Mid Century Ceramic Vase Hand-painted Antique Clay Vase.Design fine art Ceramics Cherry Russian Ukrainian Majolica.Pottery art.Rustic decor

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This ancient vase was in the family collection of famous Soviet artists Kostenko. You can see a still life with her image in our WingsOfSoviets.etsy.com store in the Still Life section. The painting is called "Spring Bouquet". Ancient Ukrainian traditional vase, collection Soviet porcelain, Ukrainian Rural Folk majolica. Porcelain ceramic vase of the Soviet era Vasilkovsky Majolica Plant, USSR, 1955 - 58. The peculiarity of Vasilkovskaya Majolica is also that absolutely every product is painted by hand. To apply the drawing, liquid clays - engobes are used. And art techniques - Flanders and past image - were known back in the days of Kievan Rus. So if you are holding any product of Vasilkovskaya Majolica in your hands, you can be sure that a lot of people worked on its production and there is not and cannot be an absolute copy. Clay has always served man as a building material and raw material for the production of objects of various purposes. One of the most common types of ceramics in the world is majolica. Majolica is a special kind of fine ceramics with an opaque porous shard covered with shiny glaze and decorated with decorative painting. Lightness, elegance, accuracy, and beauty. These associations arise when contemplating handicrafts called majolica. A feature of majolica is its decoration, which gives each product uniqueness, originality, and value. Since ancient times, the painting of majolica products reflected folk art, carrying history, religion, and culture in their drawings. This beautiful Soviet-era vase is a real decoration for the home and a find for collectors. There weren’t so many such vases, but you won’t find two of the same thanks to the use of the “color glaze” technology. Even 2 at first glance similar products will differ when examined in detail. Vintage Ukrainian ceramic vase, Ukrainian majolica, common in Ukraine. Ukrainian rustic folk style.Excellent condition A great gift for any porcelain collector, such as Easter decor, Ukrainian rustic folk or farm kitchen decor. Great decoration for your stylish kitchen. ● Dimensions: ● Height 21 cm (8,2”). Max diameter 14 cm (5,8”). Weight - 1.1 kg ● pay attention! ● - All vintage items are sold in normal condition. - All vintage items are sold unchanged, we do not decorate or remodel items. - We try to make the most truthful photos, but the actual colors may vary slightly from their appearance on your display. - All photos are real ♥ Thank you for your visit!


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