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Sterling Silver Floral Charoite Dangle Dainty Earrings Jewelry, Purple Natural Charoite Stone Handmade Earrings, Armenian Jewelry


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Sterling Silver Floral Charoite Dangle Dainty Earrings Jewelry, Purple Natural Charoite Stone Handmade Earrings, Armenian Jewelry

Beautiful handmade earrings made of silver and natural Ural charoites. The earrings are completed with flowers and cubic zirkonia. Beautiful and light with unusually beautiful stones, these earrings will complete the look and make it sophisticated.
Earrings are made to order!
Earrings can be ordered with other stones, you can also order a pendant and a ring for them.
All jewelry is sent in gift wrapping at no additional cost.

The sizes of the earrings are 50 * 20 mm.
Weight 19 gr.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PLEASE READ !!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
All jewelry presented in our store is made exclusively of 925 sterling silver. The stones are mostly natural. If artificially grown stones are used, this must be indicated in the description.
Be aware that silver can tarnish, discolor, and turn your skin gray or green. This is a completely normal skin reaction to silver. If you have this reaction to silver, you can order rhodium-plated or gilded jewelry.
Many jewelry does not have a 925 stamp. If this is important to you, please write to us.
Photos are taken by our team from real jewelry. You will get exactly what you see. Jewelry with rough stones cannot be repeated. They are unique and one of a kind.
You can make an individual order. To do this, contact us.

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Стерлинговое серебро Слонов Подарки Уникальное кольцо Boho Болтание, 925 Серебряное заявление Арт-деко Подарки Армянские ювелирные изделия Уникальные и красивые кольца из серии «Армянский авангард». Каждое кольцо проработано до мелочей. Полированные и текстурированные, с камнями и без них. Эта серия исключительно примечательна тем, что является авторским произведением и мыслью талантливого мастера. Кольца в этой серии предназначены для людей, которые не терпят стереотипов. Вы не останетесь незамеченными с украшениями из этой серии. Здесь переплетаются этнический и современный стили. В результате родились эти шедевры. Кольца выглядят очень выразительно и поражают своим дизайном. Размер лицевой части 30*20 мм. Вес около 10 гр. (в зависимости от размера) Кольцо изготовлено вручную из стерлингового серебра 925 пробы. Ручная работа в Армении. ~ ~ ~ ~ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, ПРОЧИТАЙТЕ !!! ~ ~ ~ ~ Все ювелирные изделия, представленные в нашем магазине, изготовлены исключительно из стерлингового серебра 925 пробы. Камни в основном натуральные. Если используются искусственно выращенные камни, это необходимо указать в описании. Имейте в виду, что серебро может потускнеть, обесцвечиваться и превращать вашу кожу в серую или зеленую. Это совершенно нормальная реакция кожи на серебро. Если у вас такая реакция на серебро, можно заказать родиевые или позолоченные украшения. Многие ювелирные изделия не имеют штампа 925. Если это важно для вас, пожалуйста, напишите нам. Фотографии сделаны нашей командой из настоящих украшений. Вы получите именно то, что видите. Украшения с грубыми камнями не могут быть повторены. Они уникальны и единственны в своем роде. Вы можете сделать индивидуальный заказ. Для этого свяжитесь с нами.
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Armenian Sterling Silver Rosary - Beaded 925 Silver Armenian Rosary, Tzbekh, Armenian Rosary, Armenian Silver Each one makes the master. Using the sterling silver rope. Remain intact for many years. The unique design is unique. Handmade in Armenia. Dimensions 220*10 mm. Weight 36 gr.
Silver Painting Fisherman Made On Black Velvet - Unique Silver Painting, Original And Memorable Gift, Gift For Friends, Gift For Loved One An example of the excellent handmade work of the Master Vazgen Shahbazyan, whose talent and skill create truly masterpieces. The uniqueness of the Master lies in the fact that he can turn into reality any of your imaginations and dreams into a silver painting! You can send a file with a black and white image and the Master will make a picture especially for you! This is just a great option for a very original and memorable gift for a loved one. Just imagine the reaction to such a gift! Vazgen Shahbazyan's paintings are owned by such people as Vladimir Spivakov (hands with a conductor's baton), Vladimir Pozner (a movie camera with initials), Kirk Kerkorian (Mount Masis) and many other celebrities. The master made a lot of paintings for artists, doctors, singers, actors ... All are countless. Silver 700-750, velvet fabric, glass for protection and a wooden frame are used to create the picture. On the back, the Master writes his name and surname in Armenian and the year of creation. Completely handmade !!!
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Avant-Garde Series Armenian Sterling Silver Ring - Home Ring, Garden Ring, Masterpiece Unique Ring, Boho Jewelry, Large Silver Ring, Armenian Silver Unique and beautiful rings from the Armenian Avant Garde series. Each ring is worked out to the smallest detail. Polished and textured, with and without stones. This series is exceptionally remarkable in that it is the author's work and the thought of a talented master. The rings in this series are designed for individuals who do not tolerate stereotypes. You will not go unnoticed with jewelry from this series. Ethnic and contemporary styles are intertwined here. As a result, these masterpieces were born. The rings look very expressive and are striking in their design. The size of the front part is 35*20 mm. Weight approx. 8 gr. (depends on size) The ring is made by hand from 925 sterling silver. Handmade in Armenia.


My earrings arrived very nicely packaged and they are exquisite! I've received several compliments wearing them. Beautiful craftsmanship!
I am happy to announce that yesterday I received my earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are so unique and individual!
Thank you very much!

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