WoolBoon (26 reviews)

Everything about this was amazing! The WoolBoon is one of a kind and such a cutie. The packaging was also phenomenal and I would definitely purchase from this shop again. Thank you for such a wonderful creation!
Love my little woolboon. He has such life and has added perfectly to my collection of wanderers. Such care was taken in bringing him to life, it’s seen in all the details from his body to the packaging.
As always a real pleasure❤️ She creates the most amazing little creatures - I just can‘t get enough of them ❤️❤️❤️
Every Woolboon is a masterpiece and I can‘t get enough of these little guys ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you :) Absolutely wonderful :) xxx
The Woolboon came in a perfect little box and when I opened it I could help but hug them on sight! They are so cute and fit perfectly in the palm of your hand! I couldnt reccomend them more, if you are looking to commission a Woolboon, do it!!
Amazing creation, took a while to arrive but due to the current situation that was understandable. Would buy from again.
Woolboon is always fantastic. Their art dolls are incredible and I highly recommend them.
Love my little woolboon , Thank you Anna
I can‘t recommend this shop enough. It‘s always a pleasure to unpack these little guys ❤️
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