Vintage Necklaces

Mass 29.6 gr, length 52 sm. the State good. Baltic amber has high concentrations of a unique...
Famous Soviet Olympic Mishka from 1980. Misha, also known as Mishka or The Olympic Mishka, is...
You are looking at a nice vintage pendant with genuine green mlachite from Ural. The metal is...
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Beads in good condition. There are a few defects. Royal amber.
You are looking at a lovely pendant with genuine large green serpentine. The metal is 100% solid...
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New Baltic Amber beads. 4 products in one lot for $ 55. Price is for all products.
New baltic natural amber beads - 106 gramm. No press amber.
New amber baltic vintage beads. 23 gramma. 56 centimeters.
Very old amber beads necklace 44,7 gram 很老的琥珀珠项链
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Very old cherry beads, on the beads there are several chips, which we showed in the photo. We...
You are looking at a lovely pendant with genuine amber. The metal is 100% solid 925 Sterling...
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ожерелье из кожи с камушками разными натуральными винтажное украшение
Baltic new amber necklaces of 6 pieces in one lot. Necklaces are 47 to 52 centimeters long. The...
Antiques, Baltic amber beads of the USSR, 41 grams. 52 centimeters. No defects. Excellent...
New Baltic amber brooch without scratches, no defects. Very beautiful. 9 centimeters. 11 grams
amber necklace,jewelry,USSR amber,decoration,gift,genuine amber,Soviet vintage. This gorgeous...
Very beautiful Brosh, Baltic Amber 60 - 70.“ Condition of the new.But there are traces of...
Czech raw brass items can be soldered, galvanized and surface treated with all procedures...
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