Vintage Jewelry Sets

Beads in good condition. There are a few defects. Royal amber.
Dear buyers, I want to offer you an original Soviet vintage set of necklace and bracelet. The...
Vendor: deliveryboy
New Baltic Amber beads. 4 products in one lot for $ 55. Price is for all products.
New Baltic amber beads and bracelets. 5 products in one lot for 60 dollars. Price is for all...
Very beautiful Brosh, Baltic Amber 60 - 70.“ Condition of the new.But there are traces of...
the brooch is made of amber.brass gold plated.excellent condition.antiques.Kaliningrad amber...
Vendor: NevStar
soviet union. Kaliningrad amber plant.Natural amber.Brass gold plated.Excellent...
Vendor: NevStar
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