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Wooden Pill Box 7 Day / Decorative Travel Pill Box / Nature Ornament / Snake / Pill Container / Organizer / Pill Case


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Wooden pill box with snake ornament will help you to keep track of your medications. A caring gift for those, who are always busy or like to keep things in order. Stay healthy! Features & specifications: • Wood types: ash wood, dried ash wood, walnut wood, oak wood, maple wood • Lid design: without edges, with magnets • Cell shape: rounded corners, with slate on the front • Cell count: 7, with weekday marks starting from Sunday • Cell width: 2.10cm / 0.82in • Cell height: 4cm / 1.57in • Cell depth: 2.10cm / 0.82in Dimensions: • Height: 2.80cm / 1.10in • Width: 19.60cm / 7.71in • Depth: 6.50сm / 2.56in • Weight: 225g / 0.49lb Package contents: • Pill Box Our team makes your life more eco-friendly by replacing plastic housings of everyday gadgets for wooden ones. We only use solid wood and oil/wax (odorless, colorless or without traces on your hands) to protect matrial for prolonged use. Also note, that each product is handmade, and may slightly vary in color, finish, and size.

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GET a 10% DISCOUNT GUARANTEED. Before you buy this product, write to me and I will guarantee you a 10% discount on this product. In the presence there are such models. Before buying, specify which model you want to buy F avorite White Bird WBR1-682SUL-S 2.04m 1-5g Ex.Fast Favorite White Bird WBR1-732L-T 2.19m 3-12g Fast Favorite White Bird WBR1-732UL-S 2.19m 1.5-7g Ex.Fast Favorite White Bird WBR1-762UL-T 2.29m 1.5-7g Fast Favorite White Bird WBR1-802L-T 2.44m 3-12g Fast DESIGNED & ENGINEERED IN UKRAINE MADE IN KOREA Spinning Favorite White Bird is a very popular low-cost microjig rod, which was updated in 2020. The new design turned out to be more classic and familiar to our fishermen. Due to the fact that the form is not painted, it has become lighter and slimmer than in the previous version. Low-modulus carbon 24T is used for its production, but the experience of the manufacturer allowed to make it rigid and sensitive, which is so valued in microjig fishing. The spinning is equipped with advanced KR-Guide slip rings with LTS inserts that meet all the requirements of modern rod production. The spaced EVA handle has no unnecessary details and is conveniently placed in the hand. The Favorite White Bird model range includes 5 spinnings with monolithic and tubular tips, each of which is intended for certain fishing conditions: Spinning Favorite White Bird WBR1-682SUL-S is used for short-distance fishing on the lightest jig equipment. The thin glued top allows to carry out very delicate conducting of small silicone baits and to feel a careful bite of a small perch. Spinning Favorite White Bird WBR1-732UL-S is a perch wagon with a monolithic tip, which allows you to perform various wiring of silicone lures, from delicate twitches to dotted lines and throws over the bottom. Spinning Favorite White Bird WBR1-762UL-T is a universal microjig rod with a tubular tip, which can be used for fishing at various distances. Suitable for different wiring styles and can be used to catch perch of any size and small pike or pike perch. Spinning Favorite White Bird WBR1-732L-T is a light station wagon with a tubular tip. It is suitable for fishing from the shore on small rivers, as well as from a boat. At the same time, its lures are not limited to microjig, as the rod allows you to successfully fish for wobblers - small minnows, cranks and superficies. Spinning Favorite White Bird WBR1-802L-T - the most powerful rod in the line, designed for fishing from shore on long distances. Thanks to the tubular tip and the special structure of the form, you can confidently throw light lures at a great distance and feel even the neat bites of the fish. The trophies can be perch of various sizes, as well as pike and pike perch, which can respond to the correct feeding of a small bait. Manufacturer: Favorite Model: White Bird WBR1 Rod type: Spinning Length, m: 2.19 Test, d: 1.5-7 Test, lb: PE # 0.2-0.6 Mass, g: 76 Number of sections: 2 Transport length, cm: 114 Mode: Ex-Fast Handle (material): EVA Rings (material): KR-Guide Rod class: Ultra-Light Payment: We are accepting PAYPAL   We are accepting payments in the USA via Western Bid. Inc Payment must be made within 3 days  . Shipping: We send worldwide. We are shipping via registered airmail(UkrPoshta with tracking number) during 2-3 working days after payment is received. Usually it takes about 10-14 days for a package to arrive to Europe. 14 days to USA, Canada and Asia. 14-21 days to Australia. Delivery to Italy may take from 14 days up to 1 months. Returns:  14 days money back, buyer pays return shipping. If you have any question or problem, please kindly contact me before you leave negative feedback. I'll try our best to resolve the problems and I will service every customer as well as I can.
