Vintage wood pencils.Конструктор 2М. Made in Ukraine.100 pieces.Super...
Vendor: Lugmik
4 commemorative (anniversary) ruble collection.1.centenary of the birth of Lenin. 2. 20 years of...
Pink Elephant The pink elephant is like a big and clean childhood dream. We grow up, but...
Vendor: Makva
Openwork ceiling in the technique of Tiffany. Grapes are baked from glass specially for this...
Stamps Series Soviet cosmonauts (1971-1977) Offer your price
Stamps series world artists (Kampuchea 1985)
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Antiques and Collectibles That Are Impossible To Resist

Regardless of whether you are an experienced collector with dozens of items in your collection or a mere beginner looking for their one true passion, here you will find rare collectibles to suit your passion and enrich your collection. Expanding the collection can be tricky sometimes, yet this process of searching and collecting rare items that fit in perfectly is truly thrilling.

#1. Coins & Paper Money

Oh, what an outstanding variety of coins and banknotes can be found all over the Internet! Collecting banknotes and/or coins can be your first try at being a collector, as well as your lifelong passion. Although our collectibles store is focused on the items from post-Soviet countries, Soviet coins, and banknotes are not the only items in stock. Make sure you don’t miss out on special edition contemporary coins, pre-Soviet era coins and banknotes from the times of Russian Empire, as well as rare antique coins.

#2. Clocks

Vintage clocks can be acquired for both expanding a collection and transforming the room’s appearance as a standalone item. They keep the vibes of the era as nothing else possibly can.

#3. Post Stamps & Cards

Post stamps are a widely known synonym for collecting rare items. At Lavky, we are dedicated to giving you an opportunity to find the items that your collection lacks. There are post stamps and cards from various post-communist countries available for purchase. Among those, you can find recurring themes: the Olympic Games of different years and the space discoveries. Yet, there are rare themes that can be found, such as world artists or international relations.

#4. Toys & Dolls

Our collectibles art shop offers you a diverse range of Soviet and contemporary toys and dolls that may look outlandish to the rest of the world. The Soviet-era games are as entertaining as contemporary computer games due to their simplicity and addictiveness.

This list is far from being complete, dear reader! Check out the rest of our collectibles to make sure you don’t miss out on limited editions, rare collectibles etc.

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