALIZATION! Attention! Be sure to add the first name or initials (up to 7 letters) to the personalization window when ordering. We use a technique where the letters(0.6 inch height) are heated and stamped deeply into the leather surface. Additionally, you can also contact us by clicking on the “Message Denis”. Orders without marks will be sent without personalization! Please note that the only symbols we can stamp onto your item are the ones presented in the example photo. That includes ALL letters from A to Z and ALL numbers from 0 to 9, plus portrayed symbols. MATERIALS: Crazy Horse Leather is cattle-hide leather treated with wax. It is touch-sensitive; marks appear on it very fast. Hence it takes on a vintage look. Custom design of any items will definitely not be repeated. Craftsmanship and personalization add uniqueness to your case which makes it a perfect original gift. -------------------Standard shipping takes 7-20 business days --------------------------- We absolutely do custom orders and wholesale bulk orders! Please, contact us for any questions. We are always happy to help.
Photo frame dimensions outer 11x15 inner 7.8x11 inches. Bezel width 1.7 inches. Welcome my friend to my store. These frames that I made for you are exclusive, there is no such thing anywhere else. They are ideal to liven up your living room, insert your child's favorite drawing there, or for a photo of your family and friends. So far, they are shown in three versions. Black White Gray Marble, Green Red Yellow Rainbow. and Blue yellow white color of the sky. These frames are made of pine wood. For painting the frames, only environmentally friendly materials were used that we use in everyday life. In photos you will see the materials that I use to paint the frames. 1 Water based joiner's glue. 2 Water-based colorants. 3 Acrylic varnish which also consists of water. IN CONNECTION THAT UNUSUAL MATERIALS FOR COLORING FRAMES ARE USED, THEY QUICKLY REMEMBER STONE THAN WOOD AND HAVE UNEQUALITIES SMALL PITS HAVE RIFLED STONE SURFACE. If you have not found the required frame size, write to me and I will make it for you and paint it in the color you need.
Vendor: Uman Shop
Confirmation of external ECE testing Product width 50cm The length of the item is 50cm Product Height 5cm Specific features modify ZSDTRP brand Shipping weight 1.88kg Diameter of the product is 0inch Brand of motorcycle Kawasaki Name of the Racing motor exhaust model Type of material Stainless steel Used at Scooter, Racing motorcycle, motor Part name Motorcycle exhaust muffler Color White case for Z650, NINJIA 650
Vendor: lighthing1
Organic blanket with hemp fiber filler. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial material. Repeated washing does not affect the durability of the product.The blanket passes air and absorbs moisture. Always comfortably not cold or hot.Suitable for people with allergies and asthma. Thanks to creative design you don't need to cover the bed. Size: 200x220 COMPOSITION: Hemp filler, 400 gr/m2; Top side - satin (ivory color) , bottom side - satin ( peach color); CARE Instructions: Machine washing up to 30ºC(86ºF), in gentle cycle. Do not bleaching, do not tumble dry, do not dry cleaning. We recommend to dry the quilt in a natural way - by air.
Vendor: dobrikonolpi
Ideal for hotels, restaurants and home. Reversible serving board. Ideal for serving gourmet cheeses, cold meats or cold meats, freshly baked goods, homemade breads, pastries and more. Available in a single copy. PREMIUM NATURAL ACACIA WOOD - Made from 100% high quality acacia wood that blends elegantly with most kitchen decors;  Ideal for protecting the edges of knives and fine blades  ** Note: Acacia wood is a natural product and actual product color may vary from images. DIMENSIONS - 30cm;   HAND WASH ONLY - Hand wash only and dry thoroughly;  DO NOT wash in the dishwasher.