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Personalized Custom stuffed dog Yorkie. Dog keepsake gift. Yorkie Dog gift. Morkie dog. Stuffed animal like your pet. Memorial gift. Crochet Yorkshire terrier clone your dog. Would you like to save memory about your dog? If your beloved dog pass away, then a clone of your dog will help alleviate the pain of loss. If your child asks for a Yorkie dog or other breed of dog, but you can not have a dog because of allergies, then a replica of a favorite dog the best out of the situation. Show me your dog's photo from different angles where i could see all colors of body. I will show you a finished dog to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase before sending. Size of crocheted Yorkie is about 20-22 cm (7.87'-8.66'). Feel free ask if you have any questions. You can look my other crocheted replicas dog here§ion_id=19736240

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Xmas gift. Crochet snowman decor. Christmas stocking fillers. Christmas ornament. Small Christmas gift for coworker. Miniature Plush snowman. New Year decor gift Crochet amigurumi snowman will be an excellent Christmas gift for your friends and acquaintances. This Stuffed snowman fits into any festive interior and will be perfect New year decor / Christmas decor. Give yourself and your loved ones a piece of joy and happiness! This snowman toy is made 100% non allergenic acrylic yarn and stuffed with non allergenic filling holofiber. Hands are a wire bound up yarn. Tall snowman approximately 15-17 cm (5,9" - 6,7"). It make to order. Production time 1-3 day, if there is no queue. (please ask me before purchase!!!). Please, notice that your toy can differ a little from this picture as it is handmade, not produced industrially, every item is unique! Made in smoke-free home, where a little kids lives.
Custom stuffed Dog Chihuahua . Christmas gift for Dog Parents . Realistic stuffed Dog. Dog Parents gift. Pet Memorial gift. Crochet Chihuahua replica dog. Keepsake gift .Dog Memorial gift. Crochet Chihuahua replica. Dog lover gift. Custom stuffed animal look a like your pet. Personalized Pet remembrance. Plush replica dog. Sometimes it is time to say goodbye to your beloved pet and he goes to the rainbow bridge. It is very hard to believe the loss of a dog. But time heals. And my crocheted copies of your pet could help you more easily bear the grief of loss and pain. Custom stuffed animal look a like your pet will always remind you of your beloved and devoted fluffy friend. You send me some photos of your dog. And I will make a crocheted replica of your dog looks most similar as your dog. I show necessarily the finished result before shipping to make sure you are happy with the purchase. Attention!!! Show me your dog’s photo before you buy. Size depends on dog breed. Size Chihuahua replica dog is from 25 cm (9.85") - 27 cm (10.62") Fell free ask me questions if you have before payment. Thank you for you visit my shop
Crochet doll boy. Inspired Ryder Paw Patrol doll. Organic toy. Birthday gift for girl / boy. Plush doll . Crochet Toddler toy. Unisex doll. Superhero doll. Christmas gift for girl or boy. Does your child love adventures, bold superheroes and lifeguard ? And are you looking for a birthday daughter gift or a Kids Christmas gift or another special occasion? Then the Organic plush doll would be the best decision when choosing a gift. Crochet doll boy will become a wonderful friend and companion for games for girls and boys. This organic doll brings comfort, warmth and good mood to your house. The big doll height is of about 52 cm (20,47"), weight 250 grams. But You can choose the size of the doll. The photo shows dolls 52 cm (20,47") and 42 cm (16,53") Inside the head and neck there is a copper wire with a button for fixation. The crochet doll is made with 100% cotton and some elements 40% acrylic / 60% cotton yarn , stuffed with non allergenic filling. Flex arms. You can change the position of the hands. The doll can not stand alone and has safe eyes, securely fastened. Even a child over 1.5 years old can play or sleeping in an embrace with this doll. This item is handmade. Please be aware that your doll may vary slightly to the picture featured. It will take approx 10-14 day`s to create . All details reliably and strongly sewn on. Suitable for role-playing games for children from 1 year. Maintenance is easy - handwash to the 30C Gr (86F). Carefully push out water and allow to dry in a horizontal position. Careful hand washing to the 30C Gr (86F). It is done in a smoke-free and non animals home. Maybe you would like other dolls in my shop If you have any other questions or concerns please message me! Have a nice day!
