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The  composition of insoles "melilot" includes the following components: frankincense  extracts of alfalfa, yarrow, chamomile, clover, sweet clover drug.

Healing properties: insoles have a common  harmonizing preventive and therapeutic effects on the body.

Melilot extract has anti-inflammatory, balming  and anticonvulsant properties.


*autonomic disorders, accompanied by headache,  facial flushing (vegetative neurosis), high blood pressure;

*congestion of the upper respiratory tract,  sinuses, lungs (RR, bronchitis, bronchial asthma);

*thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs;

*congestion and inflammation in the pelvis  (chronic adnexitis, chronic prostatitis);

*hypoxia (optimizes tissue oxygenation);

*joint pain, swelling, low back pain;


*inflammation of the urinary bladder, ovary;

*menstrual irregularities.

INSOLES in sneakers - it's a miracle!
Useful - one)))
In summer, when the foot sweats - just a nice coffee and herbal flavor.
The fact that the extracts from the meadow grass merged with a transparent  polymer and insoles brown - the color of the extracts.
Insoles of bioplastics has antibacterial properties - bacteria emits a foul odor,  killed.
Let stop sweating, but it does not stink)))
If I'm tired of the foot massage, I flip smooth side and get the same benefit to  the body in a softer impact ...

Econika  insoles are made of bioplastics, which includes aromatic resins - frankincense,  myrrh; extracts of meadow grass - alfalfa, chamomile, oak leaves, yarrow,  melilot, clover; essential oils of rose, sage, etc.
Insoles Econika lead to the harmonization of all organs and body systems:  improve immune protection, regulate energy balance.
To live in harmony with nature - the best protection against disease!
Remember how good you felt after walking barefoot on the meadow. Contact with  the ground is always a beneficial effect on human health.

The structure of the insoles and the Earth's surface has a similar lyotropic  inclusion plant (Gr. 1uo- dissolve; trope - turn, turn), lyotropic state has  always existed in nature, and it is actively used for self improvement.
Putting insoles in shoes, you have to constantly walk "across the meadow" or "fallen  leaves" in the forest and at the same time feel the healing aromas of plants.

For the first time succeeded in combining artificial materials with natural  vegetable raw materials. In such a combination of medicinal plants began to  operate a totally different way. They not only neutralize the negative  properties of synthetic polymers, but also give them a recreational and  therapeutic activities.
Insoles Econika embodied the achievements of Chinese and Tibetan medicine, as  well as knowledge of ancient healers, so they were showed the best properties of  massage and energy insoles. Thus, they can be worn upper (massage) and the lower  side. Power action with the same.

Extracts of medicinal herbs meadow - a biologically active part of insoles. Use  the insoles, the healing power of plants affects the active area of ​​the  internal organs through the energy meridians that govern the body's vital energy,  which focus on the feet.
This herbal compound suppresses alien microbes, fungi and microbes. Medicinal  herbs have anti-inflammatory, healing, resolve, cough and stimulating, antitoxic  properties.
For us it is very valuable that the healing properties are beginning to manifest  itself in the first days of use of insoles. Of course, different people -  different, but in all cases there is improvement due to activation of metabolic  processes in the body and cleansing of toxins, toxins and excess salt, and this  results in an adjustment of the biofield, improve immune protection and energy  balance.

How to use:

Cut the insoles to your size and Insert them  into shoes, slippers or simply use them without shoes. It is recommended to  periodically wash the insoles with a soap solution. Insoles can be worn upper  (massage) and the lower side.

This is  like you have  own doctor at home  !


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