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Wood Beer Cap Austria Map, Austrian Art, Beer Cap Holder Austria Hungary Map, Beer Lover Gift

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Wood Beer Cap Austria Map, Austrian Art, Beer Cap Holder Austria Hungary Map, Beer Lover Gift

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Unusual gifts with Ukrainian symbols in the trendy mint color of 2017 - the boards for beer stoppers "CAPSBOARD UKRAINE WHITE Christmas Gift" will be remembered as pictures from the pages of the photo album about a steep vacation. Fashionable mint color of the card will emphasize that you are "on style" and think informally about how you can keep memories of your vacation! For More Cap Maps of Ukraine:§ion_id=23329809 Map of Ukraine "CAPSBOARD UKRAINE WHITE" for a collection of beer covers - an interesting gift for a guy on his birthday. Filled with beer caps CAPSBOARD UKRAINE WHITE Christmas Gift, not a bit overshadowed accessories in the house, which were carefully selected before a loved one began to collect a collection of 52 beer caps For construction use this assembly and application guide: Size: 19,48 inc x 14,36 inc x 0,28 inc (49,5 х 37,5 x 0,7) Holds 52 bottle caps. Material: waterproof plywood stands: 2 pieces. Stand as a gift
Vendor: BoardCaps
The original gift packaging for wood maze is FREE ★ Wooden Labyrinth-labyrinth puzzle box is a board game for the whole family and a modern gift for boyfriend. Open the lid of the key maze and move the ledge upward, which moves on the inside through the labyrinth. Inside the labyrinth game, the child will be able to store his little treasures, and adults hide valuable things from prying eyes. See how to play the maze game: The puzzle maze size is: 3. 54 x 1.97 inch (9 x 5 cm) For more maze toy:
Vendor: BoardCaps
Wall Clock CAPSBOARD WATCH Beer Gift Christmas Gift Gift for Him Wedding Gift Fathers Day How does the modern connoisseur of a foamy drink from malt and barley look like? Long-bearded and tattooed brutal, riding on the Harley? A thin drummer from a street rock band? Or a well-dressed intellectual in expensive glasses? Refreshing, with a heady aroma and a pleasant aftertaste after the first sips ... It's all about him. For More Wood Clocks:§ion_id=23318410 Beer is equated to the drink of the gods. Admit that after these words you began to drool, and there was an irresistible desire to drink a glass of your favorite foam. How to surprise a beer lover? A box of beer is not a luxury and an unusual present, but rather an attribute of a pleasant pastime in the company of dear ones. And for the head this gift will be completely ugly. In this case beer souvenirs will be an interesting addition to the money present. For example, a wall clock. The watch became part of the image, the last element in the finished interior and just a stylish accessory. Perfect hours - what are they? The original watch model CAPSBOARD WATCH is made of waterproof plywood. It has really "male" arrows in the form of a wrench and a screwdriver. Despite the brutality of the signs, the annoying "tick" you will not hear - they are made with the mechanism of "quiet passage". The dial is decorated with stylish woodcarvings and twelve magnets, on which lids from beer bottles are securely attached. Thanks to this design, you can change the look of the clock every day and adjust them to the mood or "weather in the house", the interior of the room in which they will hang. And their appearance, they certainly will decorate the apartment, office, thematic institution. Watch-transformer: how to change them every day? Do you know why these watches have magnets instead of numbers? To make a banal piece of furniture an original souvenir. Instead of a classic and standard look, the wall clock acquires a stylish and masculine character. This is how the gift should look to the director from the team, to the beloved father, to the husband, to the father-in-law ... The bottle caps replacing the figures can be rearranged at least every day depending on: ● favorite beers; ● tried drinks abroad; ● clean or painted lids. But that's not all. You have the opportunity to change even the dial: from the classical style, which is represented by monophonic crowns, to an extravagant appearance with individual inscriptions, prints and carvings. The wall clock CAPSBOARD WATCH will fit into any interior of your home, office, PAB, restaurant or art cafe. For construction use this assembly and application guide: Such a beer gift to a man will appreciate everything Please contact us with any questions. Size: 11,8 inc x 11,8 inc (30cm x 30cm) Material: waterproof plywood
Vendor: BoardCaps