12 PCS Spinner Antistress
Favorite Arena Rod ARN 662SUL has all the characteristics that a sophisticated tool for trout fishing should possess. Sensitive form allows you to feel the full control of the bait even on the line and react in time to a careful bite. The average "trout" system will provide productive survival with a minimum number of gatherings on beardless hooks. A small total weight of the rod will contribute to making complex animations of baits. Vibrating spoon-baiters, turntables, light trout wobblers, micro and nano jigs, with all this Arena arsenal excellent. The rod is equipped with rings arranged along the KR-concept, which adds additional meters to the casting range. Manufacturer: Favorite Model: Arena Rod type: Spinning Length, m: 2.04 Test, g: 1.5-5 Test, lb: 2.5-5 Weight, g: 78 Number of sections: 2 Shipping length, cm: 105 Story: Moderate Slow Handle (material): Cork Rings (material): Fuji KR-series Spinning class: Ultra-Light
Favorite White Bird NEW WBR-732UL-S 2.19m 1-7g 4-8lb Description The bird family is expanding! We brought out a new breed of "birds", called White Bird. A special feature of the new model was the glued "S" and the budget price tag. If we talk about the purpose of White Bird, then we can safely say that the "White Birds" will do well both with jig baits, and with oscillators, turntables and wobblers. The model range consists of six models in three tests (up to 5g, up to 7g, up to 14g.) And two optimal lengths (2.04m and 2.19m). Thus, you can easily choose the most suitable for the conditions of your catching model. "White bird" - the best gift for beginner spinners. Manufacturer: Favorite Model: White Bird New Rod type: Spinning Length, m: 2.19 Test, g: 1-7 Test, lb: 4-8 Number of sections: 2 Weight, g: 90 Shipping length, cm: 114 Story: Moderate Fast Handle (Material): EVA Rings (material): Korea Sic Select Luna LUN-OS-702UL 2.13m 1-7g Description Light balancing rods for fishing on small rivers with low flow. A short length will be a great advantage for fishing among the overgrown bushes and trees of the coast. First of all, Luna spinnings are best suited for working with wobblers, light turntables and oscillators. The viscous form will make the trophy more daring and comfortable. Manufacturer: Select Model: Luna Rod type: Spinning Length, m: 2.13 Test, g: 1-7 Test, lb: 6-8 Number of sections: 2 Weight, g: 93 Shipping length, cm: 111 Story: Moderate Fast Handle (Material): EVA Rings (material): Korea Guide Spinning class: Ultra-Ligh
Спиннинг Favorite Blue Bird NEW создан для того, чтобы всегда идти в ногу со временем и оставаться одним из самых популярных микроджиговых удилищ на Украине. Удилище получило новый современный дизайн. Бланк из материала Carbon 30T c оплёткой SkyFlex – это сочетание лёгкости и упругости, залог комфорта на рыбалке и уверенности в своей снасти. Новая эргономичная разнесённая рукоятка с обтекаемым катушкодержателем, который удобно размещается в руке. Пропускные кольца, выполненные по современной концепции, позволяют добиться дальнего заброса, исключая возможные перехлёсты шнура. Также для удобства перемещения по водоёму был добавлен современный «хук кипер», на котором можно закрепить приманку и она не будет мешать во время движения. Особый строй удилища с тонкой чувствительной вершинкой, позволяет контролировать всё, что происходит на другом конце лески. 6 моделей с различными длинами и тестами помогут подобрать необходимое удилище для ваших условий ловли. 4 модели с монолитными вершинками, отлично работающие с классическим джигом на близких и средних дистанциях. Две модели с полыми (тубулярными) вершинками для дальнего заброса, идеально подходящие для ловли не только джигом, но и разнесёнными оснастками. Новый Favorite Blue Bird NEW – это сочетание, чувствительности и дальнобойности, гибкости и мощности, цены и качества. Производитель: Favorite Модель: Blue Bird NEW Тип удилища: Спиннинговое Длина, м: 2.30 Тест, lb: 4-6 Тест, г: 1.5-8 Вес, г: 112 Строй: Ex-Fast Количество секций: 2 Рукоять (материал): EVA Транспортировочная длина, см: 117 Класс спиннинга: Ultra-Light Кольца (материал): L-TI GUIGES
