14ct Yellow Gold Pendant Our Lady of Kazan. AU 585. 0.60 gram #1564
Only after your choice we start our work at the item. Handling time 3 business days and economy shipping from outside US (14 to 21 business days). You know, real creativity can't stand any trash.That is why we always check our base material by ourselves.We choose only the best and the most beautiful stones, concomitant materials and fittings are of the highest quality. This guarantees that the jewellery will be not only the most beautiful but also longevous, and will make you feel happy, our dear customers. If there are some changes in our items, we'll send you new photos and discuss all the changes till the order is delivered. Item specifics: Main Stone Creation Natural Own production Handmade Country of Manufacture Ukraine Main Stone Natural freshwater pearls of white and black colors Clasp Type Lobster Gift Leather bracelet. Black agate Certificate of examination of stone attached. Haven't chosen what you've been looking for? Write to us. We can make what you want on your own design.Send us your photo or a picture or just the description to our mail.You can even give us any photos or pictures from the Internet and ask us if we can do the same thing. Just give us the appropriate link. And we'll answer. More ideas: Have a great shopping and a nice day. Contact us:
Unisex Leather Bracelet Bracelet weaving is made of 5 bands The leather is top quality and durable, so the bracelet can be worn every day. This bracelet is made from our premium genuine leather. Chemistry is not used, only natural ingredients. available in colors:  1 Black 2 Gray 3 Burgundy Length of the bracelet - 195 mm (7.67 in) - 215 mm (8.46 in) Width of the bracelet -30 mm (1.18 in) Fastens on the button easily and without complications. We can also manufacture other bracelet designs on request. It is possible to choose 1. The length of the bracelet 2. The width of the bracelet 3. The number of weaving bands 3 or 5 SHIPPING: Postage is made by International Economy International Air Post.  SHIPPING TIME TO EUROPE, USA, CANADA: 1-2 weeks, OTHER COUNTRIES: 1-4 weeks. Please notice as it is economy post, sometimes it can need more time for delivery.  WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!  I always provide TRACKING NUMBER after shipment. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and let me know click on "Ask Question". Service: Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important to us. If you have any problems with our items or services, please feel free to contact us first before you leave negative feedback. We will do all the best to resolve your situation. SALES TAX: NO Sales TAX is required Please check with your countries VAT or Duty, it is not included in this price. Please note that some countries will have custom duty or tax for certain items. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay all endued custom duty or tax. We are not responsible for any custom duty or tax since our price do not include this charge. Note: The color display on your monitor may slightly differ from the actual product due to color calibration of your device.
Серьги из природных кристаллов желтого сапфира (корунда). Посеребрение по меди. Кристалл не поддавался механической или другой обработке. Природная форма. Натуральные камни имеют природные включения, трещинки и шероховатости. Материалы: жёлтый сапфир, медь, серебро, серебряная фурнитура Размер: размер кристаллов около 12 мм
You can choose premade set 30 cm (12 inches) or custom size - after purchasing just contact me with your neck,wirst size Premade set ready to shipping tag proof colllar size 12-14 inches (30-35 cm) cuffs size 16-20 cm
Non Piercing Nipple jewelry Handmade in Sterling Silver Sold in Pair Size is adjustable and you may change it to the size of your nipples. It will be better if I make the required size before sending The standard diameter is 9-10mm - 0.37inch ********* Rings do not require painful piercing of the nipples and it is enough to clamp them securely. The diameter of the ring can be increased or decreased by applying a small force to a specific size. ***************** The parcel will be sent during 1-2 days after payment. Delivery usually takes 10-21 days. But in the period from December to February this may take more
Vendor: SilverBuds
Earrings "Steampunk birds". Made in the technique of Wire wrap, with elements of steampunk, with clockwork, with elements of stamping and cold forging process, made of brass, with Abalon, turquoise, rainbow hematite. The earrings are artificially aged by chemical means, polished and coated with protective varnish. Earring dimension - 8,5x3,5 cm, weight pair of earrings - 8.4 g. The jewelry is made of high quality, gently - small job, almost jewelry. All made by my hands, on my sketches, and is the copyrighted work. Earrings not to quit, not to beat, it is desirable not to wet with water. Wipe occasionally with a woolen cloth. If you have any questions please write, I will answer.
