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Medical pink salt Sivash (Ukraine) (Лечебная розовая соль Сиваш (Украина)


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Medical pink salt Sivash

Medical pink salt Sivash (Ukraine)

(Лечебная розовая соль Сиваш (Украина))


Unique salt with beta carotene
Sivash Bay salt is formed by the natural evaporation of brine (brine). It contains a large amount of minerals and valuable trace elements. In the rap of the Sivash Bay lives a very rare and valuable microalga Dunaliella salina. For their own protection in highly salty water, under the scorching sun, microalgae produce a large amount of beta-carotene, which gives the brine a natural pink color. Sivash Bay Salt is an absolutely natural product. It is not processed, not ground and not subjected to special drying. As a 100% natural product, salt and pink brine can contain some natural particles from the lake.

Impact mechanism
The human skin has a good conductive ability, so all components of the Sivash salt easily penetrate into the epidermis (upper skin layer) and are carried by the blood and lymph to the internal organs. Due to this, oxygen metabolism is stimulated, the body is cleared of toxins, the blood supply improves.

Application area
*Salt baths
*ENT practice
*Cooking food

Indications for use
*Treatment of cold, sore throats, cough, bronchial diseases
*Sinusitis and otitis media
*Nail strengthening
Cleansing the scalp and face
and other.

Application Methods
-Sivash inhalation with salt
-Mouth rinse
-Nasal wash
-Salt baths
-Salt to strengthen nails
-"Salt peeling" for hair
-Salt scrubs for face and body

Pink Lake (Genicheske) - a place with incredible red-pink Martian landscapes, located at the very beginning of the Arabatskaya Arrow in the village Priozernoe. Also at the lake are the remains of the destroyed salt plant.

This salty lake of estuarine origin, which is filled with water from Sivash, is the largest in the Henichesk district. Its surface area is 9.2 km². Salinity in the summer reaches 22-26%. Previously, salt was extracted on the lake, so it is divided into wooden columns on the sectors - checks, between them freely circulates saturated salt solution (rap), from which the salt precipitates to the bottom. The droughty summer, the lushest color of the lake, and vice versa, after the heavy rains, the brightness of the lake decreases. On wooden columns grow white and pink chimeric salt droplets of crystals, and break them off on souvenirs makes no sense, they are very fragile.

The fantastic color of the lake is due to the microalgae Dunaliella salina, which can live in very salty water. It produces carotenoids, which not only give water reddish-pink shades, but also have beneficial properties. In addition, the water contains a large amount of trace elements. Therefore, salt and rape from the lake are considered therapeutic. Between checks may be a dirt (also useful), but walking maybe (better barefoot). By checks on pink water, thick, like a syrup (but completely different taste), there is a thick layer of salt, there you can also walk, the depth does not even reach your knees, but be very careful, there is mud under the salt, and the salt crust can scratch the skin.

