Embroidery Tapestry Wooden Scroll Frame

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Embroidery Frame, Tapestry Scroll Frame

Size available:


- 7.8 х 9.4 inches (20x 24cm)

- 9.8 х 12.5 inches (25x32 cm)

- 11.8 х 15.7 inches (30x40cm)

- 13.7 х 18.8 inches (35x48cm)

- 15.7 х 22 inches (40x56cm)

Made of natural organic beech wood. The wood is sturdy, smooth and attractive.

It s easy to fix canvas in the beginnig of work with the help of plastic holders and to remove it after finishing.

You can easily roll your work if it is necessary.

Great for bead embroidery, cross stitch, quilt, crewel and other types of needlework art crafts.

Easy to assemble and unassemble. Great for travelling.

The clip design on this frame is easy to use.

Flexible plastic clips.

The clips attached to the fabric and the bar all the way across keep the fabric very tight.

Holes in each of the 2 vertical bars allow for a number of different sized cross stitch pieces (worked at different times).

Clear instructions.

QR-code for a youtube tutorial on how to use this frame.

It doesn't leave any deep trace when the project is done.

Needlepoint Embroidery Tapestry Wooden Scroll Frame made of Organic Beech, Cross stitch beading needlework holder, crewel wood frame

When you get beyond the beginner stage of hand embroidery and move into more complex forms, you may find that you wish to expand your collection of tools.

wooden Cross stitch frame, needlepoint holder, Stitching frame, beading hoop, needlepoint frame


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