Unique wooden ashtray for cigarettes, cigarillos & cigars. Personalized housewarming gift, handmade exclusive gift for friend

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Length - 5 inches / 12.5 cm Width - 4 inches / 9.5 cm Height - 1.4 inches / 3.5 cm Inner Length - 3.5 inches / 9 cm Inner Width - 3 inches / 8 cm Inner height (up to cigarette or cigarillo hole) - 0.5 inch / 1, 2 cm // 1 inch / 2.4 cm Weight - 4 fluid ounces The ashtray has a rich wood grain and a light, warm brown-yellow hue. These natural oak ashtrays just steal my heart. How much can texture change the attitude of such a household item, after all? More importantly, how mature this product looks now. The ashtray itself is made of such a high quality and noble wood as oak. At the bottom of the ashtray there is a gold-colored brass insert, which adds zest and image to such a gift. I love this ashtray for its personality. It seems to be a perfectly ordinary and simple shape, but just compare it to the usual round and square ashtrays. All I can say is that its shape looks both simple and completely new at the same time. Such an ashtray is worthy of your attention. It is ready to become a new element of your home decor, because it gives some modern spirit. Since I am brand new to Etsy and want to evolve to bring more useful ideas and products that would be truly unique and beautiful, I give each customer now free express shipping (shipping is 2-10 days), so you can quickly get and appreciate my products and efforts, as well, I give free personalization - engraving and name engraving! I know how important it is to have something personalized, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with my work and it is just a joy to behold. On this ashtray, the engraving can be placed on the brass insert and rim. Examples of fonts, patterns and locations are shown in the photo. These are just examples and variations, but I can do custom engraving to your order. I can offer even more choices of original ashtrays in my store, so make time to own an exclusive carved personalized handmade eco ashtray with an extraordinary design! The holes for cigarettes or cigarillos, are made so that no cigarette will fall outside the ashtray. The ashtray gives off a light scent of fresh wood and sawdust. This smell is calming and creates an atmosphere of tranquility. Wipe dust off the ashtray, don't drop it on the floor and then it will last you a very long time and become a family heirloom! With love, your craftsman. *PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERYTHING SHOWN IN THE PHOTO EXCEPT THE ASHTRAY IS NOT INCLUDED. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I ORDER? I take the time to make your order. It usually takes me about 1-3 days to make an ashtray like this, as I am kind of a perfectionist and want you to be happy with the item. Before shipping the item, I MUST take you a photo of the item I made so you can see that it is free of defects, fully complete, etc. I send the product to you. For your own convenience, I use express delivery, which allows you to deliver the product within 2-10 days (please note - during pandemics and difficult weather conditions terms can be increased by several days). PERSONALIZATION I understand that we all want to have something intimate and personal or to give something so personal to a loved one. That's why I provide free engraving. To do the engraving, you need to: Determine the location of the engraving (in the photo there is a photo showing the places where you can do the engraving). The size of the engraving. The type of engraving (engraving or name engraving, font and images from my examples, which are in the photo or approval of your sketch). Approval of the "layout". If everything is in order, you will soon have a personalized custom ashtray. If you still have any questions, please write. It's important to me that you be happy that you get what you want. And I will be happy that you appreciated my work.


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