Our Sellers


1. Keep the uniqueness

As the USSR iron curtain had fallen in 1991, 15 new countries emerged and got drawn on the world map for the first time! Our team at Marketplace keeping your choices high by creating a golden niche to share our enthusiasm for rare and unique collections from the former USSR countries. We present to you an essence of rare and unique products from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and many more hidden and far away countries.

2. Rethink the buying

Travel the world on our spaceship! In no time you would have a great opportunity to observe, review and enjoy hidden treasures that will come to light only on our Marketplace! You may ask: “Why only here, in our Marketplace space”? Marketplace is the one and only international e-commerce where we embrace an incredibly vast space of vendors and sellers from all 15 newly born countries that were previously hidden from the eyes of the world under an iron curtain of the former USSR! Marketplace is a growing international business, it's a coup to land international customers and expand trading overseas. We reach out for your pleasant shopping and light up the way!

3. Make it Simple

We are busy organizing, optimizing, and navigating you through our entire site that you will get to see once you open the door to Marketplace. Our team develops a graphically and strategically simple e-commerce model that’s easy and uncomplicated for your navigation and promotion in search of the most interesting, high-quality, and certainly unique acquisitions! We protect our customers from the complexities, which are already too many in the modern world! All our customers feel good and easy on our trading Marketplace! We keep it real simple for you!

4. Keep it safe, so you will feel at home

There is no other space like home. Only at home do you feel calm, safe, and ready to enjoy every moment. Marketplace is your safe space.

We offer you Trustworthy Sellers Marketplace takes great pride in presenting to the buyers our trustworthy sellers. Our buyers can read the reviews and policies for each seller and this transparency gives our buyers a tremendous opportunity to communicate with a seller and ask any question.

We provide World-class security

At the same time we provide world-class security to our buyers. We take it to the heart to safeguard your information and it’s the main goal of our dedicated security experts.

We keep you protected

Any purchase you make is our pride to keep you protected. If anything in the process of purchasing or receiving a product goes wrong, our global customer support team has you covered and got your back.

We offer different currencies

We are taking good care and lots of optimization to present the best view of our everyday changing products to our international buyers, and we enable our customers to pay in their local currency, US Dollars or EURO, that make the international payment process extremely easy and convenient.

5. Ready to start selling?

Do you want to become one of the sellers on our exciting Marketplace? Are you from any of the 15 newly born countries from ex-USSR? Do you call home any of the 8 countries in Central Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, or 6 countries in Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Moldova? If “yes”, we would like to welcome you and offer you an invitation to Register and become a new seller at our platform.