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Boho rings for women Horn ring Antler ring Dainty ring Statement silver ring Real pearl Natural horn ring Large rectangle women ring. OOAK handmade silver ring with natural horn and pearl Spectacular ring has a successfully chosen original form. The ring of increased complexity is characterized by combination of different materials such as silver, natural horn and pearls that create beautiful and complicated design as well as a game of volumes and lines. A very successful combination of three materials different in origin, structure, transparency and color makes the ring unique. Geometrically correct strict frame of the ring is made of silver and is encrusted with a pearl. Through a complex hand work, a voluminous insert is made from a highly polished to a perfect smooth surface of natural organic material known as a black horn, which is perceived as ‘black agate’. The centre of the ring has an insert from a silver sleeve. Perfect polishing of the horn makes it look like a stone, while preserving its unique natural colors. Given the unique colors of horn and also thanks to the author’s hand work, each ring is characterized by uniqueness that is also guaranteed by the very nature of the horn. The use of organic materials and metal in one item creates the jewelry symphony for which there exists no substitute. Wonderful magic of author's handwork charms and fascinates, while the ring seduces you by its noble beauty. The ring is characterized by its new, unforgettable, interesting and unique design, enticing brilliance and magnificent quality of work. Make the right choice and buy this glamorous ring. Please inform us which ring size you need. Dimensions of the ring: 3x3x0.7 cm Diameter of the pearl: 0.8 cm.

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Horn jewelry Buffalo horn jewelry Buffalo earring. Beautiful handmade earrings. Charming handmade earrings are made of natural horn, which is the product of organic origin. Earrings have silver English locks. The earrings took the unusual smooth form through author’s handwork. It shows the natural beauty of the material itself and guarantees uniqueness. Thanks to bright natural color palette, the author achieved special expressiveness of the adornment. The author polished natural material hereby he got perfect smooth surface with alluring and fascinating brilliance. Skillful use of color and texture of the material adds some artistic effect to the earrings. Each earring set is unique, because the form can be repeated, while the color palette of natural material remains always inimitable. Earrings features high quality, glittering brilliance, which is the first indicator of quality, rich color palette and lightness, as well as an optimum combination of the price and quality. Buy these earrings and be unique! The size is approx. 1.96 x 0.98 х 0.11 inches.
Best friend jewelry gifts Personalised family necklace, cute necklace for girlfriend, Black & white horn pendant, buffalo horn jewelry. Original pendant of unusual form. Author’s handmade pendant is made of natural horn. It consists of a jewelry cord with horn endings on its end, a chainlet and a silver pendant. Thru a time-consuming processing of horn, the master created the pendant of unusual and light form which shows the natural beauty of the material. The surface of the horn is brilliantly polished and brought to a perfect smoothness that is the result of great experience, deep knowledge and complex, painstaking handwork of the author. The master achieved impeccable form of the pendant and sparkling brilliance which is a first quality indicator. Individual design and unique natural coloring of the horn allows to get a special expressiveness of the pendant, because the nature is wonderful and it does not tolerate repetition. The adornment fascinates with its beauty and naturalness. Jewelry is a classic gift for a woman. It is always a pleasure to get such present and in most cases you hit the bull’s eye. We advise you to choose this pendant. Adornments of new design don’t scare you by price today but they probably check your taste. Buy this unusual and exclusive piece of jewelry that will surprise you with its extraordinary style. It is a perfect gift that you can buy as a birthday present.
Best friend jewelry bracelet cuff bracelet friendship bracelet personalize bracelet bangle bracelet charm bracelet boho bracelet custom bracelet love bracelet. Bracelet with a silver snap. Beautiful non-standard bracelet with comfortable silver snap is made by hand of natural organic material – horn ( diameter 6cm, height 5cm). It is very pleasant in wear and amazingly light. Thanks to unique by hand work, which gives opportunity to get different shades of colour, it was possible to get a very tender shiny palette. The bracelet is characterized by interesting modern design, sparkling brilliance, which is the first feature of quality and natural colour palette. Hand work with horn needs special talent and mastery, which comes over time. The jewellery are not produced in volume form. Only hand work is used. This restrained and elegant bracelet will match any casual outfit. It’s a great gift for a women. Buy this magnificent bracelet! It is able to astonish you!
Buffalo horn for drinking, horn cup, viking drinking horn, carved drinking horn, horn drinking cups, bull horns for sale. Beautiful natural horn is made of a bull’s horn (length - 33 centimeters or 13 inches, diameter - 6.8 centimeters or 2.7 inches, volume - 525ml ). Owing to complex and painstaking handwork, the author made a volumetric carving in the form of a spiral ribbon, which creates a game of volumes and lines. Rich color transitions of horn, complex handwork and great professional skills made it possible to create this unusual horn of increased complexity with individual design. The surface of the horn is brilliantly polished and brought to ideal smoothness, which is the first indicator of quality. The master achieved perfect quality, form, color and sparkling brilliance. The beauty of this horn fascinates and captivates. Irreplaceable horn is environmentally friendly and it is coated inside with beeswax so you can use it for drinking. Each horn is always unique since natural pattern doesn’t repeat in nature. Every buyer can be proud of this one-of-a-kind handmade horn. Care of the horn: – Rinse the horn with water and leave to dry thoroughly. Attention! – Do not wipe the horn inside not to damage the protective layer of wax. Buy a horn that will bring joy and positive emotions.
Fashionable and stylish pendant. The exclusive handmade pendant is made of a real tusk of a wild boar and a leather cord. The pendant is done by handwork from a natural material – tusk of a wild boar that is encrusted with silver. There is a real tusk of a wild boar in the center of composition complemented by a noble metal. Thanks to complicated handwork, the master reached perfect smooth surface of the tusk. The combination of natural material and silver harmoniously complements each other and it brings amazing effects. The adornment is light, delicate and it breathes with youth and energy. This unique pendant is created due to the experience and knowledge of the master and it is distinguished by originality, exceptional style, fashionable design, brilliance and lightness. Such an author’s adornment will be always in fashion. Make the right decision and buy this fashionable and stylish pendant.
Black and white horn pendant, horn necklace, horn charm, tusk pendant, moon pendant, tribal pendant. Unique drop-shaped handmade pendant from horn Light and elegant pendant has unusual shape and size. It combines horn-shaped plates of various colors, where you can clearly see the network of streaks of natural material. On a natural leather cord of this spectacular pendant are round horn coins with a chain on its end. The pendant has soft outlines seeking to most fully show the beauty of the material itself – the natural horn. Owing to the hand work, master selected an intriguing combination of black and white colors that draws the eye of each woman. Alluring, captivating brilliance and ideal smooth surface is the result of hand polishing by master. Every our pendant is unique, because the form can be repeated, while the pattern remains always inimitable. The master puts in each adornment his soul, talent, high art and the desire to create for beautiful women something that you cannot find on the market. Elegance, charm and high quality of performance feature this beautiful adornment which is an excellent addition to your clothes. Make the right choice and buy this wonderful pendant!


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