Light Peach Long Tulle Skirt Casual Floor length Lux/Women's, Tulle Skirt Bridal,Princess Women Tulle Skirt,Wedding Long Blush Tulle Skirt 100% real photos! Belt inside pasted with dublirin lining material for additional stiffness and the beauty of the belt. Thick satin/silk lining chic quality and a belt with secret zipper in the same color. Lining, tulle, belt and a hidden zipper perfectly matched in color. Incredibly lush style. Lush and very airy in which you feel like a princess! The high quality of tailoring. Only the best materials are used for sewing. Layers: 1 layers Style: lush casual Lining and belt material: gorgeous italian 50%silk/45%viscose/5%elastane! Tulle: wedding luxury Hayal Tulle matt (Hayal Tulle - soft and has a matte finish used in sewing tulle wedding and evening dresses, sewing of wedding veils) Handmade , 100 % origin. Hand wash recommended. Color: light peach ~ Made to order from 65 colors here! - QUALITY: to make the perfect tulle skirt, we were looking for material for 4 months! Most of tulle, which is offered for the production - is made from hard tulle, with a cheap gloss finish, not matte, not airy and looks very cheap. When we found the right tulle material, we were just happy! It is used for the production of expensive wedding dress and veils! It is light, airy, without any cheap gloss, tulle is matt luxury finish and very gentle! Next there is a problem to choose a good lining material for lining and skirt belt. This is very important, because cheap lining is stretch, lose its first shape, appear the arrow on the material, most sellers do not handle the lining edge and they use the cheapest material to reduce the cost of goods. We chose quality lining material which consists of 50% silk! This is a luxury Italian silk satin. All edges of the pad are processed correctly and with sewing technology. Lining is extended to the bottom, so walking was convenient. Our tulle skirt is very high quality and made with love and without economy on materials. You will be satisfied! ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- Shipping: • All orders will be shipped via International registered airmail from Ukraine. Worldwide. Any countries with tracking number. SHIPPING TERMS: - Europe: 1,5-2,5 weeks - USA: 1,5-2,5 weeks - Australia: 3-4 weeks - Rest of World: 1,5-2,5 weeks Please note, transit time may vary depending on customs processing, so we can’t guarantee exact arrival time. This shipping terms are estimations and might be sometimes even shorter or longer. Express shipping: • EMS delivery is $30 for any amount of items and destination country. Delivery time: 5-10 business days. • DHL delivery is $55 for any amount of items and destination country. Delivery time: 2-4 business days.
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Handmade beaded dress with lace sleeves. Size M in stock. Fabric - beige linen, lace also is made of natural thread. Soft fabric, bright ornament
Material: Cotton,Polyester Pattern Type: Solid Weight: 0.350kg Package Contents: 1 x T-Shirt
Mother daughter matching dress                                          
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Bag made in a combination of orange and black color , inside lining. Purse closes by magnet.The bottom is solid. Snood comes in the kit to the bag.It can be worn as a hat, Bolero,collar, scarf Recommendations for care: wash in delicate mode
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Very trendy this fall Takes classic felted volume Dense yet malleable and can be easily folded into a sleeve or bag without worrying for his form. cuff inside tightly holds his head, not allowing to move out, and additionally insulating the ears. The decor is laid so that beret can be worn in different ways, changing the way the crease And keeps well laid, and , spreading, her, Stylish, neat. Perfectly fits the classic image
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delicate, summer, sweater crochet. Openwork cardigan-style oversized.Crocheted from segments of different colors.Size 50-52.Thread cotton
$128.00 $68.00
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Delicate corall color vest, tank top crochet. Vest knitted, openwork, Material-cotton yarn.
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Scarf, transformer,LICs, vest, collar, hooded, machine knitting. LICs,hat,jacket,scarf-4 in one.Beautiful convertible for all seasons.There are different colors and sizes.From different yarn,but only natural
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Neverending sleeves is the ultimately versatile piece. It converts to what you want it to be: anything from neckwarmer, scarf, shrug to cropped top or a sweater! Just wrap it around as you like and you are set. We are sure you will come up with your own way of wearing The Sleeves we never even thought of!
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Vest crochet, lace, knitted, olive color.Openwork knitted jacket .The crochet.Sleeve "kimono".On the clasp.Jacket with short sleeves,integrally knitted.Thread-cotton+viscose.Vest-style over the bed
$95.00 $48.00
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Long knitted dress.Easy openwork,length and rounded neckline betrays the divine beauty.Available in any color and any length.The deadline is 2 weeks..available In two colors-olive,blue and yellow.
