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At LAVKY, womens clothings are hotter than hot! Whether you are looking for a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt with a floral pattern, handmade dress or a casual style skirt, our clothes for womens are always on trend. At our womens clothes store, we have everything you may need. From club nights to coffee dates, you will find the clothing for womens that fits your particular needs. Furthermore, you will be pleasantly surprised with the assortment and prices when ordering womens clothing online. Get the party started in flirty womens clothes essentials like a cute new cage skirt or cage dress! Any kind of leather body harness is at your disposal in our womens clothes store. We have got all kinds of t-shirts of all sizes and colors for everyday style as well as boots and shoes to match!

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Leather body harness. Basic body harness. Fits good with shirt or dress Made of faux leather or real leather (on your choice) Width of leather band - 0,78 inch (2.0 cm) Hand made Metal fittings Size adjustable
Vendor: fetiSHop
Succubus Leather Costume - cool, sexy, provocative and unique costume you've ever dared to wear. Who doesn't know Succubus? The most beautiful and seductive demon. She comes in the night, the embodied pleasure and sin. The demon of fantasy and freedom with no boundaries! Show your inner Succub! Release your true nature! Leather costume is handmade of natural 1.8-2.2 mm. cow leather and is regulated with the buckles at the back. Top and bottom of the harness could be ordered separately by custom request. Discover more in our shop: https://www.etsy.com/ru/shop/OblepikhaHarnessShop?ref=ss_profile ♦ Item details: ✔ handmade ✔ transformer ✔ made of natural 1.8-2.2 mm. cow leather ✔ metal O-rings, buckles and stud findings ✔ adjustable and comfortable. ♦ Colour range: black,red, white. Note that the color of the items may slightly differ because of lighting and monitor settings. ♦ Made to order. Creation time 7-15 business days. Fast production available by request. ♦ Size chart: XS (USA 2-4) 80/85-60/65-85/90cm. S (USA 6-8) - 85/90-65/70-90/95cm. M (USA 10-12) - 90/96-70/76-95/105cm. L (USA 14-16) - 100/110-80/85-105/115cm. Please include your Height in note to order. If you don't find your measurements in chart, please contact us. ♦ Payment: We accept PayPal and Western Union. ✈ Shipping: Standard shipping takes 2-4 weeks. Speed delivery (DHL or EMC) available at additional cost. ✉ Feel free to contact us any questions or place a custom design request.
Red harness full body from elastic, bondage strappy lingerie. One piece for the whole body Width of elastic - 1,2 cm/ 0,47 inch Hand made Metal fittings Size universal
Vendor: fetiSHop
Save 23%
Bag made in a combination of orange and black color , inside lining. Purse closes by magnet.The bottom is solid. Snood comes in the kit to the bag.It can be worn as a hat, Bolero,collar, scarf Recommendations for care: wash in delicate mode
$130.00 $100.00
Save 39%
Very trendy this fall Takes classic felted volume Dense yet malleable and can be easily folded into a sleeve or bag without worrying for his form. cuff inside tightly holds his head, not allowing to move out, and additionally insulating the ears. The decor is laid so that beret can be worn in different ways, changing the way the crease And keeps well laid, and , spreading, her, Stylish, neat. Perfectly fits the classic image
$90.00 $55.00
Save 58%
delicate, summer, sweater crochet. Openwork cardigan-style oversized.Crocheted from segments of different colors.Size 50-52.Thread cotton
$120.00 $50.00
Save 38%
Delicate corall color vest, tank top crochet. Vest knitted, openwork, Material-cotton yarn.
$80.00 $50.00
Save 36%
Scarf, transformer,LICs, vest, collar, hooded, machine knitting. LICs,hat,jacket,scarf-4 in one.Beautiful convertible for all seasons.There are different colors and sizes.From different yarn,but only natural
$70.00 $45.00
Save 50%
Neverending sleeves is the ultimately versatile piece. It converts to what you want it to be: anything from neckwarmer, scarf, shrug to cropped top or a sweater! Just wrap it around as you like and you are set. We are sure you will come up with your own way of wearing The Sleeves we never even thought of!
$80.00 $40.00
Save 50%
Белое( цвет силовой кости) ажурное болеро вязаное крючком в технике ирландского кружево однотонное
$90.00 $45.00
Save 29%
Vest crochet, lace, knitted, olive color.Openwork knitted jacket .The crochet.Sleeve "kimono".On the clasp.Jacket with short sleeves,integrally knitted.Thread-cotton+viscose.Vest-style over the bed
$70.00 $50.00
Save 10%
Long knitted dress.Easy openwork,length and rounded neckline betrays the divine beauty.Available in any color and any length.The deadline is 2 weeks..available In two colors-olive,blue and yellow.
