Pulse metal detector with a waterproof coil 40x60 cm detection depth 3 meters.


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Depth Clone metal detector. Search depth up to 3 meters (120 inch)!

           The microprocessor metal detector Clone "CLONE" is a reliable, years-tested device for searching objects from non-ferrous and ferrous metals at great depths.

Made in Ukraine! Quality, reliability, good depth indicators, ease of use!

           The search depth reaches up to 3 meters (120inch), when using the depth coil included in the kit. You can also connect sensors of any size!

           Thanks to the use of a microcontroller, many functions for detection, control and indication are implemented in software. Therefore, the functionally complex device has a simple design and is accessible for work even for novice users.

           The main technical characteristics of the metal detector Clone "CLONE":

This finder is equipped with a new 40x60 cm depth sensor, which is great for professional search for scrap metal, archeology, treasure hunting, as well as for finding pipes and cables in the ground.

Depth of detection of objects (by air) with a sensor 40x60 cm:

- Large coins - up to 40 cm (15.8 inch);

- Ax - 60-70 cm (23.5-27.5 inch);

- Bucket - 100 cm (40 inch);

- Barrel - 160 cm (63 inch);

- Maximum depth up to 3 (120 inch)


Visual - LED;

Sound - multi-tone;

The search mode is static.

Additional functions:

Detuning from soil and debris by pressing a single key;

Volmeter (charge level)

Low Battery Alert;

Volume control, silent mode;

Automatic tuning to a sensor of any size.


2-section telescopic rod, S-shaped;

Weight with a sensor (40x60 cm.) And a battery - 2 kg;

The length of the device in the assembled state is 100-130 cm (40-51 inch), in the disassembled 70 cm;

3 li-ion batteries of a fresh batch, in one assembly with an extended service life (12 v). A charge of 24-36 hours in continuous operation, depending on the frequency of finds, etc.

Complete set, as in the photo:

Specialist. box (packaging, stretch film);

Rod (collapsible, adjustable);

Instrument block with built-in battery;

Sensor 40x60 cm. (See photo);



The metal detector comes to the customer in a configured, and ready-to-use form. The instruction is attached.

