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Statement Engagement Blue CZ Gemstone Brilliant Dainty Ring, Sparkling Shinning Antique Sky Light Blue Stone Ring


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Statement Engagement Blue CZ Gemstone Brilliant Dainty Ring, Sparkling Shinning Antique Sky Light Blue Stone Ring Luxurious 925 sterling silver ring rhodium plated. The ring is studded with brilliant-cut cubic zirconia with incredible brilliance. The ring is very beautiful with an interesting design. The size of the front part is 15*15 mm. Weight 7.5 gr. The ring is handmade from 925 sterling silver. Handmade in Armenia.

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Very beautiful set of jewelry made of 925 silver and lapis lazuli. The set is made in a geometric Victorian style. Light earrings in a strict diamond shape and an adjustable ring will perfectly complement an evening or business look. Can be ordered with other stones. All jewelry is sent in gift wrapping at no additional cost. Handmade in Armenia. Ring sizes adjustable The dimensions of the front part are 20*20 mm. Weight 6 gr. The sizes of the earrings are 40*20 mm. Weight 9.5 gr. The size of the pendant is 35*20 mm. Weight 4.5 gr. The total weight of the set is 20 g. Elegant Blue Lapis Lazuli Ring Earrings Pendant Sterling Silver, Everyday Business Look Square Dainty Adjustable Dangle Necklace Jewelry Set
Vardanants 925 sterling silver choker necklace The necklace is assembled from small silver details. A very delicate and flexible piece of jewelry. The necklace looks perfect with a deep neckline. Perfectly complements a closed dress, as well as complements the image with a shirt or blouse. Handmade in Armenia. The dimensions of the knitted part are 20 * 1 cm. Total length with chain 47 cm. (Length adjustable on request) Weight 20 gr.
Sterling Silver Full Finger Gold Plated Spider Ring - Double ring, Statement ring, Large ring, Knuckles ring, Spider Silver Ring, Double Ring The symbolism of the spider is very interesting, as it is both positive and negative. It is very versatile and is used in many cultures. In some cultures, it is a feminine principle, in others, a masculine one. Since ancient times, this symbol has been considered the keeper of the hearth and the protector from evil forces. A spider can also be a symbol of attracting wealth, as well as attracting a victim to its web. The radial spider web, woven by a spider, represents the creation of the world, and shows as the sole ruler of the universe. The beauty and grace of the web, as well as the thoroughness of its weaving, characterizes this symbol as the patronage of creativity and hard work. Handmade. Ring size - 65*20 mm. Weight - 15.5 gr. Size adjustable.
Sterling Silver Jade Dangle Earrings Statement Ring Jewelry Set, Triangle Mother Day Gift, Armenian Jewelry Author's, handmade in Armenia. Jade stone is not only green, although it is a green mineral of the most uniform color that is valued above all. Different deposits endow mankind with jade whites, gray with streaks and colored spots, heterogeneous black, tan, and even blurry blue. Modern sorcerers and magicians have refused to use jade in ceremonies: the spiritual essence of the stone is so self-sufficient that it is impossible to convey the gem to the inhabitants of the subtle world with the help of the beloved Buddha. In astrological practice, jade is considered as a stone, useful to all signs of the zodiac. It is established that Libra jade extends life, and Virgo - improves the quality of existence. All jewelry is sent in gift wrapping at no additional cost. The dimensions of the front of the ring are 3 * 2.5 cm. The weight of the ring is 9.5 g. The sizes of the earrings are 5.5 * 2 cm. Weight 14 g. The total weight of the set is 23.5 g. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PLEASE READ !!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ All jewelry presented in our store is made exclusively of 925 sterling silver. The stones are mostly natural. If artificially grown stones are used, this must be indicated in the description. Be aware that silver can tarnish, discolor, and turn your skin gray or green. This is a completely normal skin reaction to silver. If you have this reaction to silver, you can order rhodium-plated or gilded jewelry. Many jewelry does not have a 925 stamp. If this is important to you, please write to us. Photos are taken by our team from real jewelry. You will get exactly what you see. Jewelry with rough stones cannot be repeated. They are unique and one of a kind. You can make an individual order. To do this, contact us.
Pearl Turquoise Art Deco Silver Dainty Adjustable Open Ring, Sterling Silver Gift For Her Statement Gemstone Armenian Jewelry Turquoise is a stone, by its very name, designed to bring joy and happiness. The name of the gem came to us from Farsi. "Firuza" among the Persians is both a high spirits, and a blossoming flower, and a pleasure shared with a friend. "Piruz" is a "victory" at all. The main property of turquoise, the Persians considered, is the ability to overcome enemies! The beauty of coloration is the second most important parameter of pearl quality. An even, clear, pronounced and deep color is appreciated - that is, the lower, translucent layers of the conchiolin matrix should be colored in the same way as the outer layers. The surface of a high-quality pearl is defect-free, or has minor defects of natural origin. Chips, cracks, delamination, scratches are not allowed. Handmade in Armenia. All jewelry is sent in gift wrapping at no additional cost. Ring size is adjustable. The dimensions of the front of the ring are 25*25 mm. The weight of the ring is 12,5 g.
Silver Blue Crystal Stone Ring Earrings Necklace Jewelry Set, Sterling Silver Gift For Her, Dark Blue Crystal Bridal Jewelry Set A set of jewelry made of 925 sterling silver. Each part has three saturated blue colors. Perfectly cut stones with incredible brilliance. Fame came to zircon in ancient times. Residents of Western Asia, India and Indochina called the stone "the mother of diamond." This means that Europeans are not only interested in this gift, but also retain interest in a sparkling gem. Experts of recent years often share mistakes in the form of mineral supplies, and also because many zircons fall into the hands of buyers both as sappers and diamonds. However, the most beautiful zircons have appeared in our time. All jewelry is sent in gift wrapping at no additional cost. A big request, when placing an order, indicate the size of the ring. Handmade in Armenia. Ring size on request. The size of the front of the ring is 1.8 * 1.8 cm.                                        Weight 5.5 gr. The sizes of the earrings are 3 * 1.8 cm.                  Weight 10.5 gr Pendant size 1.8 * 1.8 cm.                Weight 4.5 gr. The total weight of the set is 20.5 g.


My earrings arrived very nicely packaged and they are exquisite! I've received several compliments wearing them. Beautiful craftsmanship!
I am happy to announce that yesterday I received my earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are so unique and individual!
Thank you very much!

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