Minimalist long wallet for bills, cards and phone. It is made in slim design and is ideal for traveling. Long wallet has 8 compartments for cards and 2 bigger compartments for bills or phone. Wallet gets closed by steel button. The leather is very durable and high quality one. It is nice to touch. Leather is comparably thick, but soft. It is easy to scratch and this improves material with time. You can always remove scratches with slightly wet cloth. This is cow leather which is protected from water, but still it's better to avoid contacts with it. Material has really nice leather smell. Dimensions: - 18x21 cm (opened); - 10x18 cm (closed). If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact us any time! We accept custom orders. InCarne - inspiration that comes from the heart.
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Elven tiara refund
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Newborn Headband
Newborn/toddler headbands
Necklac Czech beads Handwork
String Art kit "The Circulation" by «MagicLine» Creative workshop «MagicLine» produces unique in its form and variety art pieces using the unusual String Art technique. It is one of the most interesting and relevant variations of hand made art today, which is accessible to everyone: using nails and threads you can create a real masterpiece. This fascinating process will not leave indifferent either children or adults. String art will help you to improve memory, calm thoughts, increase concentration of attention and perseverance, to develop imagination, logic, creativity, as well as to improve fine motor skills and the ability to analyze. The kits are suitable both for beginners and for artists, who practice the String Art. Standard size of the kit: - 15x15 cm - 25x25 cm. It is possible to order the individual size and pattern of the kit. The kit consists of: - a detailed instruction - a chipboard - a pattern - nails - threads - a loop for hanging If you want to decorate your interior, learn a new skill or make an unusual gift, this kit is for you! © Pankova A.I., 2017
Кулон из горного хрусталя. Посеребрение по меди. Камень имеет природные включения, трещинки и шероховатости, что делает его еще более прекрасным. Горный хрусталь-одна из разновидностей кварца, очень похож на капельки чистейшей воды горной реки. Украшение из серии "Горная вода". Горная вода-символ перемен к лучшему. Если Вам снится чистый горный источник, значит скоро ваша жизнь начнет меняться в лучшую сторону. Для болеющего такой сон к быстрому выздоровлению. В Японии горный хрусталь считали замёрзшим дыханием дракона. Материалы: медь, хрусталь, горный хрусталь, серебро Размер: около 3 см
Кристалл аметиста, покрыт медью, серебром и родием. Частичное покрытие черным рутением. Бог виноделия Бахус однажды обиделся на людей. Те, по своей привычке, совершенно перестали его почитать. Оскорбленный Бахус решил отомстить людям: первый встреченный им человек будет растерзан тиграми. Первой оказалась нимфа Аметист. Она шла в храм богини охоты Дианы. Когда свирепые звери набросились на нежную нимфу, она взмолилась: "О прекрасная богиня Диана, спаси меня!" Тогда Диана превратила Аметист в статую из чистого камня. Увидев это чудо, Бахус пожалел о своей жестокости. Он словно кровь влил в статую виноградное вино, пытаясь оживить нимфу. Но девушка не ожила. Камень лишь изменил цвет и стал багряно-фиолетовым. Материалы: медь, аметист, серебро, родий, рутений Размер: около 5 см
This set includes: Series: Abstraction Beads color: 5 Beads pc: 3303 Fabric: Satin Size: 30x30 cm Attention: The kit contains small parts
This set includes: Series: Mandala Beads color: 27 Beads pc: 4687 Fabric: Satin Size: 30x30 cm Attention: The kit contains small parts
The file contains color and black and white patterns for cross-stitching, a detailed description and step-by-step photographs of the process.
Vendor: Nani-studio
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Ring SUBSTANCE. Brand new. Ethnic style with ancient touch. Handcrafted of hypoallergenic nickel free jewelry alloy (ZAMAK TM) and silver plated. Feats for any stile of clothes. Looks fresh and unique. Decorative element diameter 2,8 cm. Size 16-19 (flexible).
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Stylish poncho is made crochet.In combination with the original tapes.Red color trend color this year.