Favorite Synapse BFS SYSBF-662L 1.98m 3-10g Mod.Fast BFS - bait finesse system, very popular in Japan recently, the direction of casting. It implies the use of multiplayer gear in light and ultra-lute fishing. However, most Japanese brands BFS rods designed for catching bass and classical European moschnovaty fish. We have developed a casting rod for laytovoy ultralaytovoy and fishing, which are ideal for catching perch, pike, perch, chub, trout fishing our standard techniques. Younger rod in the line, is probably one of the most laytovyh of casting rods series to date and the corresponding coil allows you to catch the classic mikrodzhig working with weights from 1g. Rods Synapse BFS limited are equipped with the most technologically advanced rings at the moment - Fuji Torzite. Manufacturer: Favorite Model: Synapse BFS Rod type: Casting Length, m: 1.98 Test, g: 3-10 Test, lb: 4-8 Weight, g: 91 Number of sections: 2 Shipping length, cm: 102 Handle (Material): EVA Story: Fast Country of origin: East Asia Spinning class: Light Rings (material): Fuji TORZITE ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Favorite Receptor RCS-772MH 2.32m 8-30g Fast A series of rods for light and medium jig. Rods of this series are characterized by high sensitivity and complex structure. In the design of the form Receptor'a managed to achieve the maximum balance of a fairly "living" tip of the rod, moderately flexible middle part and a powerful lump. Due to this, the rod completely meets all the requirements for the jig rod. The informative tip allows you to clearly track the touch of the bottom, as well as perform the widest range of animations of jig bait. Due to sufficient flexibility of the middle part, the rod has excellent throw qualities and knits well the fish. A powerful crust allows you to cope with large prey in cramped conditions. The tip of the rod is painted gray for more information. Such a solution is often found on spinning for micro-burning with a glued monolithic tip, unlike in the Receptor series, the tip is hollow, not pasted. High-quality Fuji KL-H rings with special anti-small frames of small diameter unload the form and assume the use of modern braided cords (PE). The universal length allows you to use the Receptor both when fishing from the boat and from the shore. Manufacturer: Favorite Model: Receptor Rod type: Spinning Length, m: 2.32 Test, g: 8-30 Test, lb: 10-14 Weight, g: 111 Story: Fast Number of sections: 2 Spinning class: Medium-Heavy Shipping length, cm: 118 Handle (Material): EVA Country of origin: East Asia Rings (material): Fuji KR-series


The ad had a false price and they never delivered what they promised if they made a mistake in the ad that's their problem not mine and they attempted to make it sound like it was my problem and I should have known better that their ad was false don't do business with them it appears that they are scam artists
My rod arrived as scheduled and it was packed properly so the rod won't get damaged. The rod was in perfect condition and I enjoyed using it the first time. Very good product indeed.
I never going to buy again from this vendor hi is very rude, takes for ever to delivery. He doesn’t have any manners. And the goods are low quality.
excellent service during difficult times, great communication. I'll be buying more !
Second Nixie clock from this vendor and I love my second one as much as the first. Awesome customer service, and exactly as described. I look forward to being a future customer!
Roman was a pleasure to work with. The Nixie clock is very cool after you get it set up. If you're looking for a Nixie clock, give Roman you're business, you'll be pleased.
Amazing rod! Fast shipping, definitely will order again!

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