Men's Bracelets

Leather stylish bracelet looks very attractive on a man's hand. The basis of the bracelet is a multi-layered leather strap in black. The highlight of the bracelet is a large steel chain in the center.
Vendor: Vitashop
A cool accessory for a man, a woven leather bracelet. Decorated with a black titanium coated steel magnetic clasp. Nothing superfluous, stylish and concise.
Vendor: Vitashop
Chic men's bracelet, will be a wonderful decoration for every day. Made from genuine leather with a stainless steel clasp. A very interesting and unusual design in the style of a wicker mosaic in black and brown. This accessory will be a great addition to any style.
Vendor: Vitashop
The bracelet of the Italian brand Nomination allows each person to be special and stand out, to be unique! Everyone can choose a bracelet that no one else will have. Nomination has created its own original language of communication used in the bracelet. At the heart of the decoration is a high-strength material - steel. The decoration of the brand is certainly suitable for both business style and everyday.
Vendor: Vitashop
Super metal and incredibly original jewelry! Despite the outright brutality, this bracelet is endowed with exquisite taste. The basis of the bracelet is high quality genuine leather. Massive metal plates with texture are strung on it. The design of the plates imitate a riveted piece of metal. The accessory is securely fastened with two metal buttons. Despite the large amount of metal and the massiveness of the product, it is comfortable to wear and does not spoil the mood of its owner. A nice bonus to the bracelet “Riveted Metal” is a good price.   Bracelet type: handmade Material: genuine leather, zinc alloy Color: black, silver Fastener: metal buttons Size: to order Bracelet width: 3 cm Width of metal element: 3.5 cm Model: unisex Brand: Romaster (Ukraine) Manufacturer's page: Article: 412 Price: €12.42 / $14.11 (price without delivery) Delivery: mail Payment: PayPal
The pendant hangs from a 2mm thick, 35" long black cord with two sliding knots for custom fit. Pendant size: 1.6 x 1.4 "(41 x 36 mm), diameter - 36 mm. The Eye of Horus is a powerful protective amulet, revered from the time of the ancient Egyptians to the present. It also has other names (eye of Ra, Wadjet, Ujat , the all-seeing eye, etc.). All products are made in a single copy, exact repetition is impossible. Buying our product, you may be sure that you will have unique, exquisite handmade product for reasonable price. It will be sent in a gift box. You will receive exactly the product that you see in the photo. You will be provided with package tracking information. If you have any questions, feel free to message us. Please message me for any custom orders.  I think our work would flatter your eyes.
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