$200.00 $180.00
Dress, knit, olive green, knitted spokes.Knitted dress and belt s/W thread.The bottom of the dress is decorated with lace viscous hook.The top can be modeled in two positions:how to dress batelco and "Carmen".Dress straight cut,size 46-50
Save 42%
Hat and Snood crocheted in a dense pattern. The set is soft and silky, very warm mohair.. Generic cap that can be worn as a classic double lapel, and you can cap. Snood in one turn. Recommendations for care: Delicate wash
$95.00 $55.00
Save 50%
Warm knitted hat knit Merino hat unisex wool hat, beret hat bandana helmet women warm hat handmade Warm woolen knitted hat knit from 100% Merino.available in other colors.washable at 30°C. Laundry manual.the model is universal for any type of person
$70.00 $35.00
Fashionable, stylish, two-meter long knitted scarf unisex.Smooth, machine binding.The color of the asphalt.Perfectly tied in several options (photo attached).
Save 17%
Original shawl/ tippet is handcrocheted with high quality yarn. You can use it with everything you like in multiple styles, in every season. In any case you will look absolutely gorgeous with this fashionable and comfortable accessories. It feels so soft and light. Yarn : 70% mohair + 30% acrylic Length: ~240cm (~ 94 inch)
$120.00 $100.00
Crocheted, lace, warm skirt.Wool,double skirt.The bottom skirt is knitted from fine Italian wool.The upper skirt is crocheted wool thread.Back to top of the skirt is filled with vertical gate.Size 44-46.Will look beautiful complete with a Bolero or cardigan with black rose connected from the same yarn
Save 33%
Knitted, warm skirt, binding machine,black.Wool ,machine knit skirt with openwork tracery(wedge)is found.Two of the blade.Black.Size 50-52.Blends with all colors.MIDI length
$90.00 $60.00
Skirt, warm, felting, and textiles.Long skirt Design,large size.Combined woolen fabric with felting,felting, I used two colors of felt,all felt put on the fabric.Length 113 cm, A - 58,73,pictured little mannequin.Skirt large size. the skirt will be directly under the size of the buyer
Save 20%
Warm mohair sweater with chic large collar.Sweater combination.We used two types of Moher.60% (main binding)and 70%(cuff and collar)
$150.00 $120.00
Save 30%
Sweater, turtleneck, jacket, cardigan, machine knitting.Sweater machine knit their kitmaker.Length 68 see long Sleeve (Pierrot) is going on the wrist in the drapery.Cut"the boat",without bending,fitted,size 50-52.Available colors:terracotta.The order can be any color and size proposed by the colormap (color TBD).The production time 7 days
$100.00 $70.00
Save 20%
delicate, jacket hook, white.Openwork cardigan,belt made of viscose.Gate "pipe".Sleeves and elastic-binding machine.Front and back openwork knit crochet.Size 46-50.Comfortable,pleasant to the body.Jacket all season
$100.00 $79.99
White mohair sweater Color on the photo : white Yarn :70% mohair+30% acrylic 60 cm long 50 cm long sleeves from the shoulder This is a women’s white mohair sweater . White knit sweater great part of your outfit. This white sweater os the best design in this color. Mohair knit sweater is a beautiful cloth in your wardrobe especially this is an arm knit jamper Soft knit sweater, oversized sweater is the best women warm sweater and women jamper. Mohair cloth always a nice look especially loose white cardigan. So this women knit cardigan is the best mohair cardigan of our desire line. Simple and beauty. The sweater without collar This sweater a super warm but while a light. Oversize simple women mohair sweater arm knit from the pretty thick mohair on 2 yarn. This is stylish design for your look simple but great outfit for different events: home, job, meetings evenings, days. You can select the best color for you. We have pretty rich palette color selection on the color map. do not know how to choose? - ask me. I will gladly help
Save 23%
Openwork tunic associated hook from the viscose This knitted tunic, tender and romantic at the same time very practical thing. Optionally, you can tie the tunic of a different color - beige, blue and other colors, you can associate a dress based on this model. Fancy tunic handmade sure to impress others. You - the most beautiful, bright and spectacular beauty conquer all and show their individuality. Openwork tunic crocheted pattern of motives. Your image will be a memorable and charming. It can be combined with many types of apparel, including Boho style ..
$130.00 $100.00
Delicate Burgundy vest, crocheted.Vest knitted, openwork, decorated with rhinestones, decorative buckle with rhinestones.Material-cotton tape.Color-eggplant. Armhole straight,
“Cross” lingerie set .Thats a perfect chic insolence set which give confidence to any woman. Perfect set for special occasions and spicy games. Tango panties from an elastic Italian fabric. This panties you can also wear for every day. For the most intimate areas, we used natural cotton without synthetic components. The stretchy elastic is pleasing to the touch and does not leave traces on your body. Bra with cross lines combines an Italian fabric and shiny rubber bands. We also paid attention to a back part, which consist three elastic lines from each back side. Soft cup makes the bras very comfortable and versatile. Stockings belt is made from a 6 chic Italian shiny elastics. It is very comfortable and pleasing to the body. The belt has a unique size. You can adjust the size as convenient for you. The fasteners securely fix the stockings, which makes possible to feel confident. You can wear this set for every day and than… just add this swish belt and stockings - and voila you are queen and ready to any game… Supplements this combination of exquisite golden accessories. Hand made specially for you