Khokhloma Paintings

Painting landscape 56-67 cm, the author is unknown, oil on canvas
Large painted egg Resurrection of Christ Wooden egg Hand painted | Easter egg Egg on a stand | Easter | Jesus Christ Egg with icon Great painted egg Painted wooden Easter egg with the image of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The egg is very beautiful, it will be a great gift for Easter. The price is for 1 piece. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- SPECIFICATIONS The size of the egg is 2.75 inches (7 cm) in diameter 4.70 inches (12 cm) in height. stand 2.55 inches (6.5 cm) 1.57 inches (4 cm) in diameter. Material: wood Painting: handmade Production: Ukraine Additionally, there may be a gift wooden box, measuring 7.87 inches (20 cm) long, 5.90 inches (15 cm) wide, 6.29 inches (16 cm) high, the cost of the latter is $ 39. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- If you are satisfied with the product and our work, write a positive review and add us to your favorites, it is very important for us. Please contact us in the message before giving a bad grade. In our warehouse there are many more products that are not presented in the store. Write to us, we will be able to receive any goods for you at your request. Write, we will be happy to help you! Your item will be neatly packaged and shipped with a tracking number for tracking. Take a look at our other products, you will find a lot of interesting things. Our range is constantly updated.
The Picture is made on satin fabric using batik technique. I use high guality Marabu paints.  Size 7 * 10 inch ( 18 * 25 cm )  Ready to hang
Vendor: Ket Tattoo
The painting is 30*30am in size, painted with acrylics on canvas. The poster depicts the flowers of Provence.
Vendor: Muza70
Paintings using natural amber. The price is for one painting.
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Canvas on stretcher, oil  tools: brushes, palette knife  60x50x2 cm  2022 Oil painting "Boats at Sunset"    Now I am in a special inspiring sea, its status this stunning elements I give to his paintings.    Picture of a living, many-sided, with the volume of paint strokes.    Seascapes always striking to behold. I want to feel the atmosphere, to see the raging waves and calm feel the wind, but not from the bank, namely the yacht or sailboat, be a part of the element of party events. This scenic view gives unlimited possibilities in painting. Canvas with words sides
Vendor: Art Gallery
$600.00 $500.00
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Картина морской пейзаж маслом   ------------------------------------   Холст на подрамнике, масло   Инструменты: кисть, шпатель   50х60х2 см   2022   ------------------   В наличии    Картина МАСЛОМ с природой в прекрасной солнечности (Аланья)   Картина изобразительного из природы, сохраняющая неповторимую энергию солнца, соленого морского воздуха, роскалленных камней и впечатлений от мест, в которых написано. Очень ярко и впечатляюще   Картина написана мной вручную масляными красками на холсте. Торцы раскрашены в цветные картины, что позволяет вешать ее на стену без рамы.
Vendor: Art Gallery
$550.00 $450.00
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Oil painting ears of wheat  " Happy moment"  Canvas on stretcher, oil  tools: brushes, palette knife  40x50x2 cm  2022  Made with a palette knife and a brush with three-dimensional strokes. stand in the middle of the field with your eyes closed, touch the spikelets with your skin and inhale the free air.  Author's work.  Planner study  Painting Spikelets abstract.  It was created for appeasement and the search for a real happy moment.  When you can rejoice right here and now, and not wait for any special circumstances.
Vendor: Art Gallery
$500.00 $450.00
Навеяно поездкой моего знакомого в канадской глуши. Эмоции от полученного опыта зашкаливали. Я выбрал эту серию в своей серии работ "Пейзажи и эмоции", все в размере 30*30 см. Край обработаны. Сертификат защищенности. Профессиональная упаковка.
Vendor: Elena Klever