Handmade wool felted slippers Cheese and mouses, wool felted cool slippers, handmade warm wool felted slippers, handmade natural eco footwear, cool gift, birthday gift We make these Felt slippers of organic undyed not chemically treated natural eco wool. 100% wool felt is breathable, provides natural insulation, keeps your feet warm and cozy. High quality italian sole is glued on by hand. Mouses are needle felted by hand. Available all sizes. Please specify your standard US, UK or EU shoes size or length, width of your feet and other characteristics (narrow, wide foot, or high instep) on your purchase or contact us beforehand to discuss colors and design. ▫ 100 % Handmade of combination merino (Australia) and carded (New Zeland) wool with the fibers of the viscose/silk inside of the shoes that makes boots very delicate and they can be worn on the bare foot. ▫ Wool fibers gaves warm feeling on a cold day and cool on a hot day due to insulation properties. ▫ Felt is a natural and renewable material ▫ We use high quality eco wool + hot water and soap + positive energy for felting these boots. ▫ All our felted boots are Lightweight The felting process takes time, so we kindly ask You to be patient and wait about 2 weeks for your item to be made and prepared for shipment.
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Knitted booties,boots with felt sole.Very fun colors.You can order any size and any color.
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Leather soft sole baby shoes
Vendor: ebooba
Leather baby shoes soft sole
Vendor: ebooba
leather soft sole baby shoes
Vendor: ebooba
Leather soft sole baby shoes
Vendor: ebooba
Great condition UK 9,5 Made in
ADIDAS BOSTON SUPER 100% AUTHENTIC ART. 034800   (2007 Year) SIZE : US 9 / UK 8.5  / FR 42 2/3 / JP 270 27.5 см. – замір стельки (підуть на UK 9)  Близькі до ідеалу
great condition Semi pro model UK 11,5
Great condition Semi professional model On
great condition Semi pro model Uk 10
Great condition Semi pro model UK 10
great condition without any defects Uk 11,5 (US 12)
Great condition Professional model UK 9 Only boots in set
Adidas F50.7 Like new Professional model UK 10
Adidas f50.7 fg UK 8.
Great condition Professional model UK 9
great condition UK 10 Pro
good condition Semi pro model UK
great condition Semi pro model Size : UK 9
UK 9 Semi pro model
Brand new Professional model UK 9,5
Size: EU 47 1/3 | US 12.5 | UK 12 Condition: Used, good condition (all on foto). Tongue has cutted off lacecover. Without box.
Vendor: Cleatsdealer
Professional model Great condition UK 12 Only boots in set
great condition Pro model UK 10 David Beckham co