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Do you want to decorate the interior of your home or office? Or to please friends and relatives with a cool gift? three-dimensional hand-painted sculpture. 3D wall decor. Created by DZconcept in 2022, the iconic viral painting is a 3D effect wall sculpture placed on museum quality smooth canvas coated with 3 layers of broad spectrum UV detection varnish. We present to your attention an exclusive 3D-picture, made in the author's technique, taking into account all the current design trends in contemporary art. The painstaking work of the studio's artists and the innovative approach to the presented paintings allow it to fit organically into any interior, delighting its owner for many years. 3d art gifts for her ✴️ 3d art gifts for him ✴️ wood wall 3d art ✴️ large wood wall art ✴️ 3d pop art print The picture is made of natural wood and decorated with a huge amount of details. And the abstract pattern on the products is a real find for connoisseurs of creativity and original decor elements. Your house will sparkle with increased beauty, because the picture, without a doubt, will be the decoration of the living room or bedroom, attracting attention and admiring glances. You will definitely get this luxurious piece in your collection. this painting is made in pop art style and will undoubtedly please all connoisseurs of a non-trivial and elegant appeal to luxurious interior items. If you remain in search of a non-trivial present for a dear hearted person, then you make the right choice in using genuine emotions and positive impressions from such an exquisite and special gift. The product will be a wonderful gift for any celebration, the person you decide to present it to will get an unforgettable impression of you and your без слова о будущем refined taste. Make a product as a gift for a special date, you will make a splash at any celebration and delight a loved one. wood wall panel art ✴️ 3d housewarming gift ✴️ 3d print family gift ✴️ contemporary Pop art ✴️ 3D cartoon glass If you are a fan of contemporary art and prefer to surround yourself with unusual objects in the interior, then you will certainly be interested in a limited series of paintings that will not remain indifferent to any true esthete from the DZconcept creative workshop. The original design and creativity have made the collection of the best designers of DZconcept a real find for all creative people. Curating the process of creating art objects in DZconcept studio is not a job. This is the way in which I unleash the creative potential of the artists and designers of our studio. For us, art is the physical embodiment of energy. We turn our imaginations into things that evoke inspiration and beauty. This is a piece of art in the style of pop art. The sculpture is available in several sizes. There will never be two identical paintings, but the same main theme will be. 3D pop art painting ✴️ 3D pop art sculpture ✴️ colorful pop art ✈️ FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING WORLDWIDE We ship within 5-12 days
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