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Wooden tongue drum musical instrument easy to play slit log percussion for relax and healing meditation + beater as a gift!


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This wooden tongue drum is made of first-class ash wood with an ash top deck. Has dimensions 13.8x7.1x6.3 inch.

Link to the video with the sound of this instrument:

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This wooden travel cajon is made from selected birch plywood. Tinted in orange and covered with professional polyurethane varnish. Dimensions 6.2x3.1x12.6 inch. In this video we can hear the sound of this beautiful instrument: Gift message on a wooden plate as a gift for free!
Vendor: Noisy Wood
This wooden musical instrument Kazoo combines the energy of such wood species as mahogany sapele, acacia, oak and ash!! This wind instrument is covered with eco-friendly natural flax oil. Tool sizes – 3.7x2.8x0.6 in. Gift message on a wooden plate as a gift for free! On the back of the logo, if necessary, we can put your name, logo or group name! On the round plate, as shown in the last photo of this list. A prerequisite - the inscription or image must be completely black without shades of gray. We carefully pack our kazoo in a box filled with fragrant wooden shavings! We put as a gift a branded keychain made by our hands and a business card! Please yourself and your loved ones with such a bright and original gift, which also sounds very cool! Here is a link to an example of the sound of this beautiful instrument: In combination with other musical instruments For people who appreciate the combination of selected noble wood with first-class sound and design! The tool is interesting because it has two membranes that work simultaneously. As a result, the sound of the instrument is more saturated and very loud. The membranes are made of stretch polyethylene. This material sounds best. If necessary, they are easily replaced by others. Just cut a piece of material and pressed the slats!
Vendor: Noisy Wood
This is a completely new model of a wooden musical quad shaker made of selected solid ash, filled with beads and coated with professional polyurethane varnish. It measures 4x4x4.3 inch. Gift message on a wooden plate as a gift for free! Here is a video of this wonderful instrument Caution! Having picked up this thing, you will not become the same! It lies so nicely in the hand and sounds that it will cure any stress and depression, destroying internal conflicts! Friends! A new shaker model has been developed! QuadroShaker by Noisy Wood! It consists of four separate modules and has a very bright and relaxing sand sound! The functional turned out to be interesting: it is convenient to lie between your fingers, it is firmly fixed, thereby not only allowing you to shake the shaker, but also spin it to and fro!
Vendor: Noisy Wood
An interesting combination of the powerful sound of a didgeridoo box and the subtle resonance of a stringed monochord in one instrument - the Didgichord! While playing this unique instrument, you feel the maximum sound resonance and vibration waves, which immediately bring you back to the here and now, relax your mind and clear your head of unnecessary garbage. And when you add shakers and tambourines for feet and hands to this sound, you generally feel maximum presence! Also, this instrument is very well suited for sound-vibration massage! The didgichord has dimensions: 20x7x2.8 inch. 6 guitar strings are installed on the instrument. You can tune the strings to any key. The set includes a key for adjusting the strings. The body is made of high-quality birch plywood, the partitions and side walls are made of maple and ash. Covered with high-quality hypoallergenic varnish.
Vendor: Noisy Wood
Almost every musician, while playing an instrument, be it a guitar, a ukulele or a banjo, beats the rhythm with his foot across the floor. Why do it at idle? You can become a human orchestra with an interesting and simple percussion for the feet from Workshop Noisy Wood, which is called the foot stomp box. Also known as mississippi drum machine. Gift message on a wooden plate as a gift for free! The body is made of solid ash. Has dimensions: 4x3.5x1 inch. A piezo pickup is installed inside, which allows you to connect the instrument to the amplifier and adjust the sound as you like. The output is a standard guitar jack and volume control on the side of the instrument. If necessary, we can put your name, logo or group name! As shown in the last photo of this listing. A prerequisite - the inscription or image should be completely black without shades of gray. Beat the rhythm, sing and acomponge at the same time!
Vendor: Noisy Wood
This foot percussion tambourine is made from first-class natural ash wood! Jingles made of brass. Dimensions 5,5х2,8х1,8 in. Gift message on a wooden plate as a gift for free! In this video we can hear the sound of this beautiful instrument: On the reverse side of the logo, if necessary, we can put your name, logo or group name! As shown in the last photo of this listing. A prerequisite - the inscription or image should be completely black without shades of gray. Very convenient and functional instrument, make your sound even brighter and more diverse! Playing the guitar, cajon, ukulele or banjo you will easily beat the tambourine put on your leg! Thanks to the hardness of the wood and the brass jingles made by our own hands too, the sound is very bright, rolling and sonorous! Due to the natural texture of the wood, this percussion instrument has a very pleasant and fascinating appearance. Taking it in hand, you no longer want to let it out) Unforgettable and very useful gift for your friend musician!
Vendor: Noisy Wood


Пять звёзд, поставил бы больше, но есть только 5 ))))))))
Однозначно в рекомендации. Спасибо!

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