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Weight: 24 g Height: 1.33 inches Width: 0.78 inches The traditional Scandinavian symbol of the formidable and mighty thunder lord is the Thor Hammer. With the hammer blow, Thor causes thunder. This element of military magic, the Vikings depicted on swords and shields, always carried with them as an amulet. The hammer gives its owner power and courage, it is a true male charm.

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Weight: 10 g Height: 1.33 inches He hides the God of thunder and storm, the patron saint of warriors, the God of battles and military victories, the supreme God of our mighty ancestors, our native God - Perun. A formidable weapon of the most revered among the defenders of the Motherland of God. He endows with courage, bravery, strength of spirit, steadfastness, determination, courage, strength, fierce hatred of the enemies of the Motherland, and fearlessness in battle. Reinforced by the Slavic symbol of the Sun - Kolovrat, and the ancient Trident - the coat of arms of our mother Ukraine.
Vendor: ArdanSilver
Soul is the sixteenth rune of the German Senior (first) Futark. Weight: 6 g Height: 1.14 inches Width: 0.47 inches Rune Soul, also pronounced as Souvlo or Sovilo, is a powerful symbol of ancient Scandinavian magic Rune Soul is the main solar (solar) sign among all the Old Futark. It is located at the very end of Heimdall's Aetah - it is the eighth run in the second ethereal score and the sixteenth in the entire runic alphabet. Like all the other Att's symbols, Soul belongs to the runes of thought. This means that in its sphere of influence is always the mental and spiritual components of human life. In magic, the Soul Fleece is used first and foremost as a sign of leadership and success. It is a solar symbol with virtually no dark and hidden content. Using this fleece on its own, you can literally irradiate your ideas with other people, serve as a guide and example to follow.
Vendor: ArdanSilver
Weight: 6 g Height: 1.37 inches Width: 0.82 inches Veles is one of the strongest and most revered ancient Slavic gods, responsible for fertility and wealth. Our ancestors believed that Veles received his incredible strength from the forces of Light and Darkness, which is why our world is so dynamic. His power and wisdom were respected and feared at the same time, because he was able to curb all the elements and all the forest animals. It was also thought that he could take the form of a bear or a wolf depending on the situation. Although the appearance of a god is quite menacing, it is not necessary to think that he negatively treats people, quite the contrary. Brother Svarog, who possesses tremendous knowledge, taught the Slavs various arts and crafts. And only to the elect did he open the veil in the world of Nava and its mysteries. The wolf is one of Veles' hypostasis on earth. In it he did not appear as often as in "bearskin", but still, sometimes God chose this form. Since the wolf leaves a trace with four fingers, then the charm is represented in the form of his paw with four fingers. Since the wolf is one of the forms of Veles, it is also considered a good sign to bring him to the forest, which brings good fortune and wealth. The value of this amulet is to protect the race from harm and enemies. A wolf is an animal that does not know fear, always goes to its goal, protects the flock and loves freedom. Therefore, wearing this mascot is recommended for people with these character traits. Then he will give good luck and give protection. In addition, the amulet will help you become a leader and easily and quickly achieve the intended goal. A wolf's paw has the same meanings and properties as a Bear's paw. The Velez seal is one of the strongest Slavic charms. He can give protection, wealth and glory, but only to people with a clear conscience. The main thing is to believe that it works and can change your life for the better.
Vendor: ArdanSilver
Sterling silver ring Black Sun Weight: 12 g The sign of the Black Sun was rarely used by ordinary people, except in exceptional cases. In Slavic times it was an attribute of magicians, magi and priests. It is known that it symbolizes a strong connection with the ancestors, the roots of man. Not only deceased family members or strengthening family ties are meant. These are the ancestors in a deeper sense, the entire Aryan people and virtually forgotten in our time egregor. As the Slavic amulet, the Black Sun strengthens, widens the birth canal of the wearer. Priests and magicians used it to strengthen their connection with the otherworld and communicate with him more effectively. This character has great potential as a magic item. It cannot be called just a charm. It is believed that in thinking and contemplating the sign of the Black Sun, one can grasp the truth, find out the hidden nature of things and find wisdom. With his help it is easy to get rid of the cargo of the past, no matter how difficult it may be. This symbol removes the negative and has very powerful protective properties. Through his influence, it is possible to push the boundaries of consciousness and learn something more, to develop their hidden abilities and to get rid of all false knowledge. AND there is also a side effect. Empowering, its use imposes on the person some responsibility. If this person does not live by conscience and does not honor his ancestors and his people, the influence of the Black Sun will turn into a disaster for him.
Vendor: ArdanSilver
Alatyr is one of the most common symbols of the sun. Weight: 6 g Diameter: 1.18 inches Protects, protects against disease and gives well-being. Ancestors used it for family preservation and healing. For this reason, ancient towels, carpets and other utensils were decorated with this solar symbol. Alatyr was present in the clothing of the Magi, the Viduns, and the travelers. But Alatyr has not only one manifestation in the form of a star, another manifestation of it is a protective shield. The Alatyr Shield is a glowing eight-ray star through which people receive messages from the Gods. The owner of this amulet opens the basics of being, Alatyr imparts wisdom. The shield protects against negativity. A man, a woman, and a child can wear a charm. It is best to wear silver as this metal is endowed with power. You can buy silver Alatyr in our Ardan Silver online store.
Vendor: ArdanSilver
Silver chain. Weaving: Bismarck. The length is discussed when ordering. The weight of the product depends on the length of the chain.
Vendor: ArdanSilver


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