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Sweater, turtleneck, jacket, cardigan, machine knitting.Sweater machine knit their kitmaker.Length 68 see long Sleeve (Pierrot) is going on the wrist in the drapery.Cut"the boat",without bending,fitted,size 50-52.Available colors:terracotta.The order can be any color and size proposed by the colormap (color TBD).The production time 7 days
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Neverending sleeves is the ultimately versatile piece. It converts to what you want it to be: anything from neckwarmer, scarf, shrug to cropped top or a sweater! Just wrap it around as you like and you are set. We are sure you will come up with your own way of wearing The Sleeves we never even thought of! Scarf transformer, tri-color, wool, crochet. Scarf transformer.Transformed in five variants-vest,Bolero poncho,shrug,scarf.Manufactured and woolen yarn .Length 2.3 m width 25cm. Tri-color
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Cardigan, tunic, knitting, openwork.Knitting sweater tunic.The sleeves are long,no cuff.Filler neck for 3-4 buttons,the Direction can be changed depending on gender(right,left).Made of 80%of the yarn in two neath.Color brown,size 48-50.Product length 70 cm
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Knitted, warm, bodysuit, machine knitting, mohair, coral color.Knitted warm body.Binding machine,thread, mohair,size 46-48.The sleeves are long.Gate decorative.The lower part is made of stretch yarns(x/b).Figure -"false "gum.The color "salmon"in a Gentle peach color perfectly refreshes the skin any age.Very practical if you wear low waist pants-your back is always closed.
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Very trendy this fall - the color of eggplant . Hard composed together with lavender and plum . Deep, rich shade of dark purple. Takes classic felted volume Dense yet malleable and can be easily folded into a sleeve or bag without worrying for his form. Knitted cuff inside tightly holds his head, not allowing to move out, and additionally insulating the ears. The decor is laid so that picks can be worn in different ways, changing the way the crease And keeps well laid, and , spreading, her, looks almost "leg" that little Stylish, neat. Perfectly fits the classic image, despite the originality .
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Very stylish Snood. Handmade. Extraordinarily beautiful color transition. Warm! 67% wool. The photo samples! It is possible to manufacture to order of any color. If you have any questions, write :-) Care recommendations: Hand wash no spin
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Original women's knitted Cape, vest for women, Bolero jacket, poncho, shawl, scarf - it's all about one thing! Clothing - transformer will enable You every day to create a new image. This Cape is beautiful drape that allows you to create a variety of clothing options, from tippet to headgear. Extra fine Merino wool, part of the yarn, soft and not scratchy, it allows you to wear it any time of the year. Winter is office wear, scarf,cloak outerwear, headgear. Cool summer evening You will be cozy, donning his cloak as the tippet on the shoulders, or as a Bolero. This Cape is an original gift for women and girls!Tippet-transformer,10 "short"zawiazywaniu,10 "long,scarf,hat.Products are made from kid mohair,wool and mixed yarns (wool+Angora)the Buyer receives a video showing how to use the product.In the presence of more than 10 colors.The photographs show ONE PRODUCT in different colors and different modifications. The BUYER RECEIVES a VIDEO tutorial using this product , available in 15 colors.
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Wood Carved Box The material-wood (Dark Sweet Cherry). It will effectively keep your jewelry and necessary small things! The symmetric dry carving decorates the surface of the box and adds individuality to it. This wooden jewelry box is hand carved from sweet cherry wood. Length: 6.0" (15,5 cm), width: 4.3" (11,0 cm), height: 3.0" (7,5 cm) The internal size of the box Length: 5.1" (13,0 cm), width: 3.4" (8,5 cm), depth: 1.1"(2,8 cm) Dimensions may vary slightly. price for 1 piece (Dark Sweet Cherry). Ships to Worldwide. International Shipping normally takes 12-25 working days for delivery (tracking number is provided). Please, click here to see all of my listings! My ShopUA1000 Wood Carved Box & Jewelry box Thank you
Vendor: ShopUA1000
Pink DDLG choker bell ddlg Kitten Play Collar Lace Choker BDSM Collar bdsm Kitten choker abdl kink bdsm daddys girl pet play collar sex toys - high quality - handmade 100% DIMENSIONS: Length - Varies by size / Height - 4cm (2" inch) Welcome to my shop❣️
Vendor: AnimalSkin
Pink Pig headband pig costume Halloween cosplay pink realistic pig ears cat ears Pink Faux Fur Tail Sex Toys Pet Play Kitten play BDSM DDLG DISCREET PACKAGE POUCH AS A GIFT 100% Faux Fur One size ears Welcome to my shop❣️
Vendor: AnimalSkin
Metal frame. 10 mm thick . Metal frame perfect for your DIY projects , steampunk projects, home decor, also for home decor and altered art. Hollow tubing
Vendor: magicidea
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Attention! PDF file is sent by email.  Master - Class on knitting the magic girl Gnome Koudelka (part 2: clothes). MK consists of 106 sheets and 403 high quality photographs. The complexity of the master class is average. Buy 1 part MK Gnomochka Koudelka (doll) In this MK, I show you how to create bright magical clothes and complete the image of a fabulous Gnome, one of the characters of a whole people living in a village of gnomes called Habalon. MK is dedicated to all those who are ready to surround themselves with the world of magic and beauty, and also create a magical image of a gnome. ***Knitting instructions are presented in Russian in PDF format (with the ability to copy the text and translate using a google translator) !!! I will send the PDF file with the pattern to your email within 30 minutes. (max 3 hours) Внимание! этот мастер класс только по вязанию одежды для куклы,  файл PDF высылается на email.  Мастер - Класс по вязанию волшебной Гномочки Кудельки (2 часть: одежда). МК состоит из 106 листов и 403 фотографий высокого качества. Сложность мастер–класса средняя. Купить 1 часть МК Гномочка Куделька (кукла) В этом МК, я Вам показываю как создать яркую волшебную одежду и завершить образ сказочной Гномочки, одного из персонажей целого народа, живущего в деревне гномов, под названием Хабалон. МК посвящается всем тем, кто готов окружить себя миром магии и красоты , а так же создать волшебный образ гномочки.