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QUASAR ARM metal detector with discrimination, search depth up to 2 meters!               Metal detector Quasar ARM. The new MD uses a later generation microcontroller - STM32. This allowed to increase the speed of the device, add a lot of mathematical filters, which allows to improve the selection of the device in relation to different types of metals. And also equip it with a very modern service, such functions as: automatically “tracking” soil balance, automatic compensator for residual sensor imbalance, etc. MD has many functions to expand access to the hardware resources of the device. In this regard, MD comes forward as a more advanced device.              Advantages of Quasar ARM: 1. Discrimination of metals; (Distinguishes metal) 2. Search mode - dynamic (there is a static mode option in the menu, for using the device as a pinpointer, the air range is 50 cents in PIN mode up to 40 cm=15.7 inch! 3. The information is displayed on the liquid crystal display and contains indications - supply voltage, VDI scale (upper), "slider-scale" distance to the target, mask (unwanted targets are closed), three modes of information output to the LCD, there are the number of VDI in large numbers 4. Scoring is multi-ton with the ability to select voiceover options in relation to the search conditions; 5. Setting the soil balance automatic with manual adjustment if necessary; 6. Waterproof DD coil! The main characteristics of the device: - Sensor DD 32 cm 8-10 kHz - Adjustable display backlight - Fully customizable sound - from tonality to pitch - Target designation function (pinpointer) - Metal discrimination - Masking of unnecessary sectors (you can mask for example ferrous metals) - Automatic detuning from the ground, auto-tuning of the soil in the search process - Microprocessor based on STM32 - Numerical display of VDI on the display - Instrument weight: 1.6 kg fully assembled Depth test: Coin 50 cents - 35-40 cm (13.7х15.7 inch) Gold and silver ring - 25-30cm (9.8x11.8 inch) Helmet - up to 90cm (35.4 inch) Barrel - up to 140cm (55.11 inch) The maximum depth is 2 meters (78 inch)! Equipment: Coil 8-10 kHz, DD32cm; a folding three-section bar; Control block; Firmware Version 2.2.10 the battery, placed under the handle; Holds up to 10 hours of active work! Charger from the network 220v; The instruction manual is in English. Made in Ukraine! Quality, reliability, good depth indicators, ease of use! Free Shipping insured from Europe with Tracking number. Carefully package.   World Wide shipping 10-45 working days.
Mangal-Case for 8 Skewer BBQ suitcase Capacity: 8 skewers. Metal: Ukrainian hot rolled sheet metal (refractory). Metal thickness: 2 mm. Weight Barbecue: about 8 kg. Size 41,50 x 27 x 18,5 cm. BBQ resistant legs bolted. Fuel: firewood or charcoal. Assembly and disassembly is simple and takes no more than 2-3 minutes. Skewers is not included. Production factory, Ukraine. BBQ classic, traditional. The advantage of this brazier not only in the simplicity and reliability of its construction, but also in the remarkable culinary qualities. Due to the shallow bowl brazier meat located as close to the coals, on which skewers fried quickly and get rich, soft and tasty. A compact size of the barbecue and ease of use, certainly please fans of country picnics. The main advantages of the grill: 1. Very stable due to the fact that the legs of the grill are bolted to the brazier, which excludes the possibility of folding them in the process of cooking kebabs. 2. Disassembled the grill is quite high, height 55 cm that makes it comfortable to use it. 3. The grill is easy to transport. When folded it looks like a small suitcase in the middle of which is composed of all the details. 4. If You have a lot of meat and need to fry several batches of kebab you don't need several times to light the fire and wait a long time will remain until only embers. In the walls of the barbecue facilities provided by the slot in which you can omit skewers and thereby reduce the distance between the meat and coals and accordingly to increase the temperature. Made in Ukraine, 2018 Only in our chargrill the skewers can be placed at two levels, thereby adjusting the roasting degree. Brand new never used Item location - Ukraine Delivery to U.S. and Canada - 4-6 weeks , to Europe - 20-30 days.  Shipping cost to Australia and South-East Asia - 6-10 weeks(by vessel) - 100 USD Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions
HELLO MY FRIENDS I want to offer you a rare watch - Suspension of the Soviet Union at the end of the 80s in the "electronics 5". This is a unique clock of the Soviet era of the beautiful half of humanity). The watch shows signs of wear over time, but is still in good working condition. Electronics 5 (18391) Years of release: 1985 - 1989. Specifications Supply voltage: ................................. .............. 1xLR41 Functionality: time indication: .............................. ................. ... 24-hour dialing, minutes, seconds. The calendar: ............................................... . ....... number, month. The time and date can be set using button 2 on the clock panel. The watch is fully functional, all functions are tested and work! I will answer all questions (IMPORTANT) 1) Before you make a purchase decision, please carefully read the entire description, look at all the photos (if necessary, I will take additional photos for you if you want). If you have any questions, please ask, and I will answer with pleasure. 2) any defects that are not described, but visible in the images, will be considered as described. 3) All photos are real and not downloaded from other sources. 4) If you have any problems with the product after receiving it, please contact me immediately, we will find a solution together - which is suitable for you and for me. 5) The parcel is sent with the track number for tracking. See also my other lots, good shops.
The camera is fully working expoometer. The MMZ-Belomo camera manufacturer was established in 1957 in Minsk, the capital of then Belorussia in the USSR – which is now the country of Belarus.   Over the years, they made many well-known cameras, such as over 5,000,000 ZENIT SLRs.   Another one of their popular cameras was the CHAIKA, which is often listed as YANKA or TCHAIKA because the name appears differently in Latin (English) or Russian (Cyrillic).   It’s easy to assume that they are different cameras, but they are not. MMZ-Belomo made five versions of their Chaika camera.   They are all 35mm half frame cameras, and are very similar, but each is different.   Here they are in chronological order: Chaika (1965-1967) – About 180,000 were produced in two variations. Chaika-II (1967-1972) – Over a million were produced in two variations. Chaika-II -- 50th Anniversary (1967) – Celebrating the 1917 Communist Revolution. Chaika 3 (1971-1973) – Over 500,000 were produced in two or three variations. Chaika 2M (1972-1974) – About 350,000 were produced in two variations. In 1971, MMZ-Belomo came out with a new Chaika with a new body style and some new features -- the Chaika 3. It has the same interchangeable Industar 28mm f2.8 lens (with a Leica 39mm thread) as its predecessor, the Chaika-II.  Apertures from f2.8 to f16 with a 22.5mm filter thread.  Just like with the Chaika-II the lens is removable and easily used on an enlarger!  The main difference between the Chaika-II and the Chaika 3 is a new body style -- with the addition of a selenium meter to the top front of the camera.  First, dial in the film speed into the meter (GOST speeds from 16 to 500).  Next, select a shutter speed from 1/30 to 1/250.  There is no B setting on this model.  Next, point the camera at the scene and turn the meter dial until the needles match.  Finally, transfer the f-stop setting to the lens.  But there were other changes and improvements as well.  For example, parallax compensation marks were added to the viewfinder and a cold flash shoe was added to the top of the camera.  A PC contact was on the front of the camera. No cable release, but the camera does still have a tripod socket -- by removing the wrist strap.  Another change is that the film advance lever and counter are now on the bottom of the camera.   The inconvenient rewind dial on the Chaika II is replaced with a much more convenient rewind dial -- on the bottom.  Over 500,000 of these were made.
Polyurethane stamp for concrete"Pavement", for the floor and tracks Sizes of  : 600 * 370 * 10 mm or 23.6 * 14.5 * 0.4 in MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY AUSTRALIAN POLYURETHANE THEY DONT REQUIRE EXPENSIVE RELEASE GREASE UNIQUE DESIGNE EASY TO USE Stamp options Stamp size 60 * 37 * 1.5 cm. Area 0.2 m2. Shore hardness 75. Suitable for horizontal printing. We check our products at work, so we give guarantees for a long time and quality. Polyurethane Stamp, for vertical  decorative Concrete/plaster Texture stamp work. The use of our flexible polyurethane stamps provides high quality printing on a concrete, gypsum and cement plasters, adhesives and putty, both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Rigid/Thick mats have nylon handle inserts. These Stamps are for commercial Use and are not one of those cheap sets you will be replacing.  Item pays for it self and allows you to get more money per foot and enables you to give your customers more options for customizing there sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other concrete surfaces as well as plaster work. Our company produces high-quality polyurethane molds for the rough stone. FREE priority airmail shipping with tracking number Payment: We are accepting PAYPAL   We are accepting payments in the USA via Western Bid. Inc Payment must be made within 3 days  . Shipping: We send worldwide. We are shipping via registered airmail(UkrPoshta with tracking number) during 2-3 working days after payment is received. Usually it takes about 10-14 days for a package to arrive to Europe. 14 days to USA, Canada and Asia. 14-21 days to Australia. Delivery to Italy may take from 14 days up to 1 months. Returns:  14 days money back, buyer pays return shipping. If you have any question or problem, please kindly contact me before you leave negative feedback. I'll try our best to resolve the problems and I will service every customer as well as I can.


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