Blue budgie. Crochet custom bird plush. Pet loss gift. Stuffed Parrot plush toy. Budgerigar. Pacific parrotlet. Green-cheeked Parakeet. Cockatiel Christmas Bird lover gift. Parrot plush toy. Crochet Budgie. Cockatoo The Crochet Budgie is the best birds lovers gift/ parrots lovers gift. If your child asks you to give him a parrot, but you are not yet ready to have a real bird. So give him a crocheted parrot. You could give this toy a like a Pet memorial parrot for somebody`s who loss lovely parakeet. This will ease the loss and will remind of lovely bird. ATTENTION! If you want to order a parrot that looks like your parrot, then choose a variation "Personalized" and send me photos of your bird. If you want a custom stuffed bird made of fluffy yarn (example shown in 2 photo), then choose a variation "custom fluffy bird". Or you can choose just colors "Blue, gray, green". This means that I will make a parrot with a gray body according to a standard pattern, without looking at the photo of your parrot. The price is indicated for shape of bird as in the listing`s photos. A different bird design may have a different price. Check before purchase. Made from mix cotton or acrylic yarn and stuffed with non allergenic filling holofiber. Make to order . It take about 5-9 days to create. Maintenance is easy - handwash to the 30C Gr (86F). Carefully push out water and allow to dry in a horizontal position. This stuffed toy is handmade. Please be aware that your parrot may vary slightly to the picture featured. You can see my other birds here: Thank you for visiting my shop!
Custom pet. Stuffed animal looks a like your pet. Crochet Maltese, Maltipoo, Shih Tzu dog is the Best Dog Mom Gift. Any fluffy dog. Maltipoo replica dog. Custom dog replica. Pet loss gift . Dog memorial gift. Custom stuffed dog. Cuddle clone Are you the pet owner of a furry cute pet like Maltese / Maltipoo / Lhasa Apso dogs or Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier ? Would you like to have a crocheted replica dog of your sweet doggy? If your lovely dog pass away and you want to have a memory of him, then this Personalized Stuffed Animal dog will soften your sorrow. Made from non allergic yarn 80% acrilic+20% wool or 100% cotton or mix (cotton and acrylic ) yarn and stuffed non allergic holofiber, safe eyes, plastic nose. You could choose a size of your custom stuffed dog. Height replicas of fluffy dogs like Maltese dog is from 6-7" (17-18 cm) to 10-11.5" (25-30 cm). Wool can be combed comb. Show me your dog and I will make it special for you. You show me some photos of your dog. I will show you the final result before sending, so that you are satisfied with the goods You might also like my other dogs§ion_id=19736240 If you have any other questions or concerns please message me!
Cuddle clone. Dog lover gift. Dog mom gift. Crochet custom stuffed dog. Replica Maltese dog. Maltipoo Shih tzu dog replica. Pet loss gift. Personalized dog. Gift for dog owner. Bichon frise Plush dog. Cavapoo / Shorkie dog replica. They will not betray you, they will not throw you, they'll not set you up, And they will not take revenge to you in any way, They will not leave you in trouble, they will not leave you dying ... What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like the heart of a dog. Losing a dog - this is very painful. Often we miss about this nice piece of wool. So it would be good If we had a small copy of our lovely pet forever. You show me some photos of your dog and I will make it special for you. I will show you the final result before sending, so that you are satisfied with the goods. Height Maltese / Bichon frise dog is about 9-11" (25-31 cm). Wool can be combed comb. Time to make order about 3-4 weeks. You might also like my other dogs Ask me all the questions you are interested in before paying for the order. Thank you for your visit.


The litter dogs were beautiful.

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