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This air delicate top vest linked from a wonderful crochet yarn, composed of viscose. Can dress not only on blouses, shirts, turtlenecks, but also can be worn directly on the body under the transparent blouses and dresses. the yarn is very soft and gentle touch to the skin is very nice, does not cause irritation on the skin . very sexy and sensuous outfit in which You are comfortable. The additional convenience and wide field for the imagination provide sleeves that can also be worn as underneath and on top of sleeves, creating different images, or even use as mitts openwork pattern allows you to attach cuffs thumb or middle finger. Well, in the spring and summer this is the original grid-top, which is very sexy, but not very transparent, and can be worn directly on the body. Or create ensembles with silk pareo. The color, the texture, the model is all together are so versatile that you can wear from morning till evening: and on the beach and in the city
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This set includes: Series:Nature Beads color: 11 Beads pc:3277 Fabric: Satin Size: 40x40 cm Attention: The kit contains small parts
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Series: Abstract This set includes: Beads color: 1 Beads pc: 7551 Fabric: Satin Size: 40x40 cm Attention: The kit contains small parts
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Openwork tunic "snowflake".Air white tunic "snowflake". Ease of Agur, the unusual shape, a flat sleeve,color-all this makes the product unique and exklusivem. IT can be worn in summer as beach attire and winter thin sweater,solid color dress
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Fashionable, stylish, two-meter long knitted scarf unisex.Smooth, machine binding.The color of the asphalt.Perfectly tied in several options (photo attached).
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Neverending sleeves is the ultimately versatile piece. It converts to what you want it to be: anything from neckwarmer, scarf, shrug to cropped top or a sweater! Just wrap it around as you like and you are set. We are sure you will come up with your own way of wearing The Sleeves we never even thought of!
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Great quilt noble pearl beige is 100% high quality mercerized cotton hook 1.5 A blanket made of individual square motifs in the form of a star-connected in a single fabric. Bedspread pastel shades perfectly fit into any interior. Create an atmosphere of warmth, coziness and comfort and will last for years because it is durable, does not roll, does not change color after washing. And a few years of use will look brand new! Finished work in a single copy! Will not be repeated! At its creation took three months.
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Socks "new year" associated with made of wool on the needles without seams. Jacquard pattern knitting create extra weave on the wrong side that adds a considerable density of texture, so extra warmth is guaranteed. Jacquard product is less susceptible to deformation In warm knitted socks "new year" you can walk through the apartment, joining the flip-flops they can be worn with sneakers, sneakers or other sports shoes.They can also be worn on top of tights inside the boots so that the foot does not slip and was warm. Recommendations for care: Delicate hand wash in mild detergent (shampoo) and rinse at +30 С
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Very stylish Snood. Handmade. Extraordinarily beautiful color transition. Warm! 67% wool. The photo samples! It is possible to manufacture to order of any color. If you have any questions, write :-) Care recommendations: Hand wash no spin
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Openwork vest, transformer, vest crochet .Vest transformer,which can be worn in three flavors ;long,short,scarf.The transformer is connected from three strands of bright,Sunny colors and monochromatic
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Bag made in a combination of orange and black color , inside lining. Purse closes by magnet.The bottom is solid. Snood comes in the kit to the bag.It can be worn as a hat, Bolero,collar, scarf Recommendations for care: wash in delicate mode
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Warm knitted hat knit Merino hat unisex wool hat, beret hat bandana helmet women warm hat handmade Warm woolen knitted hat knit from 100% Merino.available in other colors.washable at 30°C. Laundry manual.the model is universal for any type of person
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Crochet knitted Slippers shoes yarn, mens Slippers warm socks Slippers, knit Slippers,knitted Slippers men women children various colors double thick knit
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A large shopper bag is ideal for use everyday and all year round. It is large enough to fit everything in for the beach to your local grocery shopping, picnics, gym etc. It can grow and shrink to fit to your needs This also makes them incredibly comfortable to carry heavy items as the bags bounce along on your shoulder as you walk! My products are handmade from high quality cotton recycled textile yarns leaving a positive impact on the environment. Each of my products are unique and the colours available are subject to what is coming out of the textile factories. There are always new colours coming out so if you have something particular in mind please get in touch, we can discuss your needs and I can make a custom order for you. As each basket is handmade some variation in size and colour may occur.
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This soft and lexurious chunky round cushion was knitted by me from yarn. This is a perfect accesories to decorate your sofa, armchair or bed, make your living space warm and cozy. It would be a unique gift for your beloved one. Every item is unique and handmade by me with joy. I always think of my future client, when knitting and put some of my possitive energy into my knitted products.
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This is a perfect accesories to decorate your sofa, armchair or bed, make your living space warm and cozy. It would be a unique gift for your beloved one. Every item is unique and handmade by me with joy. I always think of my future client, when knitting and put some of my possitive energy into my knitted products.
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Reusable mask cotton
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Books La Maison de Tilda - 121 pages Liv i Kludene - 58 pages Mere liv i Kludene - 95 pages Sew Pretty - 152 pages Tag träden op - 55 pages Tilda Paques - 26 pages Julegleder - 117 pages Tildas hus - 145 pages Tendre Noël - 56 pages Tildas Landsted - 112 pages Tilda's En Attendent Noel - 61 pages Traed Nalen - 98 pages Brochures with individual patterns: Santa Country Girl Tilda beach Tomte Couple Tradgardsangel Bamse och kanin Vintage Angel You should understand that you will receive a PDF file, not a paper book. That's why the price is so low. But this is the best offer!!! You can look at AMAZON and EBAY, I don't worry because I have the lowest price!!! !!!Important!!!! Be sure to contact me before ordering, in order to decide how I will deliver the book to you!!!
