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Documentary film about the legendary special forces "Alpha" dvd , SBU , КГБ СССР


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Exclusive documentary research by PROF1 Media. The first documentary in Ukrainian history about the legendary special contamination "Alpha". The history of the creation of CSO "A" SB Ukraine. Trainings and combat operations of all directorates, departments and divisions of the unit. Weapons, equipment and equipment. Exclusive employee interview. 100 minutes of action called "ALPHA". The film includes: 1. The history of the creation of the CSO "A" of the SBU, starting with the 10th group "A" of the KGB of the USSR. Exclusive interviews with veterans and department heads. 2. Staff training and combat operations. 3. Department of parachutists. 4. Security Department of Central Security Service "A". 5. "Mountain" department. 6. Fighting swimmers "Alpha". 7. Cynologists "A". 8. Snipers. 9. Combat missions (Iraq).

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Vendor: ukraine-shop


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