Vendor: jewelr
Кулон из горного хрусталя. Посеребрение по меди. Камень имеет природные включения, трещинки и шероховатости, что делает его еще более прекрасным. Горный хрусталь-одна из разновидностей кварца, очень похож на капельки чистейшей воды горной реки. Украшение из серии "Горная вода". Горная вода-символ перемен к лучшему. Если Вам снится чистый горный источник, значит скоро ваша жизнь начнет меняться в лучшую сторону. Для болеющего такой сон к быстрому выздоровлению. В Японии горный хрусталь считали замёрзшим дыханием дракона. Материалы: медь, хрусталь, горный хрусталь, серебро Размер: около 3 см
Большой кристалл аметиста, покрыт медью и серебром. Частичное нанесение позолоты для создания яркого дизайна. Для любителей больших природных камней. Натуральные камни могут иметь природные трещинки, включения и шероховатости, что делает их еще более прекрасными. Материалы: медь, серебро, позолота, аметист Размер: Около 5,5 см.
Кристалл аметиста, покрыт медью, серебром и родием. Частичное покрытие черным рутением. Бог виноделия Бахус однажды обиделся на людей. Те, по своей привычке, совершенно перестали его почитать. Оскорбленный Бахус решил отомстить людям: первый встреченный им человек будет растерзан тиграми. Первой оказалась нимфа Аметист. Она шла в храм богини охоты Дианы. Когда свирепые звери набросились на нежную нимфу, она взмолилась: "О прекрасная богиня Диана, спаси меня!" Тогда Диана превратила Аметист в статую из чистого камня. Увидев это чудо, Бахус пожалел о своей жестокости. Он словно кровь влил в статую виноградное вино, пытаясь оживить нимфу. Но девушка не ожила. Камень лишь изменил цвет и стал багряно-фиолетовым. Материалы: медь, аметист, серебро, родий, рутений Размер: около 5 см
Babrie Pink Choker Kitten Play Collar BDSM leather Collar Bow Charm Leather Choker Women bdsm collar Girl pink necklace fetish neck belt sexy. - no machine touch - handmade 100% DIMENSIONS: Length - 39cm (15,4") / and Belt - 1cm (0,4") Best for neck 31,5cm (12,4") - 39cm (15,4"). If you need another lenght, feel free contact me i will make your size. Designed and handmade by my wife. You can find more necklaces here: Thank you for your interest.
Vendor: AnimalSkin
Set of genuine emeralds from Zambia, pear cut, size 7x5 mm, total weight 1.92 carats. Emerald is a May birthstone. Details: Gemstone name: Natural Emerald Weight: 1.92 carat - total weight of set Dimensions: 7x5 mm Shape: Faceted pear cut Color: Green Clarity: VS Origin: Zambia You could watch the video of this citrine on our YouTube channel: We can make custom jewelry with these emeralds in exclusive design personally for you. It can be beautiful emerald earrings and ring or pendant! Please, contact us to more details about custom-made jewelry. __________ We are really fascinated by gemstones and sale only natural gems!
Made to order bronze, white and black steampunk collar with one big key bronze and two silver lil keys on the sides
Silver twig ring with colored stone
Кулон из кристаллов турмалина, соединенных между собой при помощи меди. Чернение. Кулон похож на прекрасную турмалиновую лестницу или пешеходную дорожку. Материал: турмалин, медь Размер 3 на 2 см
One of the few pieces of jewelry that were part of my first collection. The size of the earrings has remained virtually unchanged. Only the design and color have changed. Made in a red-golden color scheme, they will not leave indifferent lovers to stand out from the crowd. :) Weight: 0,1 oz
This collar I will make to order within 1-3 days. You can choose a daytime collar or strong BDSM. Also you can choose any color of the tape large and central. Simply write me) 1) Size XXS - 24 - 28 cm 9,4 - 11 inches XS - 28 - 32 cm 11 - 12.5 inches S - 32 - 36 cm 12,5 - 14 inches M - 36 - 40 cm 14 - 15,7 inches L - 40 - 44 cm 15,7 - 17.3 inches XL - 44 - 48 cm 17,3 - 18,9 inches XXL - 48 - 52 cm 18,9 - 20,4 inches XXXL - 52 - 56 cm 20,4 - 22 inches XXXXL 56 - 60 cm 22- 23,6 inches 2) Main ribbon color 3) Line ribbon color 4) Crystals color
Индивидуальный заказ серег с натуральными морганитами
White wedding shawl. Knitted white mini shawl Tenderness, bactus, warm for the neck, delicate scarf, natural yarn, can be worn on the shoulders. Beautiful, warm bactus is comfortable to wear, the neck is warm and beautiful. Size 80x26 inches. Make an order for any color Care: 1. Dilute the shampoo in warm water (about 30-40 degrees). 2. Soak and press lightly on it. Never rub or twist. !!! 3. Rinse the product with clean water. The rinse water temperature is the same as the wash temperature. 4. Squeeze lightly to let the water run out, then wrap in a towel and squeeze lightly, absorb the moisture into the towel. 5. Lay on a surface in a horizontal position on the fabric, shape as desired.