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PDF Digital Template. Pattern is for 25 cm (9.8 inch) dolls Please, pay your attention, there is ONLY a PATTERN in this listing! No description. Only body, no clothes. Pattern do not includes Doll Body sewing tutorial. If you need to buy a tutorial with 30 pages&103 photos of dollies here: Ready to print for cloth doll body. This item includes  PDF files: 1.  Digital PDF pattern dolls body PDF Rag doll pattern 9.8"(25cm) Rag doll Pdf patter Languages: English If you can not download the document, write to me. I will help you. With this pattern you can sew your own doll and decorate it according to your desire. You can get the doll’s body. Having the skills of sewing body, you can sew the dolls presented on my page. Welcome to see the dolls on this pattern in my store: DOLL HOME DECORATION You can find other dolls in my store: ________________ Thank you for visiting my shop! And if you have any question, please email me, I will answer. And please, do not forget to visit our other shop sections: PORTRAITE DOLLS _________________ The patterns made by me personally are intended only for personal use. Templates can not be sold, give, etc. Third parties. Patterns and images are my intellectual property. The final product (finished doll) can be sold, donated, etc. Please, follow us at: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Telegramm:
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mohair sweater Color on the photo : white Yarn :70% mohair+30% acrylic 55 cm long 57 cm long sleeves from the shoulder  This is a women’s mohair sweater . White knit  sweater great part of your outfit. This white  sweater os the best design in this color. Mohair knit  sweater is a beautiful cloth in your wardrobe especially this is an arm knit jamper  Soft knit  sweater, oversized  sweater is the best women warm  sweater and women jamper. Mohair cloth always a nice look especially loose white cardigan. So this women knit cardigan is the best mohair cardigan of our desire line. Simple and beauty. The  sweater smal collar This sweater  a super warm but while a light. Oversize simple women mohair  sweater arm knit from the pretty  mohair on 2 yarn. This is stylish design for your look simple but great outfit for different events: home, job, meetings evenings, days. You can select the best color for you. We have pretty rich palette color selection on the color map. do not know how to choose? - ask me. I will gladly help Recommend profession clean Or Hand delicate wash 30C° Don’t hang Don't bleach
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A particle of colorful warm positive from a sunny country does not only decorate and complement the interior of your home but also has a healing effect. The fleecy and soft surface of a wool carpet improves well-being and enhance your mood. Such an interesting bright ornament of the carpet creates a relaxed and favorable atmosphere. Wool rugs are low maintenance. Wool is sustainable. Wool is naturally family-friendly. Wool material stays vibrant and colorful. Wool rugs are hypoallergenic. Wool looks and feels great! Shipping: It will be dispatched from Uzbekistan by the Postal Service of Uzbekistan.  A buyer will be provided with relevant tracking number and date of the acceptance for shipment. Usually, a delivery of our parcels takes 2-4 weeks for many countries in Europe, Asia and the USA.  Processing time of parcels for sending is 1-3 business days.
Production of each item is fully handmade, enough time-consuming and hardworking process!  This pouch / bag is so stylish and fashionable reflecting the best practice of oriental ancient needlecraft.  It is a very convenient thing, ideal during sport exercises/running, for walking and shopping so that your phone is easily accessible in an instant. It can be used to carry mobile phone, earrings, rings, bracelets and other jewelry items, coins, cards with easy accessibility keeping the items anti-dust. It is also ideal to carry at formal occasions or casual party. Size : 20 cm x 12 cm or 8 inch x 5 inch Material:  silk thread, textile fabric - velvet
jumpsuit for newborn 0+ gift toy
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If you do not part with your pet this seat will be the perfect solution. You will not worry about your pet in a car. Not heavy, compact, convenient. Your pet will feel safe and comfortable. The seat was made of environmentally friendly materials. The pillow is soft and comfortable. Chance of black, blue, brown colors. On request you can do embroidery with the name of your pet. the size: 50*50*25 cm(19,7*19,7*9,9 inches)
Vendor: Doghouse
Knitted shawl for mother's day orange, light, airy. Attire for the theater or headdress in the church. This item is suitable for all seasons, and as a scarf, and on the shoulders of the theater. It can also be worn in church as a scarf. I will knit any color for you. This item will be packed with love and care and shipped within 1-3 days after payment is received. Care: 1. Dilute the shampoo in warm water (about 30-40 degrees). 2. Soak and press lightly on it. 3. Rinse the product with clean water. The rinse water temperature is the same as the wash temperature. 4. Squeeze lightly to drain the water, then wrap in a towel. 5. Lay on a surface in a horizontal position on a cloth, shape as desired.
This handmade toy is a wonderful birthday present for a child, friend or loved one. ************************* Materials: Yarn plush thread Hypoallergenic filler Does not contain small parts. ************************** The size of the toy is 28.34 inches (72 cm) high with ears. 18.50 inches (47 cm) without ears. ************************** Machine wash, washable 40 ° C (104 F). Do not use a dryer. Or hand wash. ************************** If you need a toy of a different color, write to me. I will help you choose a different color. ************************** Completely frameless toy. All details are securely sewn. It does not contain small parts, therefore it is suitable for the smallest children. Suitable for children from 2 years old *************************** 100% handmade toy made in a smokeless studio.