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Sterling Silver Chain Double Ring Full Finger Adjustable Ring, Statement Armor Gift For Her Big Vine Fruit Armenian Jewelry GA0040


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Sterling Silver Chain Double Ring Full Finger Adjustable Ring, Statement Armor Gift For Her Big Vine Fruit Armenian Jewelry

The ring is made of 925 sterling silver with blackening. The ring features ethnic Armenian designs.
The ring is very comfortable to wear, in fact these are two rings fastened together by chains.
At your request, the shanks can be made both closed and with a slit for adjustment.
Double, foldable and phalanx rings are trending now!
It can also be a great gift.
The ring can be ordered rhodium-plated and gold-plated at a surcharge.

If you have any questions and individual wishes, write to me.

Ring size on request with adjustment
Main ring width 25 mm.
Phalanx ring width 20 mm.
The length of the chains is 25 mm.
Weight 6.5 gr.

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The ring is made of 925 sterling silver with blackening. The ring is laconic and fits perfectly into any look. The ring is very comfortable to wear, it consists of two rings in the form of spirals, fastened together by chains. The rings can be adjusted very easily in size. Double, foldable and phalanx rings are trending now! It can also be a great gift. The ring can be ordered rhodium-plated and gold-plated at a surcharge. If you have any questions and individual wishes, write to me. Handmade. Ring size on request with adjustment Main ring width 30 mm. Phalanx ring width 10 mm. The length of the chains is 30 mm. Weight 9 gr. Swirl Double Sterling Silver Full Finger Boho Fidget Ring, Adjustable Big Bohemian Ornament Chine Modern Armenian Jewelry
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My earrings arrived very nicely packaged and they are exquisite! I've received several compliments wearing them. Beautiful craftsmanship!
I am happy to announce that yesterday I received my earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are so unique and individual!
Thank you very much!

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