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Stamps of Ukraine Mriya Ukrainian Dream Ukraine An-225 List U JUNE 2022 Ukraine Ukrainian stamps 2022 Ukraine plane Ukraine 2022 - Stamps Mriya AN 225 "Ukrainian dream" postal U - 6 mm. You can choose: 1 sheet of U-shaped stamps 1 x stamped envelope 1 x RARE envelope with 2 stamps and stamp 1 x postcard 1 x Super RARE First Day Envelope PREMIER JOUR! ATTENTION! The First Day Envelope was officially made ONLY in Kyiv and Gostomel (several thousand and therefore this is a super limited series of cancellation), stamps on envelopes in other cities therefore have a different stamp WITHOUT the words PREMIER JOUR). Made specifically for limited instances All goods are original and authentic, issued by "Ukrposhta"! new brand "Ukrainian Dream" (photo) The author of the illustration was 11-year-old Sofia from the Volyn region. The winged "Mriya" is associated with the dream child of the author of the work - 11-year-old Sofia Kravchuk about a happy future for Ukraine. Before dawn, the world's largest and most powerful An-225 Mriya aircraft, decorated with pink flowers, flies to little Sofya The aircraft was destroyed during a raid by Russian troops on Gostomel Airport on February 27, 2022. The aircraft was destroyed by the invaders, but they cannot destroy our common dream. Iron burned, everything, but not the soul, not freedom, not dignity, not independence. An-225 "Mriya" went down in history as the largest aircraft in the world. Ukrainian transport aircraft AN-225 "Mriya", which already has at least 250 records in the field of aviation. An-225 aircraft Ukraine plane June 19, 1989 The An-225 "Mriya" aircraft with the reusable spacecraft "Buran" during the flight to the international aerospace show in Le Bourget. Its takeoff weight is 640 tons. The length of the liner is 84 meters, the height is 18.1, and the wingspan is 88.4. The aircraft is capable of carrying 250 tons of cargo over a distance of up to 15,400 kilometers. Delivered to Paris from China about 150 tons of protective equipment designed to combat coronavirus.
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