Furniture thorn, dowel, chopik Wooden dowels Pins M8 Furniture hardware wood joinery 100 pieces

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The wooden furniture pin (thorn, dowel, chopik) is made of birch, has a ribbed surface, beveled edges.
Wooden dowels are used in the manufacture of furniture for positioning and connecting with each other parts of chipboard, MDF, plywood, solid wood and other materials. Allows you to get the exact connection, without distortion and displacement.
Length x diameter: 30 x 8 mm 
Wooden dowels have on the side surface longitudinal helical grooves - rifles. Screws with helical grooves are designed for adhesive bonding. Riffles are used to release air when installing dowels in the part, as well as for the passage and better adhesion of glue when connecting to the dowel.
Bevelled edges for easy insertion into the hole.
 Made from dry natural wood - birch. Humidity not more than 10%.
For easy storage and accessibility comes in a sealed transparent plastic bag Ziplock, which protects against moisture.
100 pieces in a package
100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


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