Hemp Natura Slippers

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Natural shoes for home with beneficial effects.

Soft hemp slippers - what you need for a cold year. Hemp warms, but does not allow feet to sweat.

The most valuable effect of hemp yarn for those who suffer from vascular constriction improves blood circulation in the legs better than expensive insoles.

Before the power of nature in cold feet, you get pleasant warmth without the side effects of sweating feet.

Allow yourself something new and healthy.

Great gift for vegans.

The foot contains many active points associated with the human body. Thanks to a special knitting when walking creates the effect of massage. This is an excellent prevention of problems with circulatory disorders, diseases of the joints, prevention of fungal diseases.
Slippers have good wear resistance.

On the first day, hemp yarn will take the shape of your foot, do not worry, if they first squeeze your foot a little, they are hemp yarn properties. Then your foot will be very comfortable.


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