This gothic collar is limited. wide 4-5 cm (1,6 - 2 inches) and long 30 - 35 cm (12-15 inches) Completely black with black lace. In the center of the bow is the cameo skeleton and on the small D ring the big charm of the Skeleton of a raven. On the sides of the collar are large black spikes and a silver chain. This collar is perfect for daily wear or for photo sessions. It is firmly based on the sling and the D ring and it highlights the BDSM game. (But it is not suitable for very violent games - such as dungeons or suspension for a collar for a long time) Please do not hesitate to write to me - I will be happy to answer all your questions.
Long tribal earrings made of polymer clay. Casual option. Toned acrylic paints. Decorated coral stone Length 8.5 cm (3.34 inches) The width of 2.5 cm (1 inch) An exclusive gift for any occasion. - It will come nicely wrapped in Giftbox I am striving to present the colors of my items as accurately as possible, but all monitors are different and the item may appear slightly different on your screen. *Cleaning The polymer clay jewelry can be cleaned by using soapy water on a soft brush over the surface.
Necklace "Evolution". Made in the technique of Wire wrap, steampunk, of brass wire, with elements embossed using the clockworks and seashells. The pendant is patinated, polished and coated with protective varnish. Pendant size - 8,5x8,5 cm Long chain is adjustable. Necklace is done personally, by me, according to my sketches and this is an exclusive designer work. Unusual necklace design adds originality and makes a casual look a twist
Vendor: jewelr
Wood handmade bracelet, painted with acrylic contours in technique Point-to-Point
Сhoker " Modern style " Hand embroidery. The items are not available, the production time is 1 week.Hand embroidery. Accessory is made of black homespun fabric with hand embroidery. Ornament is embroidered blue silk thread . The choker doesn`t fade. The accessory is quite durable, pleasant to wear. Inside it is trimmed with black satin fabric. For fastening accessory has s terling s ilver spring ring clasp . Size – (31 – 33 ) cm. The minimum size - 31 cm without chain. Size could be increased to 33 cm. Also, if bracelet size doesn’t fit you, we will be able make a new the same bracelet with your right size. Width – 1 ,5 cm. Thickness – 1,5 mm. Ч окер «Современный стиль» Ручная вышивка . Товара нет в наличии, срок изготовления 1 неделя. Ручная вышивка. Аксессуар изготовлен из черной канвы с ручной вышивкой. Орнамент вышит голубой нитью. При стирке не линяет. Чокер довольно прочный, приятный при носке. С внутренней стороны чокер обшит черной атласной тканью. Для застегивания аксессуара используется замочек, который закручивается. Размер – (31 – 33 ) см. Минимальный размер 31 см без цепочки. Размер можно увеличить до 33 см серебристой цепочкой. Также изделие может быть изготовлено на заказ в нужном для покупателя размере. Ширина – 1.5 см. Толщина – 1,5 мм.
Vendor: ZhannArt
Природа - лучший в мире ювелир. Ограненные ею камни намного красивее и совершеннее, чем работы самых знаменитых огранщиков. Кольцо с "диким" кристаллом циркона. Камень огранен самой природой, что делает его образцом красоты и природности. Медь. Малахитовая патина. Талисман криминалистов, судей, всех, старающихся разоблачать обманы и аферы. Порочного человека, дав ему полную свободу, циркон очень часто приводит за решетку, ибо сам камень непорочен и не любит таких людей. Тщеславных он тоже может "подставить", посрамив их публично. P.s. Я тоже раньше считала, что цирконы бывают только белые и прозрачные. Материалы: циркон, медь Размер: 17-17,5
Silver Moonstone (Opalite) tree of life pendant, Wire wrap family Tree necklace Material: silver plated wire Details: Pendant dimension: 7 x 4 cm Color: blue This beautiful Tree of Life necklace is hand-crafted unisex necklace with Opalite and Silver plated wire; Tree of life pendant is hanged on the sterling silver chain. Opalite is a milky man-made stone of translucent glass and crushed opals. It can transform from a rainbow sheer to a bright blue to flashy yellow depending on the light. The pendant in the photos was shot in natural sunlight Tree of Life symbol crosses all cultures and stems back to our ancient ancestors. It represents wisdom, strength, prosperity, protection, beauty and connection to our Earth. This pendant made with good intentions and love! One of a kind, unusual and beautiful gift. More tree of life pendant in my shop you can find here: Your necklace will arrive nicely packaged into a beautiful gift box, perfect for gift giving or treating yourself. This design is copyrighted, don't copy. NECKLACE: *This pendant comes with a complimentary necklace, so it is ready to wear and enjoy right out of the box!