Ceramic Pottery Clay Casserole, ecologically clean products. High Handmade

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✨Versatile in application and convenient for serving. A crock of clay will keep your dishes hot for a long time and give a unique aroma✨

//////Ecologically clean products made of red clay without additives of glaze and glass dye//////


Height with lid: 4.92 inch ( 12.5 cm )
Width: 7.87 inches ( 20 cm )
✨Volume: 50.72 fl. oz (1500 ml)✨
Weight without packing: 2.42 ib ( 1.100kg )

Shipping time and time: Shipping usually takes about 1 - 4 weeks.
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✨Red Clay Products✨
Finished products are to primary processing at a high temperature of more than 900c, which gives the product a special strength and lightness, preventing breakage and moisture absorption.
Then the ceramics is placed in the milk. The liquid completely fills the pores of the air, securely bonding voids.
To give a decorative appearance once again burnt in the oven at a temperature of up to 350-400 degrees, acquiring water resistance and extremely beautiful color.
The tint can be both tender caramel and dark chocolate, which depends on the temperature and duration of the final treatment, fat content and properties of the used milk.

Each product acquires a special natural, soft, structural brown tint and drawing, creating a unique and original effect of "antiquity".
Pottery has an individual, peculiar only to her, unique style.

✨It is impossible to produce absolutely identical products, each product is delightful and unique✨

Milk Ceramics creates a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort, making stylish notes in the comfort of home.

The natural material is ecologically clean and completely safe. Natural components do not have a negative impact on the products, which allows the full preservation of its useful properties and rich vitamin composition.

The taste and aroma of the food cooked in such products has absolutely unique taste qualities. It is very difficult to achieve such saturated and appetizing aroma. It is the milk tableware that gives the dishes their delicious taste.
The products remain fresh for a long time and retain their unsurpassed aroma.

Temperature and humidity milk ceramics is able to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels.

One of the undeniable pluses-it is a very beautiful table serving.
Use in the restaurant or cafeteria will emphasize the individual characteristics of the situation.

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