Made in Ukraine

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4pcs x Matrix-VLOK applicators for intravenous irradiation of blood laser therapy "Matrix-VLOK" - the device for intravenous laser irradiation of blood Set "Matrix-VLOK" - is the latest development of the domestic certified Research "Matrix" center in the field of laser therapy.  The very title of the unit laid his appointment - intravenous laser irradiation of blood,  based on photobiological effects on all its elements. In order to understand what is the usefulness of VLOK procedures must first ask the question:  why different types of blood tests are so important in laboratory diagnosis? The fact that any process occurring in the body, one way or another, affect the blood condition.  After all, our blood - a "railroad" the entire body, providing vital functions of each organ.  And if possible reverse process: whether it is possible to influence through the correction  of the composition of human blood on his health and well-being.  Today, the answer is simple - yes! Modern innovative medicine available one of the most effective and easiest ways to hemocorrection - intravenous laser therapy. blood cells What is VLOK? VLOK (intravenous laser irradiation of blood) - is one of the most effective types of modern physiotherapy,  without which today physicians hardly imagine an extensive list of treatments of diseases.  Until recently, this technique is considered experimental,  but the high therapeutic effectiveness VLOK very quickly been recognized by the medical community.  All, without exception, "Matrix" devices have been certified. Thanks to its highly exposed to intravascular laser irradiation of blood on a human life-support system  and internal organs are activated in their work, resulting in a correction of violations that exist in the body.  Used radiation of various wavelengths - from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR).  For this purpose, the apparatus is provided alternately connect emitters with different wavelengths.  This feature significantly improves the efficiency of VLOK procedures, expanding capabilities of the device. How does the unit "Matrix-VLOK"? The superficial cubital vein give birth to a disposable optical fiber and left there for some time.  The clinical effect occurs by the end of the treatment course, consisting of 5 - 10 sessions,  lasting up to 20 - 30 minutes and remains stable for several months.  If necessary, a second course of treatment after 2 - 3 months at considerable severity of the disease.  Already after the first treatment in most cases considerably even a small improvement. The device has an automatic timer and digital display duration of the procedure.  It provides for continuous adjustment and digital control of the radiation power.  During the VLOK procedures are used sterile disposable fibers KIVL-01 with a needle, which are connected to a special terminal emitter. The safety and comfort of laser therapy have an effective impact on the health and human health - soft and delicate.  The therapeutic effect can last from four to six months. The effect VLOK on various organs and systems: Anti-inflammatory - quick and efficient removal of all signs of inflammation (swelling of tissues, pain, etc...),  Significantly higher than for all of the known pharmacological action of drugs. Anti-virus, anti-bacterial - due to the rapid and persistent strengthening of the immune system,  increasing the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics, increase tissue resistance to the damaging effects of microorganisms. Increased sensitivity to drugs that can reduce their dosage (antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, psychotropic and so on. d.). Increased blood oxygen capacity and improved oxygenation of organs and tissues. Normalization and stimulation of regenerative and metabolic processes. Stimulation of the regeneration, improving the functional properties of erythrocytes. Anti-allergic. Of detoxification - with considerable severity of the disease. Hormone stimulating - tonic effect on the ovaries, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, mammary glands (lactation stimulation). Cardiovascular - removal of spasm and dilation of small and medium diameter.  Increased capillary network in the pathological focus. Absorption mikrotrombov.  Reduced blood viscosity. Lowering elevated blood clotting. Stimulation of exchanging and increasing the level of oxygen in the tissues.  Lowering blood cholesterol. Antienzyme - decreased secretion of the gastrointestinal tract, the pancreas. Pulmonary - improved respiratory function. Bronchodilator effect. The versatility and effectiveness of this treatment contribute VLOK use both alone and in combination with other treatments. Why is it necessary to use invasive (intravenous) method, rather than external radiation, which is easier and cheaper? When passing through the skin are lost important properties of laser radiation. If used fiber length less than 20 cm, the laser beam passes substantially without disrupting their spatio-temporal organization. laser interaction with biological tissues is multifactorial.  These processes affect not only the absorption coefficient and scattering, multipath. All this is considered invasive (iv) exposure. For external radiation exposure method is not only loses its "medicinal" properties, but also scattered in the surrounding tissues completely unpredictable and, therefore, not possible to reliably control the exposure dose. Intravenous laser irradiation of blood Clinic "Neo Vita" is constantly expanding list of innovative therapies.  One of the latest scientific research is an intravenous laser irradiation of blood using the "Matrix" system, has a powerful healing effect on the human body. The essence of this procedure is in the intravascular laser irradiation of blood, which occurs via activation of the internal organs and body systems.  For this purpose the surface is put cubital vein disposable optical fiber through which laser beams in a certain power enter the blood within 20-30 minutes. The clinic «Neo-Vita» intravenous laser irradiation of blood is carried out as an independent and physiotherapy treatment, it comes in a set of procedures for the treatment of various diseases.  The therapy is carried out by qualified professionals who have appropriate qualifications and have been approved to carry out such procedures. In most cases, improvement is felt after the first session.  The duration of treatment and frequency of treatments is determined by a doctor for each patient individually,  usually from 5 to 10 procedures. The results of the therapeutic effect of stored up to 6 months The items will be shipped on second - third day after payment by registered priority airmail. Delivery typically takes 10 to 14 days (about a week for Europe). If you want to use other methods of shipment email to me. ALL international buyers are Welcome!   The  shipping is flat for all world:   FREE SHIPPING  WORLDWIDE    WE WILL COMBINE MULTIPLE WINS TO SAVE ON  SHIPPING Guarantee of qualitative packing 30 days guarantee:   We guarantee you complete satisfaction with all my products. If you receive an item you did not order or if an item you ordered is received damaged or defective.  We will refund you the price you paid for it or replace it with identical one.  We accept returns in U.S.A. Item for returning must have the original tags and packing, otherwise it won't be accepted.   Thanks and good luck! Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
