Killer Whale Tooth about 13cm (5 inch) For collections, amulets, interiors, cinema, theatres, school

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Size tooth: about 13cm (5 inches). Only a tooth without a stand and a Haida Wolf is sold.

For collections, amulets, interiors, cinema, theatres, schools.


- USA; - Canada; - Australia; - Europe; - Japan; - China and some other countries.

Delivery by air including tracking number.

Packing: сardboard box with polyfoam.

The color of the tooth may differ from the color in the picture. It is a tooth reproduction. Material: calcium sulphate. 

Orca (lat. Orcinus orca) is a marine mammal from the infrastructure of cetacean toothed whales (Odontoceti) of the dolphin family.

The only modern member of the genus orcas. It is recognized as the largest member of its family and the only real predator among cetaceans, chasing warm-blooded animals. 

Killer whales are the largest carnivorous dolphins; differ from other dolphins in a contrasting black and white color. Male killer whales reach a length of 10 m and have a mass of up to 8 tons, females - up to 8.7 m long. The dorsal fin in males is high (up to 1.5 m) and almost straight, and in females it is about half as low and bent. Unlike most dolphins, the thoracic flippers of the killer whale are not pointed and sickle-shaped, but wide and oval. The head is short, flattened from above, without a beak; teeth are massive, up to 13 cm long, adapted to tear large prey.


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