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6 Soviet Guard Badges, Red Banner, Hot Enamel, Red Army, Russian, Symbol of Communism, military


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Let me introduce your attention the Soviet Guard Gvardia set of 6 amazing Badges, the items were made in 1960s. It means that in 1950 some changes were made. On the lower edge of the banner, a notch was made to indicate a fringe (you can find these signs on 3 badges from 1960s). Later signs began to be produced with a real fringe pattern along the lower edge of the banner. Since the 60s, there has been a change in metal - aluminum has replaced tombak.The set consists of 100% original Red Army Soviet military badges! Awards for Infantry, Tank, Rocket, Air Forces and Navy soldiers. Size: 46x34 mm. This badge was established on 21st of May, 1942. It looks as a five-pointed red star framed by a wreath of the laurel leaves, a star rises above the red flag with the word "guard" = "ГВАРДИЯ" on top.

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Let me introduce your attention the ORIGINAL book Volume 2 from the collected works of I. S. Turgenev "Diaries for 1911-1916." St. Petersburg, Printing House of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1913. All sheets in place, intact. The root is absent. The state in the photo.
USSR Rare edition Ful Set 17 large vintage soviet russia cold war propaganda posters originals circulation of 35,000 Full 17 large old Soviet Russian propaganda posters of the Cold War, good condition 340 x 240 mm. beautiful collectible works of art
Let me introduce your attention the incredible huge set of 144 collectible postcards of XIX-XX century classical Russian artists in big album, reproductions from famous soviet Art Galleries, 1950-60s, vintage fine art print!!! This collection of classic art includes unique items (some in small circulation). On each card back side, you can find the description on Russian, for example …“ИЗОГИЗ, Vasnetsov (1848-1926), Alyonushka (1881). State Tretyakov Gallery. Signed for printing on 27/VI 1955. Т. 35 000. Price 25 kop. Зак. 724. Москва. Экспериментальная тип. ВНИИППиТ.. / “ИЗОГИЗ, Myasoedov (1869-1924), At the ferry (1924). Assembled by the artist's family. Signed for printing on 22/III 1961. 9-1181. T. 25 000. price 25 kopecks. Зак. 1458. Тип. №1 «Печ. Двор» УПП Лен.СНХ / “ИЗОГИЗ, Bryullov (1799-1852), Horsewoman. 9-775-59 г. T. 535 000. З 507. Price 25 kopecks. Московская типография № 2»… Makovsky, Bryullov, Perov, Repin, Surikov, Shchedrin, Kramskoy, Ivanov, Kuindzhi, Orlov, Lebedev, Dubovskoy, Beklemishev, Pryachishnikov, Korzukhin etc. The size of postcards is 10.5 x 15 cm (standart). Postcards are unsigned, printed in USSR, 1950-60s. A wonderful addition to your vintage art postcard collection!
Let me introduce your attention the USHANKA - a military ww2 cap with earflaps made of natural fur for the commanding staff of the Red Army (RKKA), 1940 model, M40. It is present in used but good vintage condition. Extremly rare and perfect ww2 collectible item! Historical reference: A cap with earflaps for privates and command personnel was introduced by order of the USSR People's Commissar of Defense No. 187 of July 5, 1940 based on the experience of the war with Finland, during which the weak protective properties of the standard winter headdress of the Red Army - Budenovka were revealed. Ushanka consists of a cap, a visor and a back cap with headphones tied to a braid. A cap with earflaps for senior, senior and middle command personnel is made of woolen fabric, gray cloth and natural gray fur. Since December 1941, in order to save money, along with cloth and natural fur, it was allowed to use other fabrics for making hats with earflaps, including cotton cloth and gray artificial fur. Also, the senior, senior and middle command personnel were allowed to sew hats at their own expense from natural lamb or gray astrakhan. Military earflaps hat comes with rare Soviet red star cockade badge. Dimensions – inner diameter is 20 cm, the high is 12 cm. The weight is 267 g. SIZE is 58-60.
Set of vintage military photos WW2 period identified. Vintage photos of soldiers, original, used, 1940s. #12
Let me introduce your attention the incredible WW1 Original Helmet M16 in native state, Military, Army, museum relic, battle damaged, armor, cap, hat #3. This is a World War I Buttlefield relic. Helmet was dug in the territory of Ukraine. The History of M16 The Stahlhelm = "Steel helmet" is a specific type of German WWI military headgear made of steel, which is primarily intended to provide protection against shrapnel and fragments of grenades. The armies of major European powers introduced helmets of this type during World War I. The design of the Stahlhelm was carried out by Dr. Friedrich Schwerd of the Technical Institute of Hanover. In early 1915, Schwerd had carried out a study of head wounds suffered during trench warfare and submitted a recommendation for steel helmets, shortly after which he was ordered to Berlin. Schwerd then undertook the task of designing and producing a suitable helmet, broadly based on the 15th-century sallet, which provided good protection for the head and neck. After lengthy development work, the first stahlhelm were tested in November 1915 at the Kummersdorf Proving Ground and then field tested by the 1st Assault Battalion. Thirty thousand examples were ordered, but it was not approved for general issue until New Year of 1916, hence it is most usually referred to as the "Model 1916". In February 1916 it was distributed to troops at Verdun, following which the incidence of serious head injuries fell dramatically. The first German troops to use this helmet were the stormtroopers of the Sturm-Bataillon Nr. (Rohr), which was commanded by captain Willy Rohr. The shape of the helmet was predetermined by a combination of the volumes of a cylindrical body, covering the head, and a tapered head, covering the ears from the impact of a sound wave and fragments. The helmet was made of nickel steel. The inner side of the helmet consisted of three pieces of upholstered leather, which were adjusted to fit the head; helmets were also available in different sizes. The chin strap was attached to the metal shell of the stallhelm. Two protruding bushings - "horns" served not only for ventilation, a special forehead armor plate was attached to them, which, according to its inventors, was supposed to strengthen the protection of the frontal part, intended for sentries and machine gunners, but due to its weight it was used quite rarely, and in winter the soldiers sealed them. In contrast to the Hadfield steel used in the British Brodie helmet, the Germans used a harder martensitic silicon/nickel steel. As a result, and also due to the helmet's form, the Stahlhelm had to be formed in heated dies at a greater unit cost than the British helmet, which could be formed in one piece (


Absolutely beautiful Inuit Yupik carvings. Prompt shipment. Great seller.
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Very beautiful Inuit carvings. I love all the carvings. Great seller.
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