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LARGE RARE RUSSIAN IN-15A NIXIE TUBES. Lot of 1  BRAND NEW! CHEAP! RARE!!   Payment Details:   We accept  PayPal and direct credit card payment (you will obtain free shipping) paying this way If you can not accept these methods of payment email to me please D e s c r i p t i o n Nixies is made in USSR. New, old stock. Rare, not produce now Russian/Soviet (USSR) Nixie tubes IN-15A . IN-15A  tubes display the following scientific symbols:   μ, P, -, +, m, M, k, Π, %, n. . . These Tubes was made by military plant in former USSR. Good quality. Principle of operation: neon gas, cold cathode. Size of the Symbols: 18 x 12 mm. Size of the Tube: 21 x 31 x 26 mm.   Working Voltage: 150V- 170V. Working Current: 2.5 mA.  These large nixie tubes look very beautifully and have warm, comforting orange/violet glow. Tubes are new (never used) taken from original factory box   Electrical parameters Brightness >=100cd/m^2 Angle of visibility >= 90 deg Power supply voltage >= 200 V Discharge appearance voltage Discharge voltage: Display current Operations current: Running from DC 4 - 7 mA Running from AC with 50 Hz (average value) 2 - 4 mA Life time >= 5000 hours            Check out our other items! Thanks and good luck! Shipping Details:   Tubes comes well packed (box package). The items will be shipped on second - third day after payment by registered priority airmail. Delivery typically takes 10 to 14 days (about a week for Europe). If you want to use other methods of shipment email to me.The buyer will be provided with the circuit of connection of tubes. ALL international buyers are Welcome!   The payment for shipment is flat for all world: FREE SHIPPING   SAVE MORE THAN $1300 ON SHIPPING   Guarantee of qualitative packing   30 days guarantee:   We guarantee you complete satisfaction with all my products. If you receive an item you did not order or if an item you ordered is received damaged or defective, I will refund you the price you paid for it or replace it with identical one. Seller-online accept returns in U.S.A. Item for returning must have the original tags and packing, otherwise it won't be accepted.    
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      Payment Details:    We accept  the following payment methods: Visa/MasterCards/EuroCards via PayPal.     Shipping Details: Tubes comes well packed (box package). The items will be shipped on second - third day after payment by registered priority airmail. Delivery typically takes 10 to 14 days (about a week for Europe). If you want to use other methods of shipment email to me.The buyer will be provided with the circuit of connection of tubes. ALL international buyers are Welcome! The payment for shipment is flat for all world: FAST SHIPPING WE WILL COMBINE MULTIPLE WINS TO SAVE ON Guarantee of qualitative packing     IV-21 VFD NIXIE TUBE MULTISEGMENT NEW NOS  NUMITRON VFD TUBE DIGIT DISPLAY RARE TUBE made in USSR. FREE SHIPPING New, old stock.  Lot of 1 NOS NEW D e s c r i p t i o n Nixies is made in USSR. New, old stock. Rare, not produce now IV21 Russian Nixie VFD Tube. Lot of 2 (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) Use it to make your own clock, timer, counter or whatever requires digit indicators This tube has 8 seven segment numericals with decimal point. It displays numbers from 0 to 9. The very first segment has a thick dot on top of the '-' sign. Tube size: 15 x 60 mm (0.6”x 2.4”) Digit height: 5.5 mm (0.22”) Brightness: 600 kd/ m2 Main electrical parameters: Supply Voltage 9-12V Total current consumption: (30–40) mA Rated voltage glow: 2.4 V Rated current glow: 35 mA Grid Current (for one digit): (1.7-3.5) mA Anode segment current (for one digit): 0.7 mA     Check out our other items! Thanks and good luck!  
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DENAS devices  (not to be confused with TENS and EMS)  is designed for both professional and home use.  No prescription required . NEWEST DENAS  PCM 6 ENGLISH MENU and MANUAL DiaDENS FREE SHIPPING   LATEST most advanced model     XXI  century medicine        Designation   DENAS PCM  6  DiaDENS  PCM 6 - an expert in the field of neurostimulation therapy.   Novelty advanced design combined with advanced arsenal of treatment options. 12 new treatment MODES   24 NEW automated program +   New Kids DOCTOR   MODE  ON EACH PROGRAM     The new multilingual DENAS PCM 6 Provides another important difference and  advantage. As the proud owner of MTM PCM 6th generation, you will be able, one of the five  languages ​​to choose from:                    Russian,                              English,                             German,                             français                             Italian. The prior art chip inside all the inscriptions and names of programs change your  selected language.   PEMA  society further by putting the handset in five languages ​​in the world  technology.   DENAS PCM - an expert in the field of DENS-therapy.   Universal  machine is equipped with a range of treatment programs for first-aid treatment  and course of the most common diseases and symptoms.   ,  Operations are used the unit for a long time without addiction and reduction of  impact in the treatment of pain, movement disorders, recovery from injury.   The  possibility of creation of individual treatment regimens from.          DiaDENS Devices represent the latest in non-invasive, high-performance medical  technology for the implementation of a cutaneous method in electron therapy.   Connect  the diagnostic capabilities of the MTM device with full method.   The  basis of this therapy, neuro-like, dynamically changed momentum, unique to the  particular state of an organism       In addition to the well-established regime ( "therapy" of 20 to 200 Hz, and the  MED program mode "Screening") amounted to subsonic frequency range of 1 to 10 Hz  and modulated modes "7710" and "77AM".   