Vintage NIXIE Tube Clock IN-14 Retro style

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The handmade watch T Manufacture is made using rare gas-discharge indicators (NIXIE tube). The case is made of wood with glass elements.

On the walls of the building there is a panorama of a rich in cherry blossoms Japanese slope. In the dark, it performs the function of a soft lamp. Separately adjustable backlighting of lamps and images consists of 6 colors and a mode of smooth color fading for the image. In the overflow mode, the panorama is illuminated by smoothly changing colors and creates the illusion of a view of a sunset.

There are only two controls on the rear panel for adjusting the time and lighting.

Network operation (the time count continues even if the power is off)

Type of indicator: ID - 14;

Network: U ~ 100/230 V;

Frequency: 50 / 60Hz;

Power consumption: 3 W;

Time format: 24 hours.


• Length of 11,42 inch;

• Width of 4,92 inch;

• Height without lamps 4,16 inch;

• The total height is 6,1 inch.


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