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shipping Hapstone
Vendor: Hapstone
Cat height 2.36 in, width 1.93 in. This is Kogasan ( Mr. Claw). He is a sphinx cat but also looks like a panther.  Such character is unusual for Japanese culture. He was born in my head and is now presented to your gaze after reading the book "Shogun". If for a moment to imagine that the population of ancient Japan are cats, then Kogasan is an unusual and memorable inhabitant. In Japanese paintings and engravings cats and other animals are often portrayed by the inhabitants of the city in their robes.  Kogasan was born in Japan to a European father and a Japanese mother. Well-educated and intelligent, he reached great heights at the Shogunate’s court. The product is well detailed. Look at the eyes. They convey the character, intelligence and cunning of the character. Kogasan is made of two types of clay - paws and snout made of black shamy Spanish clay, which gives an additional interesting texture (roughness). Clothing made of white clay, which after each burning acquires a more sandy shade (the sculpture passes through two burns). Additionally, the clothes painted with engobe of blue, grey, and white colors, which ultimately gives a very harmonious color to the character. With mr. Kogasan as a gift you will see three sparrows (miniature figurines). They symbolizing the gray masses of ordinary people. The cat -boss can eat them at any moment. If the item is used as a tea figure and the tea is spilled on him in the tea ceremony, the character will change its color. The light part of the kimono will gradually absorb into itself tea (the property of clay) and the color will become much darker and more saturated , and the pattern of small flowers will become much more expressive. Kogasan will constantly surprise you with this transformation for the better. It will be a beautiful gift, especially if you think of it not just as a clay figurine, but as an object with its own story. Besides it will fit perfectly in the interior due to its interesting shape and carefully chosen kimono colors. All our products are copyrighted. They are and will be in a single copy. Each product has meaning and philosophy. But if you want, you can give it your own personal history and name. The products are made of Ukrainian clay but using a small amount of Spanish clay. I use engobe and high-quality glaze to finish the figures. Clay is burned twice at 960 and 1080 degrees Celsius in an electric kiln designed for firing ceramic products. Clay and glazes are led free and food safe.
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This is an original fantasy landscape painting that I painted with oil, The painting depicts an original fantasy landscape. He takes us to a world where dinosaurs, pterodactyls and dragons live. A man is moving along the sunset lake in a boat. Together with him swim his dogs, which are worriedly looking at the sides and into the water. what is floating there? A child sits behind our hero. A bird that sits on a light bulb also travels with them. How many interesting things you can see in this fantasy world! Size 11.811 х 15.748 inches; depth 0.6 inches (300x400x15 mm). Created in 2021. My picture is painted on canvas stretched on a wooden stretcher. Please note that the colors in the picture may vary, depending your monitor settings!!!!!!!!! The brush strokes and texture can be seen in the close-ups. The painting is sold unframed. You can purchase a decorative frame of your choice in your store. But the picture can also be hung without a frame. The ends of the picture are painted over. Materials: oil paints, canvas on stretcher, brushes, palette knife. The painting is varnished. Delivery takes 1 to 3 weeks. But on holidays it may be delayed. Due to COVID-19, there are sometimes delays at customs. Thanks for visiting my store!
Vendor: SElenaV
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