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9 used dresses
9 used dresses
Military Helmet Pilot . MiG-25, MiG-29. Soviet Russia. Military Air Force of the Red Army. Free Shipping . Worldwide shipping . 2-4 business weeks . Delivery from Europe .real price $110-140
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3 embroidered  dresses and 1 belt
Vintage Ukrainian Dress Embroidered Vyshyvanka Handmade Shirt Folk Embroidery Two Types Fabric Roses The dress was made of two kinds of fabric - the top was made of cotton, the bottom was made from homespun hemp. The item was embroidered by hand in traditional black and red colors. Condition is good Size M-L Bust 128 cm (50") Length 114 cm (45") Sleeve (from the neck) 60 cm (23,5") Please, remember- this item is vintage, it was in use. Vintage is rarely perfect, items can have marks of time and using. However, items sold will be clean and usable. If you have any questions, write to me and I will make for you the photos or dimensions that you want. Thank you for visiting!
Only manual binding. Threads - wool 70%. Very warm. Bottom detail of a diamond-shaped tunic that emphasizes your figure. Size s-m
Vendor: Palitra
This magnificent old woolen shawl was produced in the eighties in Russia at the Pavlovo –Posadskaya manufactory. Pavlovo Posad shawls (shawls) are one of the Russian folk crafts. Produced in Pavlovsky Posad, Moscow region. Production of scarves in Pavlovsky Posad was established on the basis of already existing in the area of traditions of handicraft textile production. Peasant company, which later developed into the tent manufactory was established in 1795. The ornamental pattern of Pavlovo Posad shawls developed from standard samples typical for the fabrics of the Moscow region and ascending to the Eastern shawls ("Turkish pattern"). The shawl offered in this listing is made of wool fabric (100% wool). At the same time it is very thin, we can say translucent. Drawing beautiful, thin, with a lot of colors, it is even difficult to say what color prevails here. Most likely, it is still lilac-purple colors. I refer the ornament to shawls made in the Oriental style "Turkish pattern". Handkerchief size 85cm x 90cm (33.5 inch x 35 inch). On the edge of the long fringe, characteristic of folk scarves. The headscarf was used very little, it is in a very good vintage condition. No defects, even small ones, I didn't notice on it. But still, please keep in mind that this store sells vintage items "as is". All sales are final. Delivery time: will be sent by UkrPost (Ukrpochta) and, as a rule, to get to USA - 21 days approx, Europe 10-14 days . Thank you for viewing this list and I hope you will visit my stores in order to make a purchase
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Author's work especially for you! Natural shoes for home with beneficial effects. Soft hemp slippers - what you need for a cold year. Hemp warms, but does not allow feet to sweat. The most valuable effect of hemp yarn for those who suffer from vascular constriction improves blood circulation in the legs better than expensive insoles. Before the power of nature in cold feet, you get pleasant warmth without the side effects of sweating feet. Allow yourself something new and healthy. Great gift for vegans. The foot contains many active points associated with the human body. Thanks to a special knitting when walking creates the effect of massage. This is an excellent prevention of problems with circulatory disorders, diseases of the joints, prevention of fungal diseases. Slippers have good wear resistance. On the first day, hemp yarn will take the shape of your foot, do not worry, if they first squeeze your foot a little, they are hemp yarn properties. Then your foot will be very comfortable.
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Introducing our exclusive collection of embroidered beads. Size M, L.
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18 vintage shirts
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4 embroidered dresses 
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