Assembled Ice Tube clock IV-18 VFD Nixie era IN Adafruit Arduino Steampunk style with enclosure

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Offered for your attention completely assembled and tested IV-18 USSR tube nixie era VFD clock.
Idea and case design are from Adafruit Ice Tube Clock, but schematics and firmware have been significantly changed and improved.

A Core part of the clock is IV-18 big 8-digit 7-segment with decimal points VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) indicator. It made in the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1990yy. The indicator is new, from old stock, has been taken from factory box. Glow green. A lifetime of IV-18 VFD is at least 10000 hours.

The enclosure made of laser cut acrylic and decorated with polished stainless steel details. Those ones laser cut either. Beside of this all of the bolts and nuts made of stainless steel.

Weight of the clock 437g. Width 150 mm, height 90 mm, depts 40 mm (including nuts 60mm)

1. Clock, calendar, thermometr, alarm.
2. Power supply via micro USB connector: AC adapter (220V / 110V), computer, tablet, power bank, etc.
3. Time and date display in 12 (USA) and 24 (EURO) hour formats.
4. 20 variants of demonstration of time, date, day of the week, temperature.
5. Showing the day of the week, date and year by pressing any button (except for the "ticker" effects).
6. Option to automatically adjust the brightness of the indicator, depending on the lighting.
7. Option to adjust the brightness of the indicator light manually.
8. Impossibility of setting incorrect date values(February 30, September 32, April 31, etc.)
9. Programmed calendar until the year 2100.
10. 3-minute alarm clock, with an increasing (more annoying) signal.
11. Option to turn on / off the daily alarm at the set time.
12. The settings menu uses phrases, words (sometimes in abbreviated form).
13. Option to turn on / off the sound confirmation of pressing the buttons.
14. The presence of battery backup power allows you to keep the clock and settings even when the main power is off.
15. Deviation of the clock does not exceed a minute per year (DS3232SN RTC chip by maxim integrated).
16. Noiseless work.


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