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Creative and stylish hand-made pendant “Flower”. Beautiful pendant from a natural horn is product of organic origin. The use of ancient technologies and natural material made it possible to create this adornment. This pendant is designed as a red wild flower, each detail of which is well-thought-out and finely elaborated. The petals in which the natural pattern is clearly visible are tinted into a fiery-red color. Owing to painstaking handwork, the author made a yellow corneous core, a drop-shaped horn end and a horn clasp, which adds completeness and wholeness to the pendant. Horn clasp regulating the length of the pendant is on the jewelry leather cord. A significant role is assigned to the red color, through which special expressiveness is achieved. Red color will be always in fashion. And today when you’re finding appropriate jewelry, you wouldn’t be far out in choosing this red flower. Thus today when you’re finding appropriate jewelry, you wouldn’t go wrong with this red flower. The tonality of the work is bright and cheerful and the adornment radiates youth and energy. This pendant is the masterpiece created by hands of the true master who knows all secrets of techniques and deeply “perceives” the possibilities of the material. The adornment is created with great love and professional skills. TM “Yershov” is characterized by author's design, individuality and unusual colors. Buy this amazing pendant as it can surprise and delight you.

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Horn comb Gift for her Ox horn comb Natural horn Comb horn Hair comb Beard comb Buffalo horn Best comb Buffalo horn comb. Very beautiful and useful comb from natural horn. Horn comb is the best natural material because chemically it is almost the same as people’s hair. The comb is distinguished by up-to-date design. On the upper part there is a figured plate with inbuilt contrast horn ovals, which gives stiffness and lets to hold the comb comfortably. Winding tines with rounded endings makes combing easy, facilitates massage, which makes hair shiny and healthy. Handwork gives an opportunity to get different shades of colour and each comb is unique, because it is possible to repeat form but not pattern. Lightness and richness of colour palette, glamorous shine, which is the first characteristic of quality, distinguishes the comb. Each horn is distinguished by lightness, rich colour palette, brilliance and high-quality. The comb is distinguished by interesting style, brilliance, lightness, richness of color palette. Buy this comb and give a present to your wife. The size of the comb: 9.5x6.7x1.2 cm or 3.74х2.64х0.47 inch.
Boho jewelry necklace Buy this necklace Be individual Necklace Horn necklace Dainty necklace Long necklace Boho necklace Charm necklace. Unique necklace is the winner of the international competition of arts and crafts in Berlin “Days of Slavonic Art” in nomination of jewellery and accessories (February 2011) The necklace, in which creatively different form is found and interestingly cooperates with different geometry shapes. Each detail rotates, which gives opportunity to get different colour palette. The necklace is distinguished by beauty, elegance and uniqueness, wonderful execution, glamorous shine, richness of colour palette, lightness and individual creative approach. Jewellery, which is always in the fashion and is a great supplement to women’s clothes. Each necklace is unique, because it is possible to repeat form but not pattern. Hand work with horn needs special talent and mastery, which comes over time. The jewellery are not produced in volume form. Only hand work is used. Our unique jewellery do not have analogues in the world. Buy this necklace! Be individual!
Best friend jewelry set Statement buffalo horn necklace Natural horn Bib necklace Women tribal African style necklace OOAK Boho chic. Original handmade necklace “Sea stones” Beautiful and unique pendant of higher complexity is made of natural organic material known as horn. It consists of separate peculiar smooth ovals with brilliantly polished surface, jewelry leather cord with a "drop" on its end and horn-type clasp. Given rich color palette of horn and applying complex handwork, the author skillfully used the color and texture of horn. By revealing the texture of horn, each oval is made volumetric with a special arrangement of the pattern. It allowed the master to reach harmony and balance of color as well as special expressiveness of the adornment in general. The pendant has subtle color combinations showing the natural beauty of this amazing material. Through hand polishing, the master achieved a perfect smooth surface of horn that adds completeness to the adornment. This unique pendant is created by hand of talented master. It is a unique item, because the form can be repeated while the color palette of natural material remains always inimitable. The pendant astonishes by its complexity, expressiveness, beauty, elegance, high quality and lightness. The adornment is made with love and it will impress even the most demanding buyer. Buy this necklace and you will not only unique, but also show your superb taste.
black horn necklace, buffalo horn jewelry, cow bone jewelry, buffalo bone jewelry, bone horn, women's jewelry. Beautiful and unique necklace made of horn in a distinctive form of a half moon. The lenghth of the necklace is adjustable and is settled by horn clasp on the jewellery cord. Thanks to handwork it is possible to get different shades of colour to see the intriguing combination of black and white, which contributes to further revealing of natural beauty of this material. Each necklace is unique, because it is possible to repeat form but not pattern. The necklace is distinguished by high-quality work, beautiful glitter, rich colour palette and lightness. Buy this necklace and you will be one and only. The adornment is an excellent supplement to clothes and lets you look incredibly beautiful. If you buy this necklace, you will be surprised and astonished.
Best friend gift birthday Hand horn carving Handmade jewelry Pendants Gift-for-her Origami owl necklace Choker necklace Horn jewelry. Elegant and exquisite hand carving pendant is made of buffalo horn. The application of ancient manufacturing technology, up-to-date opportunities and exceptionally hand work made it possible to create this volumetric and original hand horn carving pendant. The adornment features high quality of performance, unforgettable and interesting new style, intriguing combination of colors formed by the transition from black to light gray and white whereas lots of yellowish, brownish, greenish shades add a breath of modernity to the classic form of the horn pendant. The horn pendant is characterized by grace and charm, brilliance and individual creative approach. This adornment seduces you by its noble beauty. Buy this hand horn carving pendant as a birthday gift for your mother. It’ll bring you joy, pleasure and positive emotions.
Boho jewelry silver Sterling silver pendants around your neck, charm necklace, love necklace. Original handmade pendant Natural leather cord with a diameter of 1 cm and a silver hollow ball with a diameter of 2.5 cm. Carabiner and silver chain The length of leather cord 40cm The length of the cord can be made by your size


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