Sport protection brigandine tupe wimbldone

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Armor consist of three layers:

Metal plates (tempered steel - 0,8/1,0/1,2 mm )
A layer of thick linen tarpaulin
Woolen fabric (suitable for medieval outfit). 
Approximate weight of tempered steel 8 kg

The basic color of the cover is black, but a few other colors are available too(for example red, blue and yellow). We have an experience of making embroidery heraldic brigantine, but you need to discuss it while ordering. 

Brigantine has two leather belts with buckle (black, brown or red) on each shoulder to avoid cutting on a battlefield.  It clothes in front with the same belts.

Can be used in HMB and IMCF full contact, SCA.
For cosplay costumes and role-playing games.


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