Amazing home decor idea! This wall shelves are made from real functional skateboard. Especially useful will be such a shelf in the room of a child or teenager, all the items he needs most will always be at his fingertips. Thanks to neat holders, the shelf looks very stylish and airy.  Can be as original room or office decor and a great gift for everyone!  The skateboard deck is from maple wood.  Skateboard shelf structure: ● 1 pcs skateboard deck, size 16.5354x4.92126 inch (42x12.5 cm), material: maple wood ● 2 pcs holder for the shelves (choose one of 3 colors: black, white or light beige), long side 4,72441 in (12 cm), short side 2,95276 in (7,5 cm), width 0.78 in (2.5 cm), material: plastic (inside metal plate). ● 2 pairs of wheels, bolts, nuts. Please choose one of 3 colors: red, green or blue. In the comments, please indicate what wheel`s colors and what color of shelf brackets/ shelf holders you choose. Shelf holders can hold up to 30 kg and is the perfect place to store your for storing various items and room decors. The room decor for skateboard easily attaches to the wall with 4 screws.  Since the shelf is made of real skateboard, slight chips or deformations are possible. !!! Attention: screws / hooks for the bracket are not included;  When you attach the shelf to the wall, you can choose any distance that is convenient for you between the holders (closer or further to each other). Give pleasant emotions with CapsBoardStore! ???? ORDER PREPARATION The time we need to prepare an order for shipping (delivery) is 1-3 business days, but we do everything possible to send your order ASAP. Please note that we prepare and ship orders only on BUSINESS days from Monday to Friday, NOT weekends. Production and shipping are two different processes. So 1-3 business days to prepare PLUS the shipping times below. ???? SHIPPING & DELIVERY It takes at least 10-16 business days for a package to arrive to Europe, at least 8-12 business days to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, at least 2-3 weeks to Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia. BUT!!!! International shipping is unpredictable and delays happen at customs. For international orders, once the package has left Ukraine, it becomes subject to your local post office. A tracking number will be provided.  Due to the pandemic and quarantine, the delivery of parcels now may take a little longer than usual. Please consider this when placing your order. ???? JOIN US ON SOCIAL MEDIA ● Youtube ● Instagram ❓QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about this article, please use the “Message the Seller” button next to the product information and we will get right back to you! ♡ Thanks for you attention and follow us, click "favorite shop".  With love, CapsBoardStore!
Vendor: BoardCaps
World map CAPSBOARD WORLD CHOCOLATE with stand, Beer Gifts If you love beer and looking for something outstanding, definitely you will love this beer map cap! Our World Wooden Beer Cap. This is the best way to display your travel. At the same time, it is a nice design solution for pub, café, garage or man cave as well! For more Cap Maps:§ion_id=23329803 Our Beer Cap Card holder made of high quality World plywood, this display map features 144 precision laser cut holes to securely hold your bottle caps collection. Unique construction allows to easy-in / easy out bottle caps. Everything is very simple! Just push your favorite caps into the features of the back side and the snug fit will secure them securely in place. To change an already installed cap, just apply some pressure to the cap from the front side and it's ready to install it's replacement. Stones as a GIFT For construction use this assembly and application guide: Size: 29,3 inc x 15,35 inc x 0,28 inc (74,5cm x 39,5cm x 0,7cm) Holds 144 bottle caps. Material: waterproof plywood
Vendor: BoardCaps
The best gift for a person is memories. You can give a flight on a balloon, crazy fishing or a cool map of Germany. Yes, all beer lovers will like this beer souvenir regardless of whether their foot has set foot on German lands or not. For more Cap Maps:§ion_id=23329803 If you are a supporter of unusual things for the house, original gifts and souvenirs, then catch the idea of ​​a classy surprise. Germany as it is The map looks exactly like Germany itself: it is bright (made in the colors of the national German flag), large and sturdy. The base material is a moisture resistant plywood, so you will not experience stress for the durability of a beer souvenir. On the map, all regions of the country are marked and signed in English. In total, there are 38 holes on the surface for the covers: the peepman will be happy. An interesting gift for special people Give a loved one emotions - order for him the original map of Germany. In special openings, your husband, father, brother or friend will insert the beer covers of your favorite beverage varieties. Such an accessory for beer lovers will please even those who do not attach serious importance to drinks and food. The map of Germany will not remain an inconspicuous interior decor. By the way, this beer souvenir can be placed at home, in the office (even in the office of the head), in a thematic restaurant or bar. A beautiful accessory for beer lovers everywhere will find its place, and it will also remind you of the fun Oktoberfest. For construction use this assembly and application guide: Size: 19,3 inc x 14,57 inc x 0,28 inc (49 x 37 x 0.7 cm) Holds 38 bottle caps. Material: waterproof plywood Stand as a GIFT
Vendor: BoardCaps


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