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Bead 2.5cm, Tibet. Rauchtopaz bracelet On the double tiger's fang bead Dzi there is a pattern consisting of two rows of tiger's fangs. This Dzi contributes to the development of spiritual forces, cleansing from evil and overcoming obstacles. Double Tiger Fang Dzi Bead is very popular due to its spiritual qualities. It is believed that the double tiger's tooth Dzi bead is several times stronger than the tiger's tooth Dzi bead due to the two-row pattern of tiger's teeth on it. Because of this, she has a special spiritual strength. And its owner is not only more well protected from the effects of negative forces, but also perfectly copes with any difficulties on his way to the cherished goal. Dzi's double tiger fang is a symbol of righteousness and a successful career. This Dzi is for leaders and anyone who needs help maintaining the strength and determination to get things done. It gives you powerful energy, strong concentration and unbending determination to achieve your goals. And it protects its owner from negative influences directed both on him and on his mind and intentions. The Dzi Double Tiger Fang is an excellent Tibetan talisman for maintaining willpower and intention in achieving a goal. This bead is six times stronger than the Tiger's Dzi bead. But its main qualities correspond to the Dzi tooth of the tiger.  Wear the Double Tiger Fang Dzi Bead for the fastest achievement of your goals, both by itself and with other Tibetan talismans and achieve whatever you have in mind!
Vendor: Bharat
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Men's cufflinks(USSR)
Mens gilded Cufflinks from USSR(70th), Rhodonite stone New, kept in a case.
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Bracelet made of leather "Oak Leaves" I bring to your attention the author's bracelet of handwork is made in the technique of carving. It depicts branches and leaves of oak, as well as acorns. The bracelet is made in the technique of carving with the use of perography. Materials: hard plantar skin and soft skin on the bottom. Dimensions: length 17.5 cm width 3.5 cm thickness 0.3 cm The bracelet is tied with a leather strap.