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Dress, knit, olive green, knitted spokes.Knitted dress and belt s/W thread.The bottom of the dress is decorated with lace viscous hook.The top can be modeled in two positions:how to dress batelco and "Carmen".Dress straight cut,size 46-50
$168.00 $88.00
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Knitted summer dress for girls 3-5 years. The length of the dress 53 cm, chest 28. Perfectly washable in the washing machine. The dress is made of merserezirovany cotton
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Hat and Snood crocheted in a dense pattern. The set is soft and silky, very warm mohair.. Generic cap that can be worn as a classic double lapel, and you can cap. Snood in one turn. Recommendations for care: Delicate wash
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Warm knitted hat knit Merino hat unisex wool hat, beret hat bandana helmet women warm hat handmade Warm woolen knitted hat knit from 100% Merino.available in other colors.washable at 30°C. Laundry manual.the model is universal for any type of person
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I bring to your attention an exclusive item.Super nice dress. Excellent condition. Colors: black, fuchsia, small silver beads. In real life it is better than in the photo. The fabric is soft and stretches. Shown in size 24. Check the size only for the hips. Top fits sizes: L-3XL Length from shoulder: 77cm -30" bust: 80cm -31" hips: 60-65cm (23.5"-25.5") sleeve: 38cm-15" Aircraft for all goods! 100% safe air transportation of the insured with tracking number. We ship from Ukraine within 1-2 days after payment. Delivery to USA FOR 7-9 business days. I use the USPS delivery service with my new partner. I am sending goods from my city to the capital of Ukraine - the city of Kiev. In Kiev, in 2-3 days, I provide the USPS tracking number. Thank you for visiting my store. Pleasant shopping!
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ТКАНЬ Ткань Fanny Mask не мнется, хорошо сохраняет форму, устойчива к механическим воздействиям. Габардин не образует зацепок с шероховатых поверхностей. Отличное сопротивление разрыву. Внутри 2 слоя ткани: «Спанбонд» - 100% синтетические волокна, скрепленные без применения клея, нетоксичны, не выделяют вредных веществ под воздействием высоких температур, не подвержены коррозии. Материал тонкий, легкий, но прочный. Комфортная изнаночная сторона: хлопковое волокно растительного происхождения - 100% органическое. Хлопковые ткани гигиеничны, практичны, хорошо держат форму, а также приятно соприкасаются с телом. КОМФОРТ Удобная анатомическая форма Fanny Mask хорошо прилегает к лицу. Боковые резинки надежно поддерживают маску, не сковывая движения, очень приятны на ощупь, хорошо растягиваются, можно стирать и гладить. За изделиями легко ухаживать. Многие пятна удаляются обычной щеткой. ПЕЧАТЬ (ИЗОБРАЖЕНИЕ) Сублимация - печать происходит под давлением при температуре 210 - 230 градусов, окрашивание происходит на молекулярном уровне парами красителя. Такой уплотнитель нельзя смывать, стирать, он не выгорает от прямых солнечных лучей. По яркости и качеству (вплоть до фотопечати) сублимация на ткани превосходит все другие способы нанесения.
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Personal order 1). Skirt and brooch shade 44 (28inch waist, 38 inches long) 2). Skirt and brooch shade 11  (30inch waist, 40inches long)
Vendor: Dress Roses
 РУЧНОЕ ВЯЗАНИЕ хорошая пряжа
Vendor: MisOO
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Fashionable, stylish, two-meter long knitted scarf unisex.Smooth, machine binding.The color of the asphalt.Perfectly tied in several options (photo attached).
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Original shawl/ tippet is handcrocheted with high quality yarn. You can use it with everything you like in multiple styles, in every season. In any case you will look absolutely gorgeous with this fashionable and comfortable accessories. It feels so soft and light. Yarn : 70% mohair + 30% acrylic Length: ~240cm (~ 94 inch)
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Crocheted, lace, warm skirt.Wool,double skirt.The bottom skirt is knitted from fine Italian wool.The upper skirt is crocheted wool thread.Back to top of the skirt is filled with vertical gate.Size 44-46.Will look beautiful complete with a Bolero or cardigan with black rose connected from the same yarn
$175.00 $98.00
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Knitted, warm skirt, binding machine,black.Wool ,machine knit skirt with openwork tracery(wedge)is found.Two of the blade.Black.Size 50-52.Blends with all colors.MIDI length
$115.00 $58.00
Skirt, warm, felting, and textiles.Long skirt Design,large size.Combined woolen fabric with felting,felting, I used two colors of felt,all felt put on the fabric.Length 113 cm, A - 58,73,pictured little mannequin.Skirt large size. the skirt will be directly under the size of the buyer
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Warm mohair sweater with chic large collar.Sweater combination.We used two types of Moher.60% (main binding)and 70%(cuff and collar)
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Sweater, turtleneck, jacket, cardigan, machine knitting.Sweater machine knit their kitmaker.Length 68 see long Sleeve (Pierrot) is going on the wrist in the drapery.Cut"the boat",without bending,fitted,size 50-52.Available colors:terracotta.The order can be any color and size proposed by the colormap (color TBD).The production time 7 days
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