This "filling" is of great importance when it comes to long-term care,  rehabilitation and the need for individual recipes to create procedures.                     characteristics Treatment programs - 24 express treatment programs most common diseases and  conditions:   Therapy 1 to 9.9 Hz - subsonic frequencies for individual choice of stimulation  parameters.   Therapy 10, 20 Hz - universal correction ways mental and emotional state, and  hormonal imbalances.   Therapy 60, 77, 140 Hz - special arrangements for the pain, swelling and  inflammation, rehabilitation in diseases of the joints and spine.   Therapy 200 Hz - quick mode of anesthesia.   THE program - rehabilitation after physical and mental overwork, disease  prevention.   Therapy 7710 and 77AM - modulated modes with a relaxing and invigorating effect.   Modes  added to the model in 2014   Screening - help you to choose the most appropriate treatment area.   Menu to a front view and the machine, the treatment as pleasant and effective  for a person of any age.   The user conducting tests using the DiaDENS PCM has a wide choice with respect  to frequencies, modes and programs.    The two-section electric neuro adaptive stimulator   (DENAS  PCM) has been developed as a result of clinical trials and pilot tests in  hospitals of Moscow and Ekaterinburg.   Modified  data of the device allow to improve the efficiency of the result and expansion  of after-effect of treatment   The device can be applied leads to two zones, and acupressure points using a  portable coaxial electrode, the potentiation of the self-regulating responses of  the human body.   The  new technological development of the company advantageously differs from its  prototype not only by the design and ergonomic features, but its main difference  is the improved parameters of the electrical signal, the copies of the maximum  endogenous neuron-like pulse with dominance of information component allows an  increase in the effect of anti-stress reactions of training and activation.   Device  principle of operations allows the diagnosis of the most efficient treatment  zones, to assist in the location each patient with any disease in any given time  interval (period of treatment is regulated as required by the human body) is the  device.   Due to the fact that any subsequent pulse have a different effect compared to  the previous one, the non-dependency of the body is on the operation of the  device practically ensured.   The  device influences positively to all mechanisms of the development of fears,  ensures positive results in the treatment of numerous diseases and syndromes  without drugs or significantly reduce their height.   The  direct influence of the physical and mechanical factors that have damaging a  large reserve of kinetic energy of heat (burns), chemical (burns) and allergic  nature the skin is eliminated.   The general reaction of the body sanogenetic in three interconnected and  interdependent systems of regulation of the human body - the nervous, endocrine  and immune modulating -Responsible for homeostasis and adaptation.   During  the application of the short pulse of high amplitude non-invasive stimulation of  the skin, a local reaction by somatic and autonomic afferents exteroreceptors  (ascending nerve tracts) goes to spinal cord segments (segment-reaction) and to  the segments, the flow of impulses in the central nervous system (master ,  limbic reticular structures, hypothalamus, cerebral cortex of the brain) .. style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 13.3333px; font-family: "Helvetica neue", Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif;" width="1" height="1"> Signage DENAS-THERAPY       Indications are adopted in strict accordance with the International Statistical  Classification of Diseases and Health Problems of the 10th review by the 43rd  World Health Assembly where       • Nervous system disorders   • Endocrine diseases, more nutritious and metabolic disorders Hypothyroidism   • Mental and behavioral disorders   • circulatory diseases   • respiratory system DISEASES   • digestive organs DISEASES   • Skin and subcutaneous fat DISEASES   • diseases of the bones, muscles and CONNECUTIVE TISSUE   • diseases of the eye and adnexa   • diseases of the ear and mastoid   • Urogenital DISEASES   • pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum   • CERTAIN CONDITIONS Published in perinatal   • Symptoms and ADAPTATION FROM NORM during clinical and laboratory tests FOUND  OUT   • Injury, poisoning, effects of foreign body penetration, thermal and chemical  burns, frostbite, complications of surgical and therapeutic interventions   • oncological diseases (symptomatic aid)   • Diseases of infantile AGE   • Cosmetic PROBLEMS   • Sports medicine      This  is how you have at home own doctor!        Specification:   1. The power supply:   2 AA batteries included 2 pieces   2. Duration of series of pulses, mksec .. 0.3 to 5.5   3. duration of the pause between series of pulses, sec .. 1.5 0.7 +   4. frequency of pulses in a row, Hz   RANGE   - 10 + -2 for MED and screening   - 20 + -2 - 20 + -2 - 20 + -2   - 60 + -2   - 77 + -2   - 77 + -2 and 10 + -2 modulated with Frequency2 + -0.1Hz   - 77 + -2 Amplitude Modulation   - 140 + -5   - 200 + -5   - Constant mode ... 77 + 2 2RANGE in the "test", "screening" - 10 Hz   in the "Therapy" - from 1 to 9.9 Hz - 0.1 increments, 20, 60, 77, 7710, 77AM,  140, 200 Hz   in the "MED" - 10 Hz 5. amplitude of a pulse, V ... not less than 50   6. Time of continuous work (with a source without recharging), h ... not less  than 400 hours of   7. Weight of the device kg ... not more than 0.4   8. With a remote electrode and support ... Not more than 0.7   9. Dimensions, mm 145x55x55 ... integration:   1.Electrostimulator "DiaDENS PCM".  
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Vest made of genuine sheepskin wool! We meet autumn and winter cold in the warmth! Bologna sheepskin vests An elegant vest with a top made of Bologna waterproof fabric and an interior made of natural sheep’s wool warms in cool weather and protects from wind, snow, rain. The vest is fastened with a zipper, has two patchpockets, roomy pockets. It is convenient and comfortable to spend time in the fresh air, it does not constrain movements, reliably retains heat. Advantages of a bologna sheepskin vest:     aesthetic;     light     warm     universal;     wearproof; Warm sheepskin vests The sheepskin vest keeps heat well and becomes indispensable not only at home, but also on the street. Before ordering a product and choosing a size, please take measurements of your chest and hips! Thank.
Vendor: a-store


I am very satisfied with this seller. He had patience with me and patiently answered all my questions. Everything was done to the max and the delivery to Europe was very fast.
Excellent product, good communications, fast shipment! thank you, will buy again
Order was in good shape when it came in. Included paper manual is in Russian but electronic version is in English and unit was programmed to English. Attachments were as ordered and were in good shape. It took just over 5 weeks from ordering to arrival, but given the significant challenges the country is in, this is realistic. Seller was responsive to questions. Had to pay extra shipping here given the current challengs.
The Seller was friendly and cooperative and my order eventually made it through. Shipping for the order leaving the Ukraine was substantially delayed, probably due to the war. Ordered 22 Apr; shipped Apr 26, processed April 29, finally processed by mail destination in Kiev May 27, finally received June 9. The order was as expected other than the add saying it would include an English manual and Practical Guide and that was not what arrived, and I was not notified of the change. Hence the 4 star rather than 5 star rating. The manual that was received is in Russian not English, and no practical guide was included. I suspect that the seller is doing his best under extremely challenging circumstances and shipping delays due to the postal service are outside his control.
pretty good and excellent considering the circumstances.
may we all live in uninteresting times

go well
Great fast service!
Everything was OK, thank you!
great service, they went out of their way to expedite shipping to me. Highly recommended group